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Lindsay Lohan back to jail, denied bail at probation violation hearing [poll]

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is packing for the pokey once again -- Judge Elden Fox ordered the actress back to jail on Friday, denying bail and setting a new court date for Oct. 22.

Fox didn't hear from prosecutors or Lohan's defense attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley. With mother Dina in the courtroom, Lohan was reportedly "stunned" when Fox threw the book at her. Some court watchers had speculated that the 24-year-old actress would be sent back to rehab rather than jail.

Lohan appeared Friday after she reportedly failed a drug test, revealing cocaine and amphetamine use, in violation of the probation she was granted after recently completing jail time and rehab.

Do you agree with Fox's decision to detain Lohan? Take the poll below, or feel free to add a comment below.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Lindsay Lohan enters the Beverly Hills courthouse. Credit: Al Seib / Los Angeles Times 

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My tax dollars are being spent on babysitting a bratty child. I'd rather they take away her keys and license to keep her from driving while high than putting her behind bars and making us pay for her housing, food, medical, and dental bills. How often has jail time broken someone's addiction anyway?

I am happy that she is finally going to see, that she is not invincible. she was shown laughing at the Police, and making stupid comments. There are people that will not rehabilitate, and she is one of them. She does not love herself enough to look after herself. Sound funny, think about it. A selfish, self-centered, narrow minded,egotistical person, not love them-self? Hmm..that doesn't sound right? BUT it is true. The Acorn does not fall far from the tree. If she had ample chances, and chose to ignore them, for her selfishness. Say whatever she wants, I no longer support her, i have come to the end of that road.

Lohan DOES NOT need more jail time; she needs several months -- NOT a couple of measly weeks -- of serious, intense rehab in a place where she is forbidden to see her friends AND her family until she's released. She has toxic friends and an even more toxic family. Her parents are money-grubbing leeches.

Her rehab should include a very stripped-down lifestyle: NO booze, NO pills of any kind, NO smoking, NO cell phones, NO Internet access, only extremely limited TV, strict hours and eating and exercise regimen and daily sessions with a psychologist who enjoys a challenge. That's the only way to get her straight.

Think any of that will happen? Heck no.

It makes you wonder how Judge Maria Stratton is able to deny bail to those with lesser charges or even no charges at all.

she cries tears of irony because she is getting so much free publicity from her bad habits


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