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'Real Housewives of New Jersey': And then came Part 2

Oh, how the women of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" have labored, especially on the final installment of their reunion special, which aired Monday night.

After their first go-round of screaming fits, pillow-throwing, couch-jumping and host-pushing (that would be Bravo's Andy Cohen), the second brought more of the same and, finally, the jaw-dropping moment Cohen spoke of last week: Three of the four housewives hugged.

Danielle Staub had teary embraces with Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita, while stone-faced matriarch Caroline Manzo tsk-tsk'd in the corner. 

Many of your comments on our post last week spoke of the unfair power dynamic, suggesting Staub was ganged up on repeatedly. When we spoke with Cohen, he didn't necessarily disagree.

"I think it's a reflection of everyone around [Danielle]," Cohen said. "It was one against three. ... She was pretty tough about it." 

Though Staub held her own, she also brought along plenty of crazy, including one showstopping moment in particular when she produced a dummy wearing layers of hair extensions to demonstrate how her own hair had been ripped from her head by Laurita's daughter Ashley

For other buzz-worthy moments, check out our sister blog Show Tracker's play-by-play. Then tell us in  comments below if you're pleased with the second part of the reunion show?

Any burning questions they left unanswered? 

-- Matt Donnelly

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Jacqueline I think you're intimidated by Caroline, you're appear to be trying so hard to fit into the family. True enough I do think Danielle is super trouble, but make decisions for yourself, stop trying to kiss up to people because you married in the family, they either like you or not the hell with them. Ashley is one of the most derespectful kids on the show, she has no respect for others, you can tell she was a spoil brat growing up.So Ashley grow up and appreciate your mother, and please stop saying WHATEVER AND I DON'T CARE!! you are a 18 year with a 10 year old brain. Theresa I love ya girl!!! you're my favor housewife. You have a beautiful family a hubby that loves you, so what if you file bankruptcy soooooo what!! we all have at one time or another. I love your style, personality, but chic you got to get a little tougher on the kids, a belt every now and then won't hurt, but I love you chic you're a real diva!!

Danielle I love you! You are the only one with class! Teresa uses the bitch word too many times! And Caroline, if you arent "mafia" please stop acting like it! Jacqueline grow some balls and dont let the bulldog Caroline boss you around!
Danielle is the only reason I watch, but I really cant guarantee that I will watch in the future, to much yelling and fighting!

i dont get why people continue to make excuses for Danielle's behaviour. She is obviously mentally unstable and she brought her costars' resentment upon herself. Yes, the dynamic is a little unfair. But did she not create that dynamic herself? Their hatred of Danielle only became a common interest after she had harassed all of them. And as for Caroline...to blame her and position her as a puppet master is ridiculous because she seemed the most restrained out of all the women.

After watching the first part of the finale, my stomach ached. All of the women came across as gut-bucket, low life fish wives. New Jersey should exile them all. True, Danielle can be a hard pill to swallow, but the Holier Than Thou Trinity behaved shamefully, childish and just plain nasty.
I didn't want to watch Part 2, but I did. Is it real? Are we, the viewers so ignorant to be entertained by all of this? Do they watch themselves on tv?
And Theresa is in total 1950's denial ...

The 3 bullies attacked Danielle and spoke over her every time she attempted to speak. I will not watch this show anymore. I am done!
Bullies, yelling and screaming, a mob of 3 attacking a single woman. You go Danielle! I am not your fan but boy you handled yourself with remarkable restraint. You showed the world you have the ability to contain your temper. Teresa growled! What uncontrolled animals the other 3 are - yelling at you the ENTIRE show. What a total car wreak. Andy you failed to keep it under control. You sided with the 3 brutes. Not at all pleased with you Andy. Take charge next time.

Andy, I hope you got a good bonus for dealing with all four of them!!

Jaculine, I cannot believe that after all that caroline did for you and your daughter after what Danielle did you should have just slapped her in the face.
What you did was dispicable and i wouldnt blame caroline if she didnt talk to you ever again even if you are her brothers wife.Oh so now you just want to forget and forgive? then why didnt you do that on your own and NOT bring caroline in to it.Caroline called a spade a spade, are you really that stupid that you would stab her in the back. where is your family loyalty.Never mind your ability to keep bad people away from your family. you deserved and deserve anything you get from here on.Shame on you.All Danielle knows how to do is degrade people and try to bring them down to her level.Danielle is not done with you and I hope you realise how much you will miss Caroline as a friend and a family supporter. because you surely dont have her back.

Formerly from New Jersey, it is so disappointing to see these women representing the upper class of where I was born. They are a disgrace. Theresa, you are a joke pretending to be classy, rich and intelligent. Girl, you are none. You are an insult to the Italians. Jackeline, get some guts and stand up to Caroline. She is obviously a very complex jealous person. Her constant bullying makes me wonder what she has under her dress. Danielle, although a bit out ,there,she holds her own especially when you have three women constantly verbally attacking. Kim G, you just are a two faced no life woman.
Andy, I think you should really watch the show yourself and also be a bit more fair on Danielle. Trully, from the looks of things, if she wasn't a part of it
you would have no show. Maybe, that would be a great thing for New Jesey!

