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PREACH IT! Fantasia Barrino's suicide attempt: Once more with feeling?

September 17, 2010 |  4:01 pm


Remember Fantasia Barrino’s suicide attempt? The one that was not a mere "cry for help" but rather a serious bid on behalf of the troubled singer to end her life?

Oh, you missed that? Well, no worries! Because the producers behind Barrino’s reality series have captured the entire nightmare on film and plan to air it.

All the details -- the whole painful ordeal, in fact -- will be featured during the second season of "Fantasia for Real" on VH1.

Per People mag: "The new season, which kicks off Sunday on VH1 (10 p.m. ET), follows the incident from the 911 phone call to a teary-eyed Barrino at the hospital, where she woke up after overdosing on aspirin and a sleep aid."


If Barrino is hoping to somehow boost her image or enhance her credibility with fans, this ...

... is a huge misstep. Online commenters are already second-guessing Barrino’s motives on the night in question. And if Barrino is just trying to keep things honest, well, we're not sure how the footage helps in that arena either.

Recovery, no matter what kind, isn't easily achieved under a klieg light.

— Leslie Gornstein

Photo: Fantasia Barrino on Aug. 25 in Los Angeles, two weeks after her suicide attempt in North Carolina. Credit: Gary Friedman / Los Angeles Times.

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