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Report: Angelina Jolie forbidden to film in Bosnia

Angelina-jolie- bosnia There's a major hiccup in Angelina Jolie's directorial debut, a new report says.

The actress and mom has lost a permit to film in Bosnia, according to the BBC, as the application to shoot did not contain the film's screenplay.

The untitled project is a love story between a Serbian man and a Bosnian woman during the war, between 1992 and 1995. Bosnia's cultural minister, Gavrilo Grahovac, said the production no longer has the authorization to shoot, as he's yet to see a script.

Another source of controversy comes from Bosnia's Assn. of Women Victims of War, which takes issue with an allegation that in the script the Serbian male lead is a rapist and the female his victim. The group thinks the rumored dynamic would be "misleading history." 

Grahovac indicated the permit would be restored "if they send us the scenario with a story, which will be different from what we have been told by people who read it."

Jolie and team have bounced the script to the minister, the BBC says, and the star herself wrote to the women's group to address its concerns over the content.

Should Angelina get to shoot in Bosnia? Tell us your thoughts in comments.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: What, Angelina Jolie worry? Credit: Dan Steinberg / Associated Press

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If these people are so smart why don't they write the story? Oh thats right they don't have any talent. Let her make the movie. She is the most famous, talented, and most beautiful woman of this generation, Very much like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton of the 1960s, her and Brad Pitt have it all. I'm sure it would also bring a lot of money to the local community,

rape has been used as a weapon in wars. and the bosnian women associations told they have THOUSANDS of rapes but not even one love story of it.

if angelina is trying to lie and being used, please go watch just only one documentary of bosnian war or read a book on it.


It's not a question of talent. Bosnians have very successful movie makers - from Oscar winning Danis Tanovic, to Jasmila Zbanic and many more who win new prizes all over the globe for their movies. The complaint was solely about the plot and the thing that she is beautiful has nothing to do with it

Hello everyone!
In order to fully understand the situation, you have to know that thanks to Hollywood movie industry, Serbs were always presented as violent and unreasonable people. These images were forced so hard that today this country has to fight this newly formed stereotype, which causes much trouble.
We (people in Serbia and Bosnia) tough that this propaganda has finally stopped, but this movie will once again raise tensions between Muslims and Serbs and I can guarantee that this movie won’t show the real history.
We all look towards the future, and I think that we have finally came to calm place in our history, so I really don’t know why we need another war movie.
After all, Angelina Jolie presents herself as a humanitarian, and she was in Bosnia several times, where she was warmly welcomed. This was classical back stabbing.
All the best to all of you,
Reader from Bosnia

the reason the Bosnian's don't want the movie filmed there is because of all the bad things they did to the Croatians during the war. It must have been an awful place to be. there is no "misleading history"! You did it. Now deal with it.

Isn't it time for her to get another tattoo or adopt another kid?

Wow. "The actress and mom"??? Really? Idolize much?

It's their damn country. Bosnia can let anyone in they want, and they can throw anyone out they want, just like the good ol' USA can. Jolie is not bigger or more important than a sovereign nation. She'll just have to improvise.

"A rock is a rock. Shoot it in Griffith Park!"

dot your i's, cross your t's, get another kid, another tattoo, leave us alone.


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