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Nicole Richie spends a bachelorette party weekend in Mexico with Christina Aguilera and pals

Nicole-richie-bachelorette Looks like that Nicole Richie and Joel Madden wedding is arriving sooner than some had expected -- given that the author and designer just celebrated her bachelorette weekend.

A group of famous and well-heeled pals took Richie to Cabo San Lucas, the Mexican celebrity haven, via private jet for a weekend of pampering and raunchy fun.

Christina Aguilera, Samantha Ronson, stylist Simone Harouche and Hollywood hair guy Andy LeCompte were on hand to ring in the occasion, even given custom T-shirts with the date and "Nicole's Bachelorette" written on the back.

In front? "Tickle your [insert mildly unprintable Spanish slang here] with Miss Richie." 

Sounds fun, ya'll. Richie officially announced her engagement in February during an appearance on David Letterman's couch. In April, Madden spoke to the Ministry about being a husband and father.

"I think you can decide to be the best dad and partner you can be, or you can run from it," Madden said. "It's a heavy thing when your life changes. But my kids make me feel good about myself; I'm not really worried about succeeding or failing."

Who do you think had a better bachelorette party, Richie or Katy Perry? Tell us in the comments section below.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Nicole Richie. Credit: Nina Prommer / EPA 

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Oh big deal - a bachelorette weekend for a "woman" who has two kids.......

lol at the "woman" in quotes, yeah in case you know, people do actually have kids before marriage, (it's not the end of the world) and personally I don't care in that regard as long as they're happy, and if you don't care at all then why post and be judgemental? SMH

Sounds like AndreaU8 is JEALOUS. Must still be single in the city. I'm pretty sure women with kids are still allowed to have fun.


It is good to hear that they are going to be good parents.

maybe drive on the wrong side of the fwy again? How do you do this anyway? What a complete fool

"santicimonious people here" MUST be a little bitter about her own path she chose in life. You're right...women with kids are allowed to have fun. Plus, they're a guarantee. Am I wrong? ;)

Well, there's one part you're clearly wrong about Simple man. I see reading is fundamental here with you, what part did I say that expressed that I was bitter? No I do't have kids myself though. Yeah I was getting at the moral majority miss andreaU8

Let her shine..its her time and she rocked the b-party!


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