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PREACH IT! Yes, Jimmy McMillan, the rent is too high indeed [poll]


The Rent Is Too Damn High candidateJimmy McMillan with Andrew Cuomo and Carl Palaino Meet Jimmy McMillan, the political version of that Pants-on-the-Ground Guy. McMillan introduced himself Monday night as the Rent Is Too Damn High party candidate during a seven-way New York gubernatorial debate.

"Listen, some child’s stomach just growled," he declared. "Did you hear it? You gotta listen like me."

McMillan is also a self-proclaimed karate expert.

Until that moment, Carl Paladino had been the only clown in the race.

Though McMillan's organization lacks the slick presentation of, say, the Bald Brummies Against the Big-Footed Conspiracy Party (headslapping, anyone?), it does have a nice ring to it. Preach It! pays more than two grand a month for rent, people! And it doesn't even include parking! Parkiiiiinnng!

We would go into the other ding-nuts in the debate -- including, er, sex entrepreneur Kristin Davis -- but that would only dim McMillan’s dazzle. You can't create a genuine Internet star if he has to share his glory with a former madam, especially one like Davis, who, to her credit, knows how to sling a zinger.

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photo: Jimmy McMillan, center, with Republican Carl Paladino, left, and Democrat Andrew Cuomo, at a gubernatorial debate held at Hoftstra University in Hempstead, N.Y., on Monday. Credit: Audrey Tiernan / Associated Press

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Huh? This is the LA Times? Rents are high in NY city because they have rent control! Charlie Rangle rents all of the rent controlled apartments for himself, leaving few places to rent, cause he ain't moving.

'Cause Charlie doesn't pay enough to keep the place maintained, eventually, the building is condemned. Leaving even fewer places to rent.

Nobody in his right mind will build new rental units, 'cept the government. Of course they do such a great job managing the "project", that soon, everybody in town wants to move in.

Oh, by the way, it doesn't make any difference who the is governor is. The prison guard union will always demand more than the state can pay. It appears that the California legislature is afraid of them, and will always give in.

"Huh? This is the LA Times? Rents are high in NY city because they have rent control! "

You cant honestly be that stupid can you?

I love this guy, Jimmy McMillan came in said his peace and everyone remember it. Carl Paladino looked like a scared rabbit, so much for his chances, hates the gays unless they can make him some money, typical GOP (Gay Old Party)!

Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog with a gentle reminder that, in general, we do not publish comments that include links or profanity.


"Until that moment, Carl Paladino had been the only clown in the race."

Congrats, Leslie. Just another cog in the wheel of the two-party propaganda system. You should be proud of yourself. It's this type of media reporting that keeps our society blind and our country perpetually regressing.

And heck yes I would vote Jimmy McMillan over either of the two out-of-touch puppet candidates. He's a common person airing the grievances of common people. I'd rather hear him talk on this video than the "he said-she said" b.s. that pollutes our airwaves. Perhaps that's what makes you feel good about your party and your decision-making, to the extent all other candidates are deemed unworthy.

We need more Jimmy McMillans taking a stand and running to get these jokers out of office and restoring the republic to the people. I'm actually surprised to see him get a chance to debate in front of a televised audience. That's another problem of this country, esp. with presidential elections. I would've loved to see Cynthia McKinney tear into Obama's b.s. rhetoric. Then we would've had a real debate instead of dry, scripted nonsense.

Of course, you probably wouldn't see it that way and support the exclusion of other voices. Since that doesn't seem to be the case here, you can just ridicule and name-call instead.

Thank God I vote independent. Go Dale Ogden. Go Tea Party. Go Nader. Go Ron Paul. We need the people to take this country back come 2012. And it's gonna be an uphill battle tantamount to Iwo Jima because of the media social control you are a part of.


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