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Michael Bolton on 'Dancing With the Stars': Crybaby, diva or just a poor sport? [poll]

Michael Bolton on Dancing With the Stars So Michael Bolton got his feelbads hurted on "Dancing With the Stars" this week, and before being booted from the show Tuesday night he took a shot at big, mean judge Bruno Tonioli, who'd called the singer's performance "the worst jive in 11 seasons."

(See Bolton and Chelsie Hightower dancing in the video at the end of this post).

"Last night, I think, Bruno was inappropriate and disrespectful," Bolton said.

Earth to Michael: Nobody likes a whiner. Respect is earned. And "inappropriate" kinda lost its punch at the hands of one Carrie Prejean on "Larry King Live."

Could Bolton have learned a little something from pro-athlete competitors Rick Fox and Kurt Warner about sportsmanship, or even from David Hasselhoff, who made a fairly classy exit from the show last week?

Probably, because he didn't let it go, telling an ABC reporter after the show that Tonioni "should apologize publicly and be reprimanded."

Or maybe Bolton's 90-year-old mom, who was in the audience Monday to watch him dance, should've just beaten up the bully for him.

-- Christie D'Zurilla


Photo: Michael Bolton at the "Dancing With the Stars" premiere at CBS Television City on Sept. 20 in Los Angeles. Credit: Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

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You know I would have given him a 2. It was really that bad. I've been watching the show since day one and I've never seen anything that made my eyes pop out like that. The problem is that last week it seemed like he could kinda dance. This week it looked like the floor was made of lava. He didn't even walk right. Every season there is one person who just can't dance. He didn't seem like that person. So what happened Monday is unexplainable. This behavior of his is crazy tho. Bruno has said terrible things to people for years as have the other two judges. Why Michael Bolton is the only one who can't take it is beyond me.

You don't have to be insulting to people to do an evaluation of their dance their dance and this is what happened Monday Night................I totally disagree.

The 3 was uncalled for, as well as the comment that he was the worst dancer in the history of DWTS - that "honour" belongs to Kate Gosseline, I believe - but Michael's reaction afterwards is causing me to lose any sympathy for him. Take it like a man, Michael. No one likes a sissy boy.

I have always liked Michael Bolton's voice and was so exicted about him being on the show, however, I am going to have trouble everytime I hear him from now on because of his reaction to Bruno.
Bruno's comments were harsh but also true. I couldn't believe how incredibly bad his dancing was. Although to be fair "The Situation's" dancing was almost as bad.
I hope Michael looks at the video of his performance and after doing so apologizes to the judges and the viewers.

Michael Bolton is a big ol' crybaby. Michael put himself out there (and got $100,000 for his little bit of effort by the way), so maybe he should just buck up and stop being such a baby about getting his feelings hurt. I can't believe he has made this into such a big deal, saying he wants a public apology and for Bruno to be reprimanded, what a joke!

this is the name of the game. why on earth would ANYONE who is a lousy dancer go on this show? they must have SOME idea of the calibre of dancers on past seasons. if i was michael's age or older and had not really danced in ages, i wouldn't put myself on the show, period. am amazed that this show goes out and asks people to come on the show knowing full well that theY cannot dance at all. michael bolton is a great singer however, even his family could have told him NOT to expose himself on the show. he chose to do it however so deal with it.

i think the fault lies with the show. they should make sure the people chosen can dance to the point where coming on national t.v. is not going to make them look like idiots.

Iv'e been watching since the begining.....He should review his tape, his movement (or the lack of) was really off he hesitated alot! I love him as a singer he's #1 and a very handsome guy..danceing under that kind of pressure is tough on all.....the judge was really tough and should have thought more before opening his mouth....

Bruno was wrong. When we finally have some real STARS on the show (instead of just scandalous names...) Bruno should be more considerate. Honestly, I did not know about Bruno before this show, but I believe anyone in the country, if not the world, knows Bolton, liking his music or not. At the end this is an entertainment show and the stars are not professional dancers, so it should not be transformed in an occasion for insults and degrading comments. Criticism CAN be done professionally. There is the risk of having REAL STARS refuse to participate, if this is not corrected.

GO MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think that Bruno is very Rude, Period!!!

You can give an opinion without humiliating someone...

They should be honored to have ' Real ' Star like Milchael Bolton on the Show........
I've seen Bruno Dance,,, he's no Fred Alstaire

Let's try to be nice..........

Saying that Rin-tin-tin, a dog, dances better than him is mean, rude and disgusting. Bruno lost credibility as a judge, the older judge showed better education and class than Bruno

Bruno has been cruel befor, but this was so cruel it was over the top. Who is Bruno a reality judge, these shows come and go and when this one is over no one will remember Bruno. We will all remember Michael Bolton "The singer, The star" If Bruno can not see how unkind, and below the belt this was. shame on him
No longer a fan. Remember the show is dancing with the stars, not judges. sharon

can i ask you just one thing ? Who outside of America's NBC viewers know who Bruno Tonioli is ?????? Michael Bolton has been packing worlwide arenas for 25 years and still does to this day. He came on this show with humility and courage to face his fear of dancing... His dancing was not good that's a fact. And criticism is OK, even when directed to a Star, as long as it's balanced, and well said, with some positive insight. This was not criticism, this was mean and humiliating : "Rin Tin Tin could have done a better job" said Bruno on Tuesday night, to a man who was far from god but made an honest effort. I mean, Michael Bolton has his albums in millions of Home around the world. He's a 57 man, he deserves a little respect. He was not asking for positive comments, just for a constructive critism. He has the right to be hurt and voice it. Bruno Tonioli showed his real side here : such a bad person ! Shame on him !

