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Greyson Chance reveals what he loves, what he wants


Greyson Chance and Ellen DeGeneres After breaking out on YouTube with his acoustic piano rendition of Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi," Greyson Chance is taking another cue from the pop phenom: Like Gaga does with @ladygaga, he is the only person who knows the password to his verified Twitter account.

So if you hear back from @greysonchance, you really are hearing back from @greysonchance.

"I know what it's like on the other side when you like someone and they don't follow you back, and sometimes they'll follow you back" the 13-year-old said Wednesday in L.A. at What Teens Want, a brand-partnership conference focusing on, well, teens and what they want — in music, movies, video games, Web content and more.

"I try to stay connected with them [fans] and make them feel like they're at home."

The live-tweet of the panel discussion, which also featured Lady Gaga manager Troy Carter (who found Greyson on YouTube) and Jennifer Frommer of Interscope Records (the Lady's label) — revealed lots of Tiger Beat-type tidbit: Greyson loves jalapeno chips (that'd be a cool brand partner, he said), wears "lucky bracelets" and adores his iPod.

"My iPod broke, and I was devastated," he said. "That was the day my heart just fell."

Not so much when it comes to the iPhone, however: "I had to go with the business phone," he confessed, revealing he rocks a BlackBerry.

Manager Carter got into music early, he said, growing up with Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff — as  "the little kid schlepping their records around." (One of those guys is better known these days as Willow Smith's dad, by the way, for you teens in the audience.)

He explained why this new young talent isn't exactly the next Justin Bieber: "People say he's the next Bieber, but no, he's different, because he has incredible songwriting ability. He's here for the long run."

"Kids know what's real and what's not," said Greyson, who learned piano at 8 years old by putting masking tape on the keys and realized along the way that he had a "good shower voice." "It's about authenticity in the music."

But seriously, what does a teen like Greyson really want?

"I want fans to be able to listen to my song when they're feeling their lowest low and feel uplifted," he said.

Check out his debut single, "Waiting Outside the Lines," and let us know if you think his wish might come true. He premiered the tune Tuesday on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

— Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Greyson Michael Chance and Ellen DeGeneres during the May 24 taping of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," around when she signed him to her new record label. Credit: Michael Rozman / Warner Bros. / Associated Press.

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I like cake

i whip my hack back and forth i whip my hair and forth

I think Greyson Chance should not be compared to some one such as beiber. He is his own person. He has the looks, the voice, and THE HAIR. He definitly has the GOOD attitude. I love him AND his music. I think he will turn out to be ore famous than Elvise Presely. Welcome to the new genaration of music. I introduce to you GREYSON CHANCE.

From the girl who is 11 in KS

"He explained why this new young talent isn't exactly the next Justin Bieber: "People say he's the next Bieber, but no, he's different, because he has incredible songwriting ability. He's here for the long run."

Justin Bieber's here to stay for the long run too, their indirecting insulting his music and quick fame. i would say justin bieber will stay longer than greyson chance because his first single (one time) did way better than how greyson chance's did.

My name is greyson 2, but i dont have nearly the voice greyson chance does.

heyy ur great i love how you sing and the way you can play the piano i always wanted to learn how!! by the way your really cute....well keep writing and playing becuz ur Great:D :) c:

Hey your ausome I love your music

its really nice to see a boy such as Greyson who came from a regular home in a regular town that just loved to sing and play the piano make such an impression on so many people including me.I think just knowing that Greyson is a star and yet so close to those of us that could only dream of accomplishing what he did gives many of us hopethat we to could do the same.Greyson your a true insperation not because of your voice but because of your heart and mind.Your sweet yet bold, smart yet fun, amazing yet normal your...your...your Greyson Chance.Thats the only way i can explain such a person hes Greyson Chance.

From the girl who 12 in KS
p.s. according to this girls from KS can be very inteligent


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