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Lindsay Lohan demands dad not sell her rehab diary [poll]

Lilo-notes Lindsay Lohan has had a cease-and-desist letter sent to her dad, Michael Lohan, demanding that he stop selling her stuff -- specifically excerpts from a diary she kept when she was in rehab in 2007, Radar Online reports.

The letter, which Radar says was sent by LiLo attorney Shawn Chapman Holley to Michael's rep Lisa Bloom, reportedly threatens to go for damages, citing a "grave invasion of privacy," if excerpts from the hand-written tome were to go on the market.

It's not the first time Lindsay's had to protect the sanctity of her writing. After another diary went missing at a nightclub in 2006, attorneys jumped into action to head off publication.

That said, it's one thing to take a journal out clubbing and then get uptight afterward; another entirely to suspect your own father of selling your most intimate thoughts to the highest bidder.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Lindsay Lohan is the type to put pen to paper -- here, with Shawn Chapman Holley at her side, she hides her face with a piece of paper covered with notes taken in a Beverly Hills courtroom on July 6, 2010. Credit: David McNew / Associated Press


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leave the girl alone people need privacy no matter who they are geeeees enough is enough

No wonder she's such a sick woman.

It's not hard to believe that someone with a rotten father like this would end up having psychological issues.

What an awful man, to even consider doing the things he's done.

Thank heavens those UCLA doctors were professionals and gave her some adult contact and help she could trust.


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