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'America's Got Talent' winner Michael Grimm is in the market for a house and a ring [poll]

Michael-grimm "Is this really ... ? Is this ... ?"

That was Michael Grimm's question to host Nick Cannon on Wednesday night after his name was called over 10-year-old Jackie Evancho's as the 2010 winner of "America's Got Talent."

"I couldn’t believe I heard my name," the Mississippi-born singer told People. "I was trying to make sure that what I thought was going on was going on, you know?" (Note that before asking Cannon about his own fate, he hugged his wee competitor and checked to make sure she was OK. Can you say, "Aww"?)

Grimm plans to use his $1-million prize -- payable over 40 years, according to the small print -- to buy a house for his grandparents, who raised him, and lost everything in Hurricane Katrina (which did hit much more than New Orleans). Also on the agenda: proposing to Lucie, his girlfriend of three years.

He'll headline the upcoming "AGT" tour as well.

So welcome to the ranks of celebrities with actual talent, Mr. Grimm, and Miss Evancho too. Our friends at Culture Monster have coverage of the little girl with the big, big voice.

Remember, Susan Boyle and Adam Lambert weren't "the winner" either, and they're doing kind of all right these days.

Did your favorite win? Let us know, below.


-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Michael Grimm, sans trademark hat, on "America's Got Talent" on July 20. Credit: Trae Patton / NBC / Associated Press

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Evanko will do well. She has talent and she is young. This guy needed a break and glad that America agreed. All the top four will do well as they are all talented. Pity not more than one could

Everyone knew that the young lady would get a contract whether or not she won. It is good the young man won because it would probably be his only chance.

I feel asleep...hence, I did not vote....

This contest was not about pity, or letting someone win just to buy a home for their grandparents. Geez!

The best does not always win. Grimm, although a true talent, was nowhere near Jackie in what the show was supposed to be about. You can find hundreds of Grimm's in nightclubs. Great entertainers in their own right. However, talents like Jackie are maybe one in a billion or more.

Just like the other shows where true talents were robbed, Jackie will be remembered long after the others have faded.


It was definitely hard to choose between Michael and Jackie, but I voted for
Michael because, even though I loved his voice and the way he put the songs across, he needed the win to "guarantee" a career in the music industry. I was afraid that if Jackie was expected to perform too much, together with the stress of needing to sing perfectly each time, she could damage her vocal chords at such a young age. The most important aspect is that she was exposed and the world will never forget her which will guarantee her future as well.

I just knew the first time I heard him sing that he would win. I'm so happy for him, he deserves it.

I wanted Michael Grimm to win, if only because if that beautiful little girl had won, she might ruin her voice by doing too much with it too early. She doesn't need a Vegas show at age 10. She's amazing and exquisite, but I was glad that an older person won. My sole problem with Michael Grimm winning over some of the other acts (because I think his voice and his humility are incredible) is that I'm just a tiny bit sick of America's Got Talent turning into American Idol, with all the singers beating out everyone else.
However, hearty congratulations to Michael Grimm, who certainly deserved it.


I wanted Fighting Gravity to win, too because they worked so hard and sacrificed school for this.

Jackie is so talented and I wanted her to come in 3rd. Just because she is so young (10 years old) and she has a life and future ahead of her. For other competitors (like Micheal), this is sort of a once in a lifetime opportunity.

What did Michael say to Jackie immediately after his name was announced?

I wanted Prince Poppycock to win - he put his everything into this show.

Jackie has a special voice/talent, no doubt.BUT does everyone aware that she already had an existing CD Album that went #2 @ Billboard and was mysteriously taken out off the market shortly after her 2nd performance in AGT?? She also had previously performed on stage with David Foster and she is slated to performed on Dec. 2, 2010 @ Carnegie Hall. She should be considered professional artist and should have been disqualified to participate..tsk. tsk..she is good but given the circumstances, Mr. Grimm deserves to win..after all, AGT was looking for a Fresh Talent..Jackie is NOT..She is a pro and her manager/s did a good job hiding that..best of luck Jackie..Pls. re-release your hidden CD "Prelude to a Dream", i'll buy one..PEACE

Fighting gravity needed it the most and were most deserving. Singers have American Idol. Geez.

