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Speaking of meat dresses, Lady Gaga signs a fragrance deal

Lady-gaga-fragrance Congratulations, Lady Gaga. PETA might not be a pal, but they can go ahead and take a whiff of your success. Literally.

The Lady has entered "a long-term licensing deal" with Coty Inc., which will develop a line of fragrances with Gaga, WWD reports. The first scent is expected to hit shelves in spring 2012.

While the Ministry is interested in any development out of Gaga Land, we must say that a fragrance is a curious first choice for her foray into merchandise.

Studded pyro panties? Sure. Little-monster-adorned teacups? Obvs. But perfume

Do us a solid and take our poll on what you think Lady Gaga's signature scent will smell like, then suggest names in the comments box below.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Lady Gaga at a recent Los Angeles concert. Credit: Ethan Miller / Getty Images

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I get it now the meat dress and chunk on Gaga s head Her making fun of the red carpet and women on display like hunks of meat.

Awesome! Can't wait.

Coty isn't about to embarrass themselves.



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