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PREACH IT! In which Zach Galifianakis does our Mel Gibson preaching for us

Zach Galifianakis in The Hangover If we weren't Zach Galifianakis fans before, we sure are now.

For those of you who use the Internet only for chain letters and kitten videos, let us fill you in: Mel Gibson was supposed to be tapped for a comeback cameo in the upcoming sequel to "The Hangover." Director Todd Phillips had selected Gibson to play a tattoo artist living in Bangkok. Everything was set.

Until the rest of the production — the people who don't breathe the rarified air reserved for producers and directors — found out about the decision and pointed out the obvious. Which is that Gibson is kind of a bigoted, misogynistic vole of a human being who, maybe, should be in someone else's movie.

Now we hear that Gibson is being replaced with Liam Neeson. There's also a good indication of who led the vanguard against Gibson. And the clue comes via a certain star’s interview in a comedy podcast.

"I'm in a deep protest right now with a movie I'm working on, up in arms about something," Galifianakis said during a recent edition of Scott Aukerman’s Comedy Death-Ray. But I can't get the guys to [listen] ... I'm not making any leeway.

"It has something to do with a movie I'm working on, yeah. I'll tell you about it later. It's very frustrating."

That frustration apparently didn't last long. Phillips has since put out a statement confirming that he probably should have listened to his worker bees a little sooner, and now Gibson will have to find some other place to make his comeback.

Maybe Jodie Foster can find Gibson some additional work.

— Leslie Gornstein

Photo: Zach Galifianakis in "The Hangover." Credit: Frank Masi / Warner Bros.

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I am so sick of celebrity hyper-sensitivity and political correctness. Zach is a hack.

But yet they drool over the thought of working with child rapists (Polanski), woman beaters/rapists (Tyson), and creepy daughter-lovers (Woody). WTG Hollywood. *eyeroll x a million*

You moralistic hack, get a life. Mel would have upstaged you in The Hangover 2 and you know it. Enjoy your 15 mins while they last, then you can go start making straight to DVD movies with Micheal Cera and Jonah Hill.

Who wants Mel to come back anyway!? He might as well retire now while he is sort of ahead!


And shame on the producers who support these babies!

MIKE TYSON who was found guilty of RAPING an 18 year old girl, bit the ear off his fighting opponent and has been accused of MANY other acts of misconduct - is somehow more favorable to work with over GIBSON!

Gibson said some fouls things and MAY have slapped his ex, and these PC jerks are up in arms about it?

Mark my words - these wannabee yahoos will someday wish they had the opportunity to work with Gibson when their pathetic little "careers" fade away. They should be SO lucky!


I'm disgusted.

News Flash: Mel Gibson doesn't need the Hollywood machine that champions pedaphiles like Roman Polanski and Woody Allen to get back on his feet. Gibson has already succeeded quite brilliantly "outside the system".

Oh please - Zach, you big oaf - who are you........? what have you done lately... that was worth reading about!

Mel anyday over a wally like you - would pay the $20 it costs to see anything you are in

except now mel is going to add greeks to his conspiracy theories...

anyway 'm betting the average hangover fan is going to be super relieved they won't have to be confronted with allusions of non-pc-ness in the movie

Zach, you are the full-sized embodiment of the female reproductive organ.

Good move Zach. Having Mel associated with your movie would have ruined any box office success for you. Mel Gibson is a movie success killer and wife beater and racist.

yeah and Mike Tyson was a saint.

Mel's father is a lunatic holocaust denier, among his other wacky character disorders. Growing up with a certifiable father amounts to child abuse.

Thus, beneath all of Mel's immense acting and directing talent is a guy who has the anger and twisted character of an abuse survivor, which Mel would never admit because the abused can become loyal to the abuser. It's like Stockholm Syndrome.

If Mel was healthy, he would have fallen on his sword, and said good-bye to denial. And his father. But he's not. Ironically, going public and getting his behind into therapy might be his path to reclaiming his image -- just like character reclamation occurs in movies.

All the tendentious Mel Gibson bashing has become a cliché at this point. By gratuitously piling on Mel, all Zach is proving is that he moves with the Hollywood herd (yet another lockstep lobotomized lemming in tinseltown). After a poor showing in "Dinner for Schmucks" and an even less appealing turn in the upcoming "Due Date", rest assured that Zach's comedic trajectory has nowhere to go but down.

Wow, Zach, you don't want to work with Mel gibson cause of alleged domestic abuse, but you have no problem working with a CONVICTED RAPIST like Mike Tyson! Zach, you are the typical Hollywood hypocrite!

So a convicted rapist is ok with the crew?

looks like another set of Leftists who know their racists afraid to be called out as such or is it they just dont respect women enough???

Zach Galifianakis = fat racist looser..

Cry baby hypocrites of hollywood accept rapists and wife beaters like Mike Tyson and child molesters into their films and then whine and shout "bigot" at icons like Mel Gibson. Yes, Mel has made mistakes - like all of us- but the hypocrisy and political correctness of many in Hollywood makes me sick! Shame on you galifianakis (and I don't care if I spelled his name correctly).

I don't care what you think of Mel - this was handled extremely unprofessionally. Looks bad for the studio along with the cast and crew. And everyone knows Zach and the rest are not standing on any principles. If they were, they would never have had Tyson in the first movie. HYPOCRITES.

Gibson obviously has some achohol and anger management problems but he will be working when Zach gilawhatshisname is a distant remembrance from some pop movie because he is still an accomplished and bankable actor,director.producer. He would have been an asset to the Hangover movie box office.as well as bringing a some dearly needed ltalent however in the long run his career history will be the better for not participating in it.

I think it's simply a "travesty" that a supremely spoiled sophomoric pack of so-called ACTORS can RULE the film industry. LIKE anybody in THAT CAST has EVER DONE anything (frankly) remarkable in THEIR ENTIRE LIVES.


Basically "character" actors, which NEVER had the IMPACT in this industry -- or THE WORLDWIDE audiences Mel has.

The MOVIE going public will rush to see Mel's movies -- regardless. Frankly, Mel's PERFORMANCE is the ANYONE REASON to see that film.

Anyone who could EVER BELIEVE that gold-digger ... doesn't HAVE a brain. He was set-up …. your Hollywood Hypocrites’ are just THAT.

Very strange....leave mad Mel alone....it was okay to hire Tyson in the hangover and he's far worse. Mel Gibson should do what he does best direct great historical movies.

Zach Galifianakis just might be the most hypocritical person in the world's most hypocritical town. Cell phones have caught him yelling the c-word at his stand-up show's female audience members, but he pretends he couldn't bear to spend a day or two with Mel Gibson!

Unlike Tyson, Gibson has never been convicted of domestic violence; he hasn't even been charged and may never be. This smells like a publicity stunt, one that will hopefully blow up in Zach's face. If the producer and director of the film wanted Mel, who is he to override their choice? He lucked into a role in ONE hit film, and suddenly he thinks he can control a whole production.

Leslie Gornstein - hum... How obvious; what a waste of internet space.

Guess you couldn't print my last comment because I referenced the crudeness towards women recorded during Zach G's stand-up routine. That really says it all. He's a world-class hypocrite!

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