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Yes, Lady Gaga's meat dress was made of real meat

Lady-gaga-meat-moonman Seems Lady Gaga really did show us the beef Sunday night at the 2010 Video Music Awards. Her third dress of the night was made of "real meat from my family butcher," designer Franc Fernandez told MTV Style on Monday.

Check out what the ensemble looks like draped on a mannequin at Fernandez's blog, where there's also a close-up of the coordinating crystal-encrusted meat purse, and let us know what you think, in our meat-dress poll.

If you're in the mood for the fast-food version of the story instead of partaking in that sit-down meal, click on past the break below for a shot of the backside of the dress -- it looks as if someone may have grabbed fixings for a sandwich before Gaga took the stage -- and a detail of presenter Cher clutching the meat purse while the younger pop star accepted her Moonman.

Oh yes, we also included a close-up of the shoes, but do make sure your lunch is settled before you view it. Not sure if the whole outfit was considered "leftovers" by the time Gaga sat down backstage Sunday to chat with Ellen DeGeneres, but by the time the interview aired Monday? We say that's a yes.

At this point, just on principle, the Ministry would like to take back anything negative we might have implied about Rita Wilson's Emmy Awards getup.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Top photo: Lady Gaga accepts the award for video of the year for "Bad Romance" at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday. Credit: Mike Blake / Reuters


Photo: The backside of meat. Credit: Mike Blake / Reuters


Photo: When the shoelaces come untied, is it dinner time for dogs? Mark Ralston / Getty Images


Photo: Cher, honey, can you hold this for a second? Credit: Mike Blake / Reuters

Cleanse your palate by hitting up our Lady Gaga archives -- click and scroll down for less edible attire.

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Desperate for attention much?

She did it for the shock value - the "message" was created post-hoc to calm down the PETA people. Because we all know that Lada Gaga is "the most tolerant person in the world", according to herself truly. Really, Gaga? Must not get out much. I liked her when she first came out - she seemed genuine, talented and original. Now she just seems like another narcissistic media whore, prattling on pretentiously about herself and exploiting people like the ex-militaries she paraded about as if they were part of her outfit. Meanwhile, her music, which I really liked, has become vacuuous. But what does she have to write about? I don't agree with Paglia's comments about sexuality, but I do agree that Gaga's constant flaunting of her symbiotic (read narcissistic) relationship with her fans has become nauseating. She has never been a "freak" - she is upper class, over-educated, and privileged. Her physical appearance is actually pretty mainstream attractive - thin, petite, blonde. Let's see her without all the make-up and clothes making music and looking like she eats - now that would challenge people's opinions. And as far as the meat dress - the artist Nitsch already masturbated into open animal carcasses - as I am sure Lada Gaga knows. Only when he did it, it was authentic.

I still have a hard time believing that it was made from real meat, even if the designer "confirmed" it. It seems like it would be ridiculous to believe that this person is walking around in raw meat, getting juices and bacteria and whatnot everywhere they go, and people are hugging them and grabbing ahold of their "meat purse"? Hmm.

People are starving all over the world and this freakshow wears a meat dress? Society has serious problems...

Hmmmm ... Did they cover the seat she was sitting in with plastic to protect the fine fabric from cold, slimy, greasy, raw meat? What did she smell like? Did she eat her dress after the show?

Well what can I say here? She looks delicious. On a serious note, if this meat was thrown away after being worn that makes me upset. An animal was killed for this meat so we could eat it not wear it. I would hope that at least it was given to a zoo or a dog shelter so that the cow did not die for any reason. This is way different than somone wearing leather. Has anyone really thought about how much of the cow we actually use?? Not on the meat but the organs like brains, heart, tongue...it is all in the grocery store. We use the hoofs to make dog chewing treats. We use the skin of the cow to make leather that is used for clothing, car seats, saddles, etc. Humans have really used the cow to it's full potential with little waste but to buy meat to wear it to make some B.S. statement is pathetic. This cupcake is a flash in a pan and 10 yrs from now we will all be saying Lady who?? She can ride my disco stick if she wants and I will grill her up some steak and show her what meat is for.

Isn't this kind of a watse, I mean it's not like she can wash it and wear it again.

I don't get it.

Mad Gaga Disease - her next trick at the VMAs she will cover herself with worms and magots

OUCH! Maria, LOL

I agree with much of what you said, however I never guessed she was educated, let alone over-educated, simply from her non-articulate comments and ridiculous logic.

Ultimate disrespect of animals totally. American Indians, Africans tribes, upon taking an animal always gave it respect. This is dispictable. What a gross out of a lady. Yes this is a challenge. A challenge for everyone to see what pop music crap is all about. There is no more good music coming out so they have to "freek out" everyone by doing something as gross as this. Her music sucks, her outfits suck. Really trying too hard to out do her next garb. Scab, total scab of a human.

ewwww this is just gross. i admire lady gaga's style but this is sick. not only is it nasty, but wrong. animals were killed for no reason

Posted by: amelia | Sep 14, 2010 at 12:44 PM

No they were killed for Gaga's dress.

gaga ur 1 in million, no 1 can top that

Do I admire Lady Gaga's uniqueness? Yes. Do I think this is any different from wearing leather? No. Do I think it seems a little unsanitary to wear a outfit made of raw meat? Yes. I can't cut up a piece of meat without having to immediately wash my hands afterwords. So this is a little extreme for me. Although I do keep looking to see what she'll do next.

I truly wonder all those people who think it to be so bad do you not wear wear clothing? She is an opinion in its self go for it GAGA you are one person not affair to show and speak what you feel. If that is what offends people then check out all the labels around that we put americans out of work with made in China, Made in Indonesia, made in not the USA. Gaga go for it and be proud.
Love you girl

gagalicious, gives new meaning to "steak tar tar, anyone?" pass the salt please...

Peta missed the point...they should be thanking her....she's exploiting what leather and suede originally looks like! