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Sexy 'Glee' pictures: Parents Television Council slams photos, GQ responds

Glee-parents-television-coucnil While the steamy new cover of GQ featuring the stars of "Glee" may have titillated you Tuesday, there's one group that's not in harmony with the mag's choices.

The Parents Television Council blasted the images of Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Dianna Agron as bordering on "pedophilia." 

"It is disturbing that GQ, which is explicitly written for adult men, is sexualizing the actresses who play high school-aged characters on 'Glee' in this way," the group's president, Tim Winter, said in a statement Wednesday.

GQ Editor in Chief Jim Nelson begs to differ.

"The Parents Television Council must not be watching much TV these days and should learn to divide reality from fantasy," Nelson told The Ministry through a rep, "as often happens in Hollywood, these kids are in their 20s. Cory Monteith's almost 30! I think they're old enough to do what they want."

The photos, depicting various scenarios in a high school, featured the cast members posed together and individually, with Agron and Michele styled in skimpy looks. It was shot by Terry Richardson. 

What do you think of the "Glee" photo hoopla? Tell us your profanity-free thoughts (natch!) in the comments section below.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Dianna Agron, left, Cory Monteith and Lea Michele make waves in their sexy shoot. Credit: Terry Richardson / GQ

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Regardless of anything the Parents Television Council says, the pictures are just ... tacky. And way over the top. And a rather unoriginal take on a concept that's been done to death (generally in lower-brow mags). The spread looked so cheap! Does GQ aspire to be Maxim? I've always associated GQ with a higher level of sophistication than that. As a female GQ reader, I have no problem with photos showing female sensuality and sexuality. And I know that the mag can do a better job of representing its female subjects than this.

I agree, it's WAY over the top. I'm sure every heterosexual man would disagree with me, but as a parent - I see no need for this. It's not their ages...it's the implication! Duh.

There are FAR too many porn sources for men to access, this does not need to be on newsstands for children to see.

I can't even believe we are having a discussion about this. America needs to just grow up.

wow, get over it PTC. it is GQ, a mens magazine. why are parents talking about what should or shouldn't be in an adults mens magazine. are they worried about there kids seeing it, cause news flash if your kids have access to this magazine it is the parents fault not the magazines. it just shows you how many bad parents there are now in days. parents spend so much time complaining about what is right or wrong for our kids to see, that you forget about your kids all together. plus i guess the PTC hasn't seen the show yet, there is sex on the show and plenty of other show that are teenage based shows. this isn't the 50's sex sells and you just have to get use to it.

If you don't like the magazine, then don't buy it. The Parents Television Council should stay out of everyone's business. You don't like it, don't but it. Just like I don't like the PTC, I ignore them, like everyone should.

A men's magazine yes. Actors posing as high school students in underware? Not a good move, especially in this cutlure where teens are already used in the media to sell - and sex(y) innocence sells.

Just stay away from using images of kids or teens in sexy clothes, poses, or suggesting this and there will be less hoopla around it. And maybe men won't ogle teens as much~I hope.

I think that this is way over the top because it gives these young children the idea that this type of behavior is acceptable. I'm NOT a parent im jus a 19 yr old male but i still see how bad of an example this sets. yes they may be of age but you have to think of it in terms of being a role model

Thanks, PTC, for giving this forgettable photo op millions of dollars in publicity!

Lucky sonova!


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