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'Wife' ordered to stay away from Leonardo DiCaprio


If you're Leonardo DiCaprio, "love" can be scary.

DiCaprio was granted a three-year restraining order Friday against Livia Bistriceanu, a woman who says she's the "Inception" star's wife and believes she is carrying his child -- a baby she says is choosing not to be born yet because the actor has not yet married her.

Bistriceanu, 41, who has been twice placed on psychiatric hold, was notified of a temporary restraining order but did not appear in court; DiCaprio also did not appear Friday. She's been ordered to stay 100 yards away from him after the actor said that he feared for his safety. Bistriceanu traveled from Chicago to L.A. to see him, and showed up at his home and business offices recently, court documents said. 

The filing included a handwritten letter to DiCaprio from Bistriceanu written in August ...

... 2008, obtained by TMZ. An excerpt:

I want to talk to you.
Tell me your cell phone number
I don't understand you why you don't want [the son she claims she is carrying], but I'm telling you that if you don't want me and him, you're going to hell.
I love you, but if you don't answer to my love I must go for somebody else. I don't have time to wait anymore.

Bistriceanu is not the same woman who'll be standing trial on an assault charge stemming from an alleged attack on DiCaprio with a broken beer bottle as he left a Hollywood Hills party in 2005. Aretha Wilson, the defendant in that case, in August was ordered to stay 500 feet away from the actor.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Photo: Leonardo DiCaprio signs autographs for fans at the Tokyo premiere of "Inception" on July 20. Credit: Kiyoshi Ota / Getty Images

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why isn't this woman locked in a mental institution...???

Damn! There's more than one psycho?
Leo, you're just too fine sweetie.

Something tells me we haven't heard the last of these "ladies".

She needs help! Poor Leo. That doesn't make sense either, she says that she is his wife but then she says the baby is choosing not to be born because he hasn't married her? Ha well which is? He's your husband but he hasn't married you.

what a lucky guy, I wish my ex wife would have stayed away from me too. I feel so sorry for leonardo for a guy with billions will have alot of trouble meeting woman again.

Wow! I feel sorry for both Leo, and the poor deluded woman. Mental illness is a horrible thing, and can destroy your life much more quickly, and more thoroughly than a physical affliction. Mental illness, which is often just a chemical imbalance in the brain, penetrates deep into a person's soul, doesn't go away, even when a sufferer is sleeping. In sleep, they are tortured by horrific dreams. Can you imagine trying to function while voices, that no one else can hear, torment you, and demand that you follow their insane commands? For these people, delusions are reality. They are, really, and truly living the life of their imaginings. This woman "clearly remembers" her romantic encounter with Leo, and remembers "conceiving" the son, she also clearly "hears" him talking to her from her womb, and telling her that he refuses to be born until his father marries his mother. It's just another of the voices she probably hears. For her, in her delusional world, it all makes sense. If this poor woman is also driven to violence, Leo has done the right thing by taking steps to keep her away from him. She WILL do as the voices tell her to do. What I find disturbing, is that this poor soul isn't getting the help she needs. Medications and talk therapy work miracles. And chances are excellent that she can find a combination that allows her to live a normal, stable life. I doubt if she will ever be truly happy, because she will always have the fear of a relapse hovering over her. Leo should try to be more sensitive to the woman's illness, and work to get her treatment. Putting her in prison, will only make her problems worse.

makes me want to stalk him

He is Damn sexy! I would stalk him if I were the stalker type hahaha! The craziness celebrities have to go through huh? Makes you look at the glamorous life a bit differently. You always have to put yourself out there or you can't find jobs, but putting yourself out there so much ushers in the crazies :)


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