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Wynn bans Paris Hilton from resorts, fires Cy Waits [poll]


Paris Hilton is no longer welcome at the Wynn or Encore resorts, a Wynn spokeswoman said Tuesday, and the socialite's nightclub-entrepreneur boyfriend Cy Waits has been ditched as a managing partner at the properties' Tryst and XS nightclubs. 

This comes in the wake of their arrests Friday on the Las Vegas Strip -- Waits on suspicion of DUI and Hilton on suspicion of cocaine possession, a low-grade felony. The two were en route to his home in Henderson, Nev., after partying at XS, and Hilton asked to use the restroom at the nearby Wynn after they were pulled over. It was near Wynn security that a police officer saw 0.8 gram of coke fall from her purse, according to the police report.

Hilton was released on her own recognizance and is due in court Oct. 27, facing the judge who ...

... handled the early part of O.J. Simpson's Nevada trial, Vegas Confidential reports. Waits is out on $2,000 bail after spending a night in jail on suspicion of misdemeanor DUI; criminal charges against him have not been filed.

An arrest report released Wednesday said Waits failed field sobriety tests, and police found the end of a joint in the SUV he'd been driving.

Are we safe in assuming that chief exec Steve Wynn, he of the nearly billion-dollar divorce, simply doesn't need this kind of hassle?

-- Christie D'Zurilla

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Photo: Paris Hilton and Cy Waits at the launch of her fragrance Tease at MyStudio in Hollywood on Aug. 10. Credit: Donald Traill / Associated Press

Get caught up on the Paris Hilton news so far -- knives, guns, drugs, cops. It's all good.

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I'm not holding my breath that any judicial system will do more than pander to the likes of these worthless people. Time after time we see they smirk and walk away with impunity. For once I'd like to see a judge not fold to some high-priced defence attorney and exact the full measure of punishment the rest of us would receive if our positions were reversed. I'm hopeful there will be a judge who isn't politically motivated and sees their duty clearly as a representative of the people and the public good. Like I said, I'm not holding my breath, but for once I'd like to see a so-called celebrity made an example of. I had heard Hilton had twittered her buddies that this latest faux pas was 'nothing'...She should go down in flames just for her sheer arrogance.
Remember Leona Helmsley's faux pas? "Only little people pay taxes". That arrogance got her stuffed down the judicial toilet, Hopefully Hilton will suffer the same sort of wake-up call.

Google "Portugal 2001 Decriminalization of drugs"

So what is Paris Hilton wants to sort cocaine, so what! Cocaine and all drugs should be either decriminalized or legalized and save the US taxpayer Billions of $$$ on our Keynesian War on Drugs.

i guess in Vegas your guilty first and if your found innocent in court you still cant get your job back. Paris should sue the Wynn for defamation of character

Now you KNOW why Gates and Buffet are NOT leaving Tens of BILLIONS to the 3rd and 4th generations of their loins; too dysfunctional and pathetic....image how Baron Hilton must be looking forward to 'meeting' his granddaughter come Judgement Day......

Paris Hilton has defamed her own character through her own actions, far more than Wynn or anyone else could ever do to her. Oh, and unless Wynn actually said something factually untrue, he can't be sued for defaming her.

By the way, if Cy Waits were any good at his job, you'd think he'd be working at The Hilton, and not for the competition.

Total Hyporcrites - you know the drugs flow freely in these places and the owners indulge themselves with all the vices Vegas has to offer. Definitely OVERKILL

who cares

Cy Waits - dealing with illegal drugs may be cool in Los Angeles, but multi-millionaire casino owners don't like that sort of thing. Organized crime and all that.