Ladies, several comments that I have read shock me. First and foremost, after watching Danielle in action after just a few shows in season one, I recogized the coniving, kookoo that she truly is. She finallized my opinions at the closing of last season when she stood outside the restuarant and spouted off to the camera and to her children. She has been caught is lie after lie after lie. Undoubtedly she has problems. Even her children have made comments that reveal that they know how she "rolls".

Caroline is absolutely fantabulous and this is reflected in her relationship with her children, husband and extended family. She is honest, open and stands by what she says and even admits to her faults.

I miss Dena. She was a sensitive, talented young woman and I always enjoyed watching scenes with her in them.

Jaqueline is a people pleaser. She doesn't want to offend and truly wants to see the best in everyone. She was duped by Danielle and if truth be known, I think Danielle had a "thing" for Jaqueline and for Dena. Danielle is obviously bi and "i'm just sayin".

If what I have read is true and both Danielle and Theresa are leaving the show, I am partly sad. Can't say I will miss the trouble making Danielle but I will miss Theresa, her smile, her laugh and her adorable kids.

And for the nuts who think Danielle is so wonderful and showed so much class on the season finale....then they should look up the word "narcasist". She fits the definition to a tee.

I pray that Caroline, Jaqueline, Theresa and even Dena get the rest that they deserve and Happy Trails to Danielle, hope to never see you again!

I thought it was a snooze fest.

If Danielle is really gone from the show, I will no longer watch. She is by far my favorite. She showed more restraint and dignity than the other three women put together.
Her children are the most mature as well.
I loved Caroline until she called another human being (Danielle) "garbage". How low class and disgusting to equate one of God's creatures to trash! I have lost all respect for her.
Jacqueline seems to be a very classy lady who deeply loves her husband and children. Ashley is a spoiled brat who needs the belt worse than Teresa's children.
Teresa is such a narcissistic phony. Her children are beautiful, but need discipline. Her husband seems to adore her, and vice versa. They are a lovely couple, but she is by far NOT the classy lady she promotes herself to be; and has an incredibly low IQ.
I also hope that Andy will not give Kim G time of day anymore. With friends like her, who needs enemies?
Best of luck to all of you ladies.

Jacqueline all I can say is Caroline came to bat for you and your daughter and then you make it look as if Caroline was to the bully. YOU should have taken care of business before bringing Caroline in to defend you. I was so disappointed that you let your family down. If you wanted it all to end then you should have ended it when your daughter pulled Danielle's hair. Danielle dragged you down to her level and you needed Caroline to defend you and she did, but what did you do...made it seem as if the Manzo family were making YOU hate Danielle. Totally Unfair.

Caroline, you are such a woman. You stayed away, you didn't go where you knew crazy Danielle was going to be..you kept you end of the bargain...just wish Jacqueline would have done that too~!

I don't understand how so many comments are supportive of Danielle. This stripper/ ex con/ idiot pot stirrer caused all of the drama to begin with. She began this season with a vendetta against the other three women all because they "threw tables at [her]" and called her "garbage". To get her revenge she spread lies and over-exaggerated every single detail about the other cast mates. Telling lawyers that she was receiving death threats and bringing that up in court is the act of a purger people! She needs to stop running her mouth, grow up and leave well enough alone. In a way I hope she is mentally unstable; at least that way she has an excuse for acting like a total moron.

Caroline, you are a class act. The other three ladies need to take a lesson from you. If everyone had stayed out of the gossip, drama, and lawsuits and actually acted like adults, none of the mess would have happened this season.

I sure hope those 4 ladies are reading these posts! What's up with the "belt" comments. CHILD ABUSE! Got that outa the way. If I didn't know better, I'd think Carloline was the Godmother...or, she thinks she is. Stop it! It's so laughable. And, Caroline get rid of the Bam Bam Rubble dresses...your arms are disgusting! If I recall, Caroline took it upon herself to have a "one on one" with Danielle..Jacqueline did not ask her to. Jacqueline, you have a heart of gold. DO NOT let Caroline bully you...!

@wanda... AMEN, that fake tour of the hugs of love & light was not fooling me. It looks like Jacq got tipsey & the booze was talking. She was wrong with that she did & caroline was/is pissed! See the way danielle took advantage of it right away with the "see you are a puppeteer" Jacq gave her that opening! I hope Chris, Dina & Caroline gave her a good BITC* out in pvt. Caroline was the only honest one! It was all B/S! Danielle knew not to mess with caroline cuz she could see right tru her! the weak one was Jacq & Danielle knew it!


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