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'Project Runway's' Tim Gunn questions 'Housewives' Michaele Salahi's MS admission

Tim-gunn Tim Gunn has a few opinions about Michaele Salahi and her multiple sclerosis news — and he doesn't care if she and her husband, Tareq, hear them.

“I would never wish MS upon anyone. And if in fact Michaele has MS, I feel very bad for her. I have a very dear friend who has MS,” Gunn said Thursday morning on "Access Hollywood Live."

"I find it curious that the story is coming out now, though. I would want a doctor’s note," he said.

The "Project Runway" guru was on "AHL" out of Los Angeles to promote his new book, but he wasn't alone — the Salahis were on the other end of the live satellite feed for the show in New York.

"I don’t mind if the Salahis hear this. I believe that they are sociopaths," Gunn told hosts Billy Bush and Kit Hoover. "They believe their own lies."

"The Real Housewives of D.C." cast member reacted to the accusations: "It makes me sad," she told "AHL," going on to say that she'd met Gunn at a youth AIDS fundraiser and had a great time, though "he probably doesn’t remember that."

Indeed, Gunn, who was off the air but still on set in L.A. when Michaele responded, had ...

... a different take.

"Tim is in the control room and telling us he’s never met you," host Bush told the Salahis.


— Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Tim Gunn at his book launch during the Kate Spade New York celebration for Fashion's Night Out in New York on Sept. 10. Credit: Cory Schwartz / Getty Images for Kate Spade New York.

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So Michaele was having a relapse at the State Dinner (mysteriously as soon as it was time to be seated for dinner and there was no where for them to sit) and they had to rush out and have drinks across the street. She was so sick they stayed at the bar from 9pm to 11:45pm. Once again more contradiction. The new book says they left the dinner because Michaele's MS was relapsing.

They were able to get in the White House because a) change in protocol - no one from the social secretaries office at the check points, b) bad weather causing them to rush people through to get out of the bad weather, and c) a determined couple who would have done and said anything to get in including acting chummy with Katie Couric to look more legitimate. Remember, the White House, The Secret Service (3 agents were suspended due to a breech), and Ms. Jones (the pentagon official trying to get them an invite) have all denied they were invited.
Salahi's claim of MS and the severity is suspect and is probably another ploy in their non-stop self-promotion, pocket-lining, social-climbing attempt at fame and noteriety. Stand by for the announcement she is dying of cancer when the Salahi movie is released.
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The Salahis are so sketchy.

I'm with Tim, legitimate doctor's note. They have had their 15 minutes and need to step off.

Yet another questionable news "fact" presented by Fox & Friends on Fox News, the official Salahi news network!

Sorry, Michaele.

The tricks you and Tareq play are getting old.

Lolly Amons did not steal your car. The only people the FBI might be investigating is YOU.

The grapes you had people stomp on at your (alleged) vineyard were store bought.

You did not pay a dime for the birthday party you (allegedly) hosted for Paul Wharton.

Invited guests do not sneak in through servant's entrances and side doors unless they are frauds and gatecrashers or actual celebrities of enormous magnitude, which doesn't mean you and your compulsive liar hubby.

And please, Whoopi did NOT hit you.

Really, Sweetie. We'll have to get a doctor's note on this one. And please, don't dredge up some kind of Conrad Murray, Khristine Eroshevich, George Nichopoulos, either. As a matter of fact, for us to believe this one, honey it will have to be an official statement from the US Surgeon General.

Might I suggest Debtors Anonymous? It's a fantastic 12 Step for people who've gone so far away from the reality of their situation, only the 12 Steps and massive amounts of intensive psychotherapy can help.

I love Tim dearly, but neither he, nor anyone else, should be making medical or psychiatric diagnoses of people he doesn't know. Even if he DOES know them, he's not qualified to do so.

i my uncle died from ms and my aunt is homebound from ms as well. it runs in our family. i've known 5 other people with ms. if this "woman" is lying about her ms, she needs to apologize and give all her housewives money to ms research and go into hiding. some lucky people can live with ms for 17 years and not be incapacitated, but not many. ms destroys the myelin covering the nerve, and it never grows back. where it is missing is an open nerve causing intense pain when touched inside or out. it's progressive, and there is no cure. one day you can walk, the next day you can't. one day you can tie your shoes,and the next day you can't. at the end, you can't even go to the bathroom by yourself. your bowels don't move, so someone has to pull it out for you. if she doesn't have it, she deserves to get it.

In response to teresa's comment (..." if she doesn't have it, she deserves to get it.)
I understand your remorse for your loved ones who have suffered with multiple sclerosis, but to wish this dreadful, debilitating disease on someone else is unconscionable. Be angry at the disease, not with others. MS takes enough on its own.

i cant believe this was one of the steps that they pulled off again...lie after lie after lie..to be honest while i was watching the season finale i could have sworn that i heard the check in person (homesecurity?) lady had told them that they are not on the list now but just wait on the side? but they just walked in..it is so disgusting and they should be ashamed of themselfs!!! just think if these people were terrorist the could have done some real damage that night i mean come on they where in front of out President of the United States and shooke his hand....and after to state that they had a good time and to post the images on facebook!! who does that??? Did Bravo really screen these people and are they really what they say they are? couple words for the Salahi's DISGUSTING, DISGUSTING, DISGUSTING...who in there right mind would want to even try to pull something like this off..

I totally agree with Tim. These people are sociopaths, who even believe their own lies. If she had been a cheerleader for the Redskins, if she had been invited to the White House, if she really has M.S., if they really used to own the house she filmed her audition in (etc., etc., etc.) then they could easily provide evidence. It is not just one lie, but a clear pattern of frequent lies. The house of cards will come tumbling down the next time Taraq passes gas on a gourmet meal he hasn't paid for.


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