I am so happy that Michael won . 10yr old lttle girls should not be appearing in Las Vegas & I personally (I am 82) would not pay $$$ to see a 10 yr old sing opera in Las vegas.. I know Jackie has great talant & will SOMEDAY become a star, but I think it could have actually ruined her life to start at 10

Jackie will have ner niche, but Michael can be marketed anywhere anytime. By the way, they both already had CDs out before the show. Michael had 4 available on amazon. Not sure, but think Jackie had at least one available somewhere.

I voted for Prince Poppycock and think he was cheated by Piers, the show, and the network. I like Michael Grimm and I am happy for him, and he was in my top 4, but I still think Poppycock was cheated. Even in the semifinals last week when Anna fell she was not buzzed, nor were Fighting Gravity buzzed when they had their own issues with the light and the door. This was a set up to steer votes away from him. In the semifinals and finals, the judges aren't supposed to get a vote. Everyone who makes it to the top four deserves an equal chance at winning--that was stolen from him, and I will never watch this show again. For me, this was AGT's Final Performance. Sayonara.

My hubby and I voted for Michael and are pleased he won. The final four were all amazing and very worthy, but we asked ourselves... who could we enjoy watching for an hour or more show if we were to go see them. Hands down, Michael Grimm. We'll be buying his first CD for sure. I love his voice. The fact that he comes from such a humble background and has a chance for an amazing future is the cherry on top.

regarding the comment about Jackie already having a cd: just a reminder that all this sneaky business was not her doing, it was the work of adults

We were happy with the outcome. Jackie is too young to have that much pressure, and could damage her voice if pushed too hard. Besides, her voice is going to be changing soon. We were disgusted with Pierce and his buzzing on the last night of competition. Those buzzers should be turned off at that point of the competition! That was so rude, we'll never like him again.
We would have preferred to see winners from the previous seasons on last night instead of artists pushing their new albums. We didn't like seeing the worst of the season either. That was a waste of time. We wish we could have seen performances from Cas Haley, Neal Boyd, Bianca and Skinner...everyone would have enjoyed seeing them, and hearing what they've been doing since their wins.

Jackie is going to lose her voice if she continues to work it too hard. Even Sarah Brightman said that .

I wanted Fighting Gravity to win. If this show is truly about the best talent in America and a "Las Vegas" type of act I think the best choice was Fighting Gravity. Because no where in the country is there an act like theirs. You will always have singers, and dancers and of course the illusionist but their act was one of a kind. And i can't wait to get tickets to one of their shows. I am very happy for Grimm but I just don't think he has the "Las Vegas" act that should be performing there. This show has gotten too much like American Idol. The last 2 years they've had singers win. I want to see something different. This is why i started watching this show in the first place because it's a variety show. Congrats to Grimm i'm sure he will be successful but I just thought Fighting Gravity deserved it a little more.

@Margaret - he asked if she was ok.

Jackie is wonderful but too young to be doing a Vegas show in my opinion. Her mentor hit it on the nose. She is young, has a long wonderful career ahead of her and she needs to save her voice. Michael was my 1st pick and who got my votes from the start. These days unless you fit the pop star persona and music genre that is "IN" with the younger set, it is so hard to get a break and he deserved to win.
That said there were so many great acts I am happy they are doing a tour this year.

I picked Michael from the very first time I heard him. He is the real deal. All I can say is, his girlfriend is one very lucky woman.

Hey guys, do say Jackie is professional because she has a CD out. Michael and PP also have. All are unsigned. So, none of them are professional.

Although I enjoyed Michael Grimm and Jackie Evancho very much, I felt the winner should have been Prince Poppycock or fighting Gravity.

I would pay to see these two acts. I would just Purchase the CD of the musical acts.

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