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Lindsay Lohan's open letter from ex-'Insider' Pat O'Brien

September 3, 2010 | 12:22 pm

Lindsay-lohan-and-pat-obrien Talk about "The Insider" -- former television host Pat O'Brien has penned an open letter to Lindsay Lohan, detailing the struggles with addiction he presumes he shares with the actress, and also warning her of the choices ahead.

O'Brien, once host of "Access Hollywood" and "The Insider," has taken to the pages of the Hollywood Reporter to reflect on Lohan since she's been sprung from jail and rehab, and the blame she's placed on media outlets and her parents. He also likens her to icons Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe

It's a tad bizarre, given his serious drop in visibility since being fired from "The Insider" after a long string of bad behavior, including two stints in rehab.

But to his letter.

"I've been through it, Lindsay. For me, there has been no jail, no courtroom antics, no ankle bracelet and, thankfully, I don't have the paparazzi snapping my every move. But I, too, have the same demons you have, and it's no fun," he writes.

"The good news is that with a certain amount of willingness, structure and personal inventory, those demons can be arrested."

No pun!

O'Brien then tosses the ball into Michael Lohan's court, only to tell Lindsay...

... it has no business being there.

"There's no blame; it's not the media's fault or the paparazzo's fault or even your father's fault. He's got enough problems of his own," he says, making the understatement of the year, "it has nothing to do with growing up too fast or being too young or even the jungle Grace Kelly hated called Hollywood."

A Grace Kelly reference! This open letter has more cameos than the coming season of "Glee"! 

O'Brien brings it home with "nobody ever said no to the King of Rock and Roll and eventually that killed him. Nobody said much to Marilyn Monroe, either. The brilliant and talented Dennis Hopper had his demons and conquered them and died with years of sobriety, yet the 10th, 11th and 12th words in his obituary were 'drugs and alcohol.'"

He wishes Lohan the best with today's release of her film "Machete," and congratulates on her making the cover of Vanity Fair. 

He does suggest, however, that Lohan "realize that the consequences of denial start to get much more serious than Perez Hilton making fun of you. Sadly, it's well-documented that the consequence waiting for you could be death."

He closes by suggesting the pair meet at a Starbucks.

Read O'Brien's full letter and tell us -- does he have a point for young Lindsay? Is he weighing in to cash in (the article mentions he's recently joined a Fox Sports radio program and is, naturally, penning an autobiography)? Tell us in comments below.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photos: In the left corner, Lindsay Lohan, who, recently released from jail and rehab, has a movie and clothing line and cathartic tell-all interview on the way. In the right corner, Pat O'Brien. Credits: Getty Images, left; Reuters, right.

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