She'll get of lightly, even though a poor person who possessed the same amount of crack would do years behind bars. She has the money for lawyers (liars), and the fact that cocaine and crack are treated differently, to do NO time behind bars at all

In response to: "Total Hyporcrites - you know the drugs flow freely in these places and the owners indulge themselves with all the vices Vegas has to offer. Definitely OVERKILL"

I think Wynn is making a strong statement to the bajillions of Paris Hilton worshippers (many including young, impressionable girls). I'm not going to judge the secret lives of Vegas kingpins I can only ASSUME exist; I WILL judge the statements their actions and messages make to the public.

In this case, the message is simple: We don't celebrate and reward dangerous lifestyles just because you're part of the party scene.

Working at the Hilton? The Hilton in Vegas is a dump, and Paris wouldn't be caught dead in it. The Wynn is a premier destination, and Steve is smart to fire his boy. IF he lost his liquor license, that would be the end of the Wynn. Vegas is tough on drugs.

I'm sure all of the Wynn's other customers are law-abiding church-goers who would never dream of using illegal drugs.

It's not too late for Hilton to go to college and make something of herself.

lets see - pulled over three times in one month for one type of drug posession or another??? and of all places - nevada - people get put away there for less..and thank god those jurors arent star struck like the losers of los angeles. She deserves every minute of grief this issue brings her - maybe now she will finally grow up - although i doubt it - she is just another rich junkie.

'i guess in Vegas your guilty first and if your found innocent in court you still cant get your job back. Paris should sue the Wynn for defamation of character'

What character? She's just a worthless waste of human life. It's not like shes an entertainer or has talent. She's just another pretty face (although I don't think she's so cute) .

She won't be skating away from this. Vegas put OJ away when Calif. failed and we'll do the same with her.

Are you kidding me? A mogul who made his fortune on gambling and alcohol won't tolerate this sort of behavior?

Eric, don't forget, we put OJ in prison and gave him hard time when California wouldn't. I've lived in Nevada for 3 years now and I can tell you that this is a great place to live but when you commit felonies and just do whatever you want that may be illegal, you're not going to get any sympathy from the jurors here. They don't like celebrities much and they sure don't like the hollywood folk coming here and causing problems in their town. Paris will probably only get probation for this, its not a big felony charge, but she'll get it. She doesn't have the sheriff in California kissing her ass out here like she did out in LA. I'm curious to see what they do to this talentless hack and her nasty looking boyfriend.

This is exactly was a blogger commented on the other day . . .

Yes, Paris could get a job, I think she'd be good at selling snazzy furniture. You know, overstuffed sofas with Italian designed fabrics. Aww what's a little coke for a low grade felony, but a low grade witch-a-b.

Well, there are plenty of other clubs on the strip for her to patronize (Tao, for one). I don't blame Wynn for banning her. He doesn't need her spoiled and entitled ass doing drugs in his clubs. As for her boyfriend, I couldn't care less what happens to him.

"it's not my purse."; "I thought it was chewing gum."

What a dumb-cluck! And what a opurtunistic lawyer she hired!

What woman doesn't recognize her own purse? What human doesn't know that chewing gum doesn't exisit in powder form?

Hilton, it's about time you grew up and faced real life. You're no better than the rest of us, only dumber.

I can't believe how people have voted on this poll. Others have definitely done worse. I can't believe that poor guy got fired from his job because of his girlfriend's actions. Also unfair is that she got out of jail on a more serious offense just because she's famous, and he had to stay in jail for the night on a lesser offense, just because he's not famous. That guy should definitely sue Wynn for wrongful termination of employment.

0.8 grams? Is that even a line of coke? You'd think someone with that kind of money would, at least, carry an 8-ball. BTW...Paris is HOT

Sue Wynn . . . seriously?

None of us here know what Waits' employment contract states. Obviously Wynn is an intelligent man with plenty of lawyers. I doubt he would make a highly publicized decision before consulting them.

My guess is, his lawyers probably approached him with the suggestion of termination. Attorneys for the rich and famous get paid well to protect their clients. It's their job to foresee trouble and nip it in the bud.

And Waits is just as responsible for his own actions, as Paris is for hers.

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