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Levi Johnston assaulted with large words during interview

Levi-johnston-tongue The Ministry will now publicize the new MSNBC show "The Last Word" -- publicity being the most sensible reason host Lawrence O'Donnell would ask Levi Johnston the same questions Katie Couric famously tossed Sarah Palin's way when the former Alaska governor was running for vice president.

(Johnston, of course, is running for Palin's old job, mayor of Wasilla, for an upcoming reality TV show that's in development.)

We're pleased to report, with an assist from New York magazine: Levi does not support abstinence, and doesn't appear to back abortion (the morning-after pill is "the girl's decision"), and while saying his son Tripp is the best thing that ever happened to him, he also imagines what his life would be like (he "was young") had the kid not come along.

No booing was heard in the background during the Johnston interview, and the Ministry does not expect MSNBC to broadcast any outtakes from the show to explain what was actually going on.

See for yourself -- the video is after the break.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Levi Johnston poses at a party in West Hollywood on Nov. 18, 2009. Credit: Fred Prouser / Reuters

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They gave that mental midget a TV show? Last time I saw Lawrence he was engaging in his version of discourse with a swift-boater on a show hosted by Pat Buchanan. Every time Pat asked the other guest a question, Larry would shout him down. I don't know if he was using big words then. I do know that might have been the last time I bothered with MSNBC. So good luck, Larry, hope you and the 4 people who watch enjoy the action.

is he attempting to look sexy ?

his constant smirk makes me want to slap him.

Go Levi! I know he might not be the choice of intellectuals, but I'd take this genuine handsome kid any day over most of seasoned politicians who are too versed in political debate but don't know how to be real... the potential bid for a mayor is a great learning experience for him as well - not as flashy as DWTS, that's for sure - and that's why I like him and wish him well.

Levi is running for Mayor of Wassila, Alaska. I don't even think it's a full-time job. It's a tiny, unimportant town. Sarah Palin was running for Vice President of the US, with an unhealthy old running-mate who very likely would have died while in office, making her President of the US. Levi doesn't need to know about Afghanistan to make simple decisions for Wassila. And at least he's HONEST. God knows Palin isn't.


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