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Report: Like a good ex-boyfriend, Mel Gibson returns Oksana's CDs (and her music rights) [poll]


If you love something, set it free — but if you don't love it so much anymore, perhaps just have it trucked over to your ex's house and dumped.

Sources have told TMZ that Mel Gibson had "boxes and boxes" of unsold Oksana Grigorieva CDs shipped to her place and that he signed papers in August giving up his executive producer rights to her music. You'll remember Gibson sunk a bit of effort into his ex-girlfriend's career, including directing a couple of music videos (like the one embedded above, in case you missed it last year).

To the Ministry, this sounds like a classic "my therapist suggested this might make me feel better" move. Plus, seriously, who hasn't returned a few CDs to a former sweetie?


— Christie D'Zurilla

 Click and scroll down to relive the whole Mel Gibson breakup saga, if you dare.


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It took the Meltdown King longer to realize what everyone else listening to the agonized bear figured out in less that a minute, she stinks. Maybe the noise what drowned out by the sound of his own screaming.


It makes me laugh--the image of all those boxes of unsold CDs in her livingroom, spilling into the kitchen and dining room and probably stacked around her piano. I am glad he said good bye to that money-losing investment.

Okay, so now ozskana lied about something else, is that it? The only thing is, I don't think this one cares one bit who catches on to her lousy game ... she just thinks she is IN it ... her name linked with a Big Name, in the 'news' all the time ... playing a chess game, doesn't seem to care how absolutely STUPID she reveals herself to be ... she is just there, day in and day out, whining, lying, manipulating ... seems to me one of these days she is just going to make herself sick ... I mean, who on earth could stand themselves if they were like this ... wonder how hard it is to sleep at night ... those poor kids ...

A lounge singer? Maybe.

Glad he is moving on. Hopefully the legal mess will soon be over and he can concentrate on restoring his relationship with Jesus. God isn't finished with Mr. Gibson.The Passion of Christ movie was only the beginning of how he can be used him to further the kingdom of God. I've had a direct God call to pray for this man - it just amazes me the signs God has given me that He is truly interested in this man.

Jennifer Allen
Savannah, GA

Because she has no talent, nor in her past, no motivation to earn her own money, she seems to have cast a jealous eye on those of Mr Gibson.

She has made a mockery of battered women. Her irresponsible actions have hurt his innocent family. If there is justice in the courts, they will give that child to Mr Gibson and Timothy Dalton will come get his as well.

If you listened to the doctored tapes, Mr G spent over 5 million on her career.
She should have been grateful.

I'm sure he realizes the tapes were a waste of space at his company. They are where they need to be, where she has to look at them every day. A place where maybe they can chip away at that over inflated ego of hers.

I don't think Mr Gibson ever intended to profit from Oksana's music career. All of it was GIFT to Oksana because I think he actually loved her and her "passion for music." Like any man, he just wanted her to be happy.

I think he was truly heartbroken and devastated when he realized that she was only using him and her "passion for music" was only bait for an even bigger agenda.

Oksana will NOT get the tens of millions she's scheming for, but she does have EVERYTHING she needs now to really focus on and make something with her music career.

But I don't think Oksana really wants a music career -that would require her to actually WORK for a living.

Extortion, so she thought, is an easier means , and well when that doesn't work, hire a bunch of lawyers to work for "her money."

How anyone can respect Oksana is beyond me. The woman is a LOSER!!!

I hope Mel Gibson feels 100 times better after ridding himself of this useless baggage.

Seems like a normal thing to do after a breakup.
Why would he want it?

I tuned in until she started singing, that was enough for me.
A lounge singer - yes - absolutely, nothing more.

Sounds like a dig at her----here's your stupid cd you untalented witch
I mean b-----

AND also something done on advice of counsel
Go sell your own cds you lie tart

What a loser---I hope she gets nothing from this
and shrinks back to England or Russia where her Eurotrash music can be appreciated

Oh that's right I remember now
even mother russia didn't want to buy her music

He's got bigger things to worry about, like the fact that half of hollywood is jumping on whatever band wagon her lies are fueling. Poor guy. He didn't help himself any with those tapes. But I can safely say I've said worse when my life was falling apart and I felt used.

Mel will have the last laugh when all this is over. He has been tried in a cauldron of fire but he's still doin' what he's doin'. He should not have gone against his conscience and gotten involved with this woman. Because he has a child whom he loves with this woman he will continue to endure pain for many years to come. But we love Mel and no amount of spewed by the Mel haters will change the fact that we will continue to watch his movies and look forward to any project he has in the works.

Oksana set herself up to look like the big victim. This has backfired on her, bigtime and she will lose. Without Mel around her contacts will shrivel up because she doesn't have anything anybody wants. Her music is atrocious and with two babies by two leading men under her belt only a complete idiot would not learn from Mel's mistakes. Oksana is a cautionary tale and her fifteen minutes of fame is up.

Well, I ran into Mel Gibson last week at a gas station in Malibu, California. I was on a missions trip with two other friends and since we were on a missions trip, instead of asking for an autograph, my friend shook hands with Mel Gibson and asked if she could pray for him. He agreed that she could pray for him, but not on the spot as he was in a hurry and more than likely was trying to dodge paparizi. Since that incident, we have been praying for Mel Gibson like three times a day. Actually, a whole congregation, The Church of the Holy Spirit, held hands and prayed together for Mel Gibson. So, this is a victory in the Spirit to me. Jesus is working on the heart of Mel Gibson and we are about to see great things come from him. This small act of kindness is only the begining works of God at work on his heart.

He did this because it's the Christian thing to do. First and foremost this is what matters most to him. Who else would give up music rights to someone who hurt them this bad? Only a true Christian would, God will bless him. He is a wounded soul, who is trying desperately to change, let's all pray for him; go to: www.support-Mel.com

Jesus Christ bless all you good and holy people who keep trying to become more like Christ.

She has less talent than a cactus. It is mind-boggling how such a hopeless case of monstrous ambition minus any ability could have ever persuaded a seasoned professional to consider promoting her.

Why wouldn't he return them? They were taking up space.

Her song reminds me of Miley Cyrus breathing helium then trying to sing.


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