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Charlie Sheen update: Watch, not wallet; porn star, not pro?

Jon Cryer and Charlie Sheen in the bathroom on Two and a Half Men With fewer chandeliers flying around the room, more specifics are shaping up around Charlie Sheen's alleged meltdown Tuesday in New York.

Sheen's female companion has been identified as Christina Walsh, 22, a.k.a. porn actress Capri Anderson. The two met for the first time Monday in a Plaza Hotel bar, TMZ reported, then Walsh accompanied Sheen's party to dinner -- posing with Denise Richards for a cellphone pic before Richards skipped the restaurant scene.

Walsh, who has since gotten a lawyer and is considering her options, is upset about being identified as an escort or hooker, TMZ said -- because working in porn is a much different gig. A police source described her to the New York Daily News as a celebrity gold digger. Papa Paul Walsh, who apparently accesses the Internet using extra-extra safe search, told Radar Online he had no idea what his daughter was doing for a living.

Also, a "frothing, paranoid" Sheen who allegedly tested positive later on for cocaine melted down not because his wallet and cellphone were missing, but rather because a little $100,000 watch -- part of his multimillion-dollar collection -- allegedly had gone AWOL and he thought the fairer Walsh taken it. The "frothing" bit comes from a Daily News police source; the cocaine allegation is from a Radar contact.

The watch remains in hiding, TMZ said.

OK, the website actually said the watch is still missing, but we like to imagine it locked in a small room wrapped around Sheen's cellphone, frantically asking the actor's wallet for advice on how to call for help. Or maybe it's holed up with Brett Favre's wristwatch and Crocs, avoiding the media spotlight.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: In this 2008 publicity shot for an episode of "Two and a Half Men," Charlie Sheen hides in a bathroom with costar Jon Cryer. Sorry about that, Jon. Credit: Greg Gayne / CBS / Warner Bros. Television

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" who has since gotten a lawyer and is considering her options..."

This is what happens when Deep Throat meets Deep Pockets.

Hey 'Entourage' writers: Are you paying attention?? This could be good fodder for Vince, who's struggling with his own coke habit, in the last-and-final season next year!!!

At first I admired Denise for not talking smack about her ex on all the NY shows but now I'm realizing she is just being held hostage by this arrogant creep. Charlie & CBS with their millions are the most despicable type of humans, just like Mel Gibson and his posse.

He's a hazard to women. Any woman who can read should know to avoid this creep. If only Lisbeth Salander was real. We'd know what to do with him then.

Drinking and wearing $150K watches doesn't mix.

to the poster Dylan - I agree. Both Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller (and any other wives) have been told pointedly and clearly by Charlie Sheen's (and CBS's) expensive lawyers to keep their mouths very quiet. If they blab, than there will be no alimony and limited child support.

Charlie is a train wreck!!

Charlie...u only get so many pushes on the 'destruct' button..keep this up and u will succeed..

Charlie and Lindsey Lohan would make a good pair if they weren't such sad underdeveloped people.
Sickness and Hollywood seem to be the norm these days.


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