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Lady Gaga wears a meat dress — need we say more? [poll]

Gaga-and-cher Lady Gaga wore a meat dress at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday. When she collected her video of the year award, she asked Cher to hold her meat purse. Ellen DeGeneres offered the pop star a veggie bikini during a chat afterward. And on Monday, PETA announced it was grossed out — something about the likelihood of maggots in the dress. 


So what did we learn Sunday from the woman who won video of the year?

During Gaga's interview with DeGeneres, it was revealed that members of the military had walked the white carpet with the singer to bring attention to the "don't ask, don't tell" policy on homosexuality. You had to go beyond that interview, however, to learn that the folks accompanying Gaga had actually been discharged because of military policy. Hey, she's a pop star, not a communicator. At least she wasn't out on the carpet throwing water balloons.

She told the vegan DeGeneres: "I, as you know, am the most judgment-free human being on the Earth." In case any of us were wondering. Perhaps in case anyone thought judgment had been used in selecting the ensemble.

But what did the meat mean? Unlike Gaga's meat bikini on the cover of Men's Vogue Japan, which she said meant, cleverly, "I'm not a piece of meat," the VMA meat dress carried the message, "if ...

... we don't stand up for what we believe in, if we don't fight for our rights, pretty soon we're going to have as much rights as the meat on our bones."

Click on the video embedded below to see if Ellen's expression matches your own reaction to that dollop of wisdom. Meanwhile, the Ministry will be off exercising its right to select a marinade.

Camille Paglia weighed in on Generation Gaga over the weekend, shockingly taking down the pop star as, essentially, flash with no pan. 

[T]he young Madonna was on fire. She was indeed the imperious Marlene Dietrich’s true heir. For Gaga, sex is mainly decor and surface; she’s like a laminated piece of ersatz rococo furniture. Alarmingly, Generation Gaga can’t tell the difference. Is it the death of sex?

Why, heavens, Camille, Gaga is probably savvy to turn down the fire — or the VMA crowd would've been lining up for barbecue.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: It takes a lot to get Cher to look at you funny — clad in meat, Lady Gaga got the attention she deserved at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday. Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images.

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I was so in admiration for all the great music made by her and the beautifully crafted costumes worn by The Ga Ga My hero has and always will be the first lady of pop Madonna but I was so impressed by GaGa and thought how wonderful to have a new generation of visual pop. But wear MEAT NO NO NO I'm a strict Veggie for ever, she did not need to use meat to proof or display her opinions on whatever she wanted to.Lets bring on stage Morrissey the greatest veggie muscian and poet of our times. His values are far superior to the GA Ga's she ain't no LADY.

Is that a skirt steak?

I am almost certain she told Sway from MTV that the gentlemen had been discharged. So unless folks weren't watching the Red Carpet pre-show, I don't see how they couldn't have known.

Can I just add that with her acceptance speech, I fell in love with the Gaga all over again. I cannot wait for her new album.

Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog with a reminder that we don't publish comments that include profanity, even if you misspell or shorten or use asterisks or dashes in the words.


ok did u see what she said? the dress had a MEANING! its not like shes saying i hate a vegitarians or vegans,or something like that.

Did she get it from Top Chop?

At least she didn't kiss another woman (the new awards show cliche').

yep. Christie is correct.
I try it all the time...


Meike, more like a Chop Shop.
She looks more like a carcass left behind by lion.

"...as much rights as the meat on our bones." ???
Ooh, that's deep.
Stick to performing Gaga.

So, how does one outdo herself when she's Lady Gaga?

Boy, there is just SO much here to work with Christie, I just cant stop.

In case she's confused - I never doubted there was NO judgment used when she chose her "ensemble" - good, bad or otherwise.

lol, seriously.

I Hated the VMAs this year! It really sucked. Pretty much every award was given to lady gaga, and I'm sure regardless of who voted for who, it was pre-determined for her to win. All the reporters were talking about her...before and during the show. The VMAS was not made for just you gaga. Go steal someone else's show... I hate her.

The people who thought GaGa's outfit was tacky or pathetic are also the same people who think Chelsea Handler is funny or MTV is relevant to music. In other words, their uninformed opinions don't matter.

I hasten to add this: 25 years ago, y'all were saying the same thing about Madonna. Think about that.

Disgusting, Sick, De-mended and Stinky. She sat in meat with no under garments, YUCK!! Did she have lipstick and tampons in her meat purse. YUCK!!! Makes me want to vomit. Lets put her back in that outfit and send her to the jungles in Africa so the Lions can appreciate it. She's mentally out of it, she's lost it. No Longer A Fan

So what's your point Tony...is your word any more relevant?
No, but we are ALL entitled to our opinions.

And just because Madonna and Lady Gaga are rich and famous doesn't mean we must all like them, their attire or their performances. How can an opinion about a rag be "uninformed"? That's just stupid.

Don't get your panties in a bunch, sweetie.
Relax and stop taking it so personally. Geez.

wearing meat to defend the rights of gays in the military?how does she feel good about wearing defenseless animals tortured and slaughtered i don't get it im no longer a fan...

Devil's Advocate here. If your reason for being angry with Lady Gaga is because she is wearing dead animals, are you also angry at anyone that was wearing leather? If so, why is the anger directed solely at Lady Gaga? I am sure at an awards show like this you can find lots of people wearing leather.

Now I am not huge Lady Gaga fan and I have no feelings one way or the other about the meat dress... just had to ask that question.

i hate people who hate on artists for winning alot of awards gaga has been working her freaking ass off and u guys cant accept it not every awards was given to gaga because if it was she wouldve gotten thirteen but no she got eight gaga is the best thing to happpen to music right now and its sad people are hating on her

Haha, yeah right that dress has no reason.

It's absolutely disgusting, disgraceful and disrespectful to all those men, women and children around the world who go for days without eating!

I was kinda surprised by the first two dresses in thinking wow gaga is playing it more safe or down this year..sticking to a more more fashion runway couture style. Then she came out with her last one and at first I didn't even realize that it was a meat dress let alone real. But after i found out and listen to what she had to say on Ellen i was thinking ...there she is...there's our true and shocking gaga. I think she is a real and true artist for coming up and out with something like that and manly as a political statement. Its what and how far to artist do..go to any modern and abstract art museum and you will see how common and normal something like this is. I love and really respect what she stands for not matter how strange or bizarre people think it is. it goes to show that she has no fear and the rest of the world is to stuck up to deal with it...not to mention judgmental and ignorant to see something real and beautiful to it. She makes this world a better and more interesting place. I am in the food industry and so i have an appreciation in beauty with food. GO Gaga.

So eating meat, using products made from animals (check the ingredients, cause that's most of them), wearing leather and fur...those are all ok? But wearing raw meat to make a statement is bad?
You need to reassess your beliefs and priorities people.
Its all or nothing, not just OMG I hate gaga she's the devil but forgive or ignore everything or everyone else that exploits animals.

I feel for any one who had to sit stand or be near her -we all know what raw meat smells like when its warm OMG
Maybe its her new perfume scent- Rump Roast Fields Forever Maggots Scent of Blood who knows lmao

I think this is the most disgusting thing I have EVER seen...I literally almost threw up when I saw this. Classy? not so much. And for all you that think its classy I'm pretty sure you need to get your eyes checked...just sayin

By Lady Gaga wearing the meat dress is kind of ironic because our bodies are made from meat and it's hidden with the skin compared to how she is wearing the fresh outside and displaying it for everyone to see. This shows that Lady Gaga is a very strong personifiled person who is willing to go againist what we consider "moral" also shows her characteristics of being a care-free person.


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