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Gabourey Sidibe booked another movie -- quick, call Howard Stern!

Gabourey-sidibe Seems Howard Stern was wrong about Gabourey Sidibe

"Everyone's pretending she's a part of show business," he said back in March, "and she's never going to be in another movie."

But as of Wednesday, the Oscar-nominated star of "Precious" is part of the cast of "Tower Heist," a comedy starring industry unknowns Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy, the Wrap reports.

Sidibe has also stayed in the spotlight this year on Showtime's "The Big C," opposite Laura Linney.

Stern, who called the actress "the most enormous, fat black chick I've ever seen" as he declared her career dead, followed up a day later by explaining he was really interested in her health and that applauding and rewarding Sidibe might keep her from getting what he sees as help she very much needs to lose weight.

There aren't specifics yet about Gabby's role in the film, the Wrap says, in which a building manager and some low-level employees embark on a plan to get even with a Wall Street crook under house arrest in the building's penthouse.

Tragically, the role of penthouse villain went to Alan Alda before Stern could be recommended for the gig.

— Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Gabourey Sidibe attends a screening of "The Social Network" on Sept. 29 in New York. Credit: Evan Agostini / Associated Press.

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Dear Ms. D'Zurilla,

If you had done your research like other journalists do and had listened to Mr. Stern's full comments about Ms. Sidibe, you would have know that what he in fact said was that the likelihood of Hollywood hiring Ms. Sidibe to be in another leading movie role was very unlikely. Furthermore, he stated that Hollywood doesn't write leading roles for heavy-set actresses as much as they do for the "traditional" roles.

I see in your article that Ms. Sidibe is part of an ensemble cast, alongside with more prominent actors. Howard never stated that Gabourey was "never going to be in another movie," as your article quotes him as saying, but rather in a leading actress role.

I'm sure that the only reason you invoked Howard Stern's name in your article is to get some publicity, as I have never even heard of you before.

Wow. very irresponsible "journalism." I agree with everything the previous person posted. Listen to it in context.

Exactly what I was thinking Joel.


This is what he said - this is from Marksfriggin.com which is recap of everything that went on the show
"Howard said they were going to the shots of all of these great actresses and then they show that Gabourey Sidibe like she's part of show business. Howard said that she's never going to be in another movie."

Ya Joel. Hit in on the nail.

Howard's comments were accurate as always, but of course whenever he's quoted it comes across as very crude. The thing about Howard is he'll have this perfect, articulate analysis of something going on in the media world, and he'll have a few blue lines in there as well, and the news articles will always quote the blue stuff.

Howard's point was that at the Oscars, Hollywood was pretending that there was absolutely nothing wrong with her and she was the next big star, as if she's going to be the next Sandra Bullock or something. He was pointing out the phoniness of Hollywood and they warped it into him attacking her. Then he clarified that he had absolutely nothing against her, and more power to her if she can get work. He was just bashing Hollywood for their fake embrace of her when it was completely disingenuous and they would never REALLY accept her.

BTW, Robin was the one more concerned with her health. That wasn't really Howard's point.

Howards point was that she wouldnt get leading roles. Unless she was cast as "fat girl" or "heavy-set best friend" she would not be in movies. I doubt she is competing against Reece Witherspoon and Jessica Biel for roles. Oprah and everyone else did her the disservice of pretending that she wasnt fat and that she was beautiful.

Surprise, surprise another misinformed so called journalist missing the entire point behind Howard Stern's comments regarding this so called "beautiful" young actress.

To be completely truthful she should be paying Stern a percentage of whatever she makes from now on. If he hadn't inadvertently kept her in the spotlight by attacking how disingenuous the Hollywood machine is she would be nothing more than "the most enormous, fat black chick I've ever seen" who did one movie that really wasn't that great.

As it is she's really no more than a sight gag, and to be honest all the really interesting roles for really fat actresses go to Gwyneth Paltrow and Eddie Murphy anyway.

Ack ack.

Kudos to Joel's comments. Once again, people think it's okay to slam Howard. He was speaking the TRUTH.

Let's see what the role actually is in Tower Heist...guarantee she's not anyone's love interest. Nothing against the actress, but Hollywood has worked the same way for decades, and Howard just "put it out there". The truth hurts!


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