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Elisabeth Hasselbeck to join 'Good Morning America'

Elisabeth Hasselbeck will join Good Morning America "The View" panelist Elisabeth Hasselbeck is taking her conservative-leaning voice to "Good Morning America," where as a correspondent she'll cover hot-button family topics, it was announced Friday.

"I am thankful for this opportunity to raise awareness and explore the most important issues facing parents and children," the mother of three said in a statement, also mentioning she's "thrilled" to join the "GMA" team.

The onetime "Survivor" contestant will launch Monday with a report on kids and tattoos -- including the nifty option of parent and child getting inked together.

Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar need not fear -- even with the new gig, Hasselbeck will continue to be available as their regular punching bag on "The View." 

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Elisabeth Hasselbeck, shown in 2009, will join "Good Morning America" as a correspondent on family, lifestyle and child-rearing issues. Credit: Bob D'Amico / ABC



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Oh my!!!!!!!!

I love GMA....
But now with the addition of "her" they have now jumped the shark...
Poor GMA.

I guess I am back to watching 'Today" show with my morning coffee.

Elizabeth "Mouth"!! There goes Good Morning America down the hole--glub glub. Never watch it again.

Goodbye GMA. Hasselbeck is a rabid Conservative....and not

appropriate for a national news show.

Hello "TODAY".

I'll never watch GMA again.

I just heard that Elizabeth Hasselbeck will be joining GMA, now I absolutely will NOT watch GMA annoy longer. This women is a know it all who knows nothing. It's bad enough Chris Cuomo is gone and so is Diane Sawyer but to add this piece of trash is the bottom line. I will no longer watch GMA it's not the show I fell in love with and I'm sure I am NOT the only one who will object to GMA hiring this women. Watch your rating it will now drop due to this women. Will be watching the Today Show from now on!!!!!

This is a bad decision on GMA's part for hiring Elizabeth Hasselbeck !!!!!!

goodby good morning america I can not watch a program that has Elizibeth hasselbacon it I used to like you sorry!

What happened to GMA reporting actual news. It is fine to cover other topics since they have to fill up the time, but what makes them think this woman is even remotely qualified to report on anything. The last time I looked, having been on Survivor and having a couple of kids of your own does not make you an expert on anything. I certainly won't be watching.

Oh my god, what are they crazy having Elisabeth Hasselbeck on GMA, she'll drag that program down to the gutter, like she did the view, she really need to be fired, & has for her clothing line, who would wear those teribble looking clothes, she has no class, style, her class is all in her A**. Poor GMA, I am back to watching 'Today" show with my morning coffee

love her, she will be perfect for that position at GMA. looking forward to watching!

I suppose it's not really anything to get worked up about in a world that contains flesh-eating viruses, etc, but the thought of this brain-dead harpy getting yet another venue for her crazed babbling is almost too much to bear. In a just world she'd be in a cage at a carnival, biting off live chickens' heads.

We are truly in end times.

punching bag?? I personally think she has so much to say about stuff (most of the time) she hasnt even experieced in life. She is just an out-spoken Republician with a one sided view..

I wouldnt miss her one bit. Well maybe a little because who else is gonna look like a babblin girl. She's like ex pres. Never nothing to say just a silly grin on her face, and she sounds annoying as Fran did...She is not leaving The View because you dont quit one job untill you are sure you really got the next one in the bag (longterm)

I just threw up in my mouth.

pisses me off that they say Elizabeth is her "unique view" BS! That is the worlds view! Get with it media!!

I have been at home sick this week, and I turned on the view, and had to change the channel. Elizbeth, is a loud mouth no it all, and she is always talking over everyone. I always watch GMA when I can, but with her on the show, I will no longer watch it. I believe she is the cause of all the problems of past co stars of the view. She is a cry baby.

So pretty...so, so stupid!

Wow, what a disappointment. GMA executives what are you thinking? Are you trying to compete with the Today Show(read Kathi Lee)with another self-centered, lacking in true life experiences, unrealistically and insultingly overly conservative bubble-headed blond? Well, you have done so with Elisabeth Hasselbeck !

I love GMA and wouldn't miss it. BAD decision on the part of ABC. What are they going to do next, replace George with Rick Sanchez? How did this No Talent get on The View anyway? If they put her on before the 8 o'clock hour, I'll find another morning show.


We love you Elizabeth! You go girl!!!

nonononononononono, GMA, if you wanted someone intelligent you should have gotten Ms. Goldberg. I have watched you for over 30 years. If you think I watch just for the good reporting it's NOT just that, it's also the way you make GMA work together as a family. I am still getting use to this one. But with her added, FORGET IT. I will no longer be a part of the GMA Family. She is what will make you 3rd place for sure. I will now be watching CBS. Diane I will still watch you on the evening news. Robin, good luck.

I stopped watching the VIEWQ over Eliz. H and now I will switch to the TODAY show... She is a nobody that has a shrill voice and is one sided in her views....yuck

Having seen her disposition and manner. GMA made a mistake. Her views are short sided and selfish. And I, having a choice choose to never, never watch GMA again. Even if only for background news..

I guess from now on I'll be watching the Today show. Who wants to see Elizabeth Hasselbeck? She's enough to turn your stomach on the View. I think you'll see your ratings plunge like a ton of bricks.

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