Ha ha ha! Bolton was worse than the galloping Master P from a past season--whom Len begged viewers to stop voting for so that decent dancers could stay on the show. Bolton danced like he was made of plywood. I hate his fake soul singing; but his dancing is atrocious. He is a smug, self-absorbed weinie who is lucky to have any sort of career. Most real singers can gargle better than Bolton purports to sing. He is even a bigger joke than before. So what if his Mommy was there--she would've probably been a better contestant than this whiner.

I passed over the show briefly right when he was rehearsing and saw the face mask...the volume was not turned up - but his body language was sad.

It was like - eww.

It shows a distinct lack of class to insult and denigrate people when your job is to provide an evaluation of a dance.
Surely as viewers our entertainment value is not enhanced by humiliating people with comments such as 'a dog could dance better than you'.
It is actually courageous of Michael Bolton to call Bruno on his disrespectful behaviour. An apology and a commitment to cease hurtful commentary is very much in order.
It is embarassing to witness and undermines the performers, judges, and those of the viewing public that are tuning in for a positive, uplifting experience.

I thought Bruno's comments were not at all professional. He was rude, it was not constructive critisism. I don't think telling him that he was the worst dancer they ever had would have "inspired" him. Those judges are wrong in how they score those contestants. They are harder on others, like Rick Fox, but don't expect much out of Florence Henderson because she is 76. Although they will say they judging her just as they are the other contestants.
She got a 7 & she made tons of mistakes. I think if I were Michael Bolton, if I wasn't voted off..I would have walked out of that ballroom when Bruno said basically said you're terrible & don't waste my time.

I think that Bruno was very rude to Michael Bolton. How on earth does the show expect to get good stars if they are treated like that by judges. No one is going to want to be on the show. Remember most of these stars are not professional dancers. I would like to see Bruno in a singing competition and put down as he put Michael down. He deserves a "0" on the score board for his RUDENESS....... he thinks too highly of himself and thinks he is cool being as rude as he is. I think he just lacks attention and that's a way for him to get it.

To hell with sympathy for Mr Bolton .... just because his mother was there doesn't mean EVERYONE should be nice to you .... I dance recreationally and i can do a better jive than that and i never had the help of a WORLD RENOWNED PRO..... that dance was a complete utter failure mainly, on his part .... older people ( eg the man on the moon Buz) entered and danced his hip out and got boot out and had harsh comments , but you never heard him whining like a baby ...

Bruno did go over the top and if later he choose to tell u sorry okay ...cool but you DEMANDING an apology and have him reprimanded ...Let me ask you this Mr Bolton .. what qualifications do you have to order such things ... what if you were reprimanded every time you sung out of tune and sucked ??? how poor or where would you be in this world .

Bruno is a paid professional and because you ( Mr. Bolton ) feel that everyone should acknowledge your fame you can look down on a person who does this for a living, shame on you, the working class people are not to be looked down upon and that is exactly what you are inciting by demanding such things .

Acting like an A class Crybaby

Michael Bolton is a crybaby, diva, whiner. Even Kate Gosselin, who was horrible, took Bruno's criticism like a man! C'mon Michael, you wuss, take it like a man. Gee, makes Kate seem somewhat likeable, and I never thought I would say that.

I never liked that guy, now I know why. He's weak.

Bolton's jive was poor, but Bruno's criticism was overly harsh. Not even Master P, whose "dancing" looked like someone stomping grapes, got a 3.

Bruno has a BIG HEAD and thinks he is not only a judge but A GOD. He has the job to judge but goes completely overboaed sometimes and gets nasty with his comments. He needs to think before he opens his BIG MOUTH.

Bruno never said that Michael Bolton was the worst DANCER in the history of DWTS... he said that it was the worst QUICK STEP in the history of DWTS he'd seen... The man is getting paid to be a judge and CRITIC! The comment was harsh, i admit, but Michael could have been a bigger man about it and could have just taken it a constructive criticism. Some people can't sing, some can't dance. But of course, we must also remember that the 50% of the voting done on DWTS comes from the audience watching. Why aren't you mad at the public Michael? maybe they saw what Bruno did?

What does Michael Bolton expect? You signed up for a show knowing you were way out of your comfort zone and were going to be judged. These three judges have always been critical of the dances, and sometimes just harsh (think of Master P, Kenny Mayne, Adam Carolla, Penn Jillette). I would have hoped that he would have developed a thicker skin by now.

The comments by people who say Bruno said it was the worst Jive ever, not that Michael was the worst dancer ever, are correct. It was a very poor dance. Just because you can't dance is no reflection on your personal character.

When a man acts like a woman........Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!

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