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'Dancing With the Flight Attendants'? This time it's 'Safety Dance'

In the wake of recent viral-video performance stardom delivering in-flight safety instructions choreographed to the music of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, the theatrically minded staff of Cebu Pacific Air is at it again.

The Filipino carrier's male flights attendants get their moment this time around, showing passengers how to buckle seat belts and put on oxygen masks to the Men Without Hats tune "Safety Dance."

Check out the mile-high version above, and compare it with the "Glee" kids' interpretation after the jump.

-- Matt Donnelly

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Safety is serious.

I don't need for crews to entertain me. I want them to make sure I get off that plane alive in an emergency, not dance around like a Game Show.

Cebu Airlines is a joke...literally.


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