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PREACH IT! Ashton Kutcher is his own publicist; no press release over 140 characters

Ashton-kutcher-demi-moore If there’s one thing Ashton Kutcher does well, it's getting the press worked up into a frenzy. Well, OK: Kutcher also has some pretty breathtaking skills in the standing-around-cooking-in-his-own-hotness category, but that is neither here nor there.

Great. Now we're thinking about Kutcher's abs. But look, the point is, if you're a middle-of-the-road star, or just wish you were one, nobody knows how to maintain his fame, in 140 characters or less, quite like Kutcher.

The latest example of his prowess comes just this week, in a tweet he made about a trip he's taking with wife Demi Moore. If you believe the sweatier tabloids, Moore and Kutcher are going through a rough patch in their union, instigated by a lady named Brittney and an allegation of an "open marriage."

Moore has responded by tweeting sexy pictures of herself "with hubby," as she puts it. But Kutcher's tactic is much more media savvy in a way. He tweeted that he and Moore were in Israel to "forge bonds with our similarities & find compromise in our differences."

Does this refer to a specific rocky relationship? An end to generations-old hostilities between Israel and Palestine? A Kabbalic truth? Some? All?

The media doesn't seem to know, either, but it's devoting an awful lot of time to guessing, and therein the genius in Kutcher's brief communique: At this hour, there are roughly 250 online media stories devoted solely to that tweet.

— Leslie Gornstein

Photo: Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore at the sixth annual Clinton Global Initiative in New York City on Sept. 23, 2010. Credit: Brian Harkin / Getty Images

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to "forge bonds with our similarities & find compromise in our differences."
Who talks like that? lol

It must really suck to be under a microscope - especially if you cheat on your mate. I don't envy either of them. But, whatever happens - I wish them the best.

I think he's just a stud among other studs, good lookin & sexy & knowing it too well himself. That is ALL! Whatever he knows in media connections & communication is his thing, his job...but this story about the tabloids is getting really I don't know how to call it, just strange??
I guess he & Demi r lookin into eachothers minds & scared stiff, that's what I would be. If anything here is real, I think everybody will find out sooner or later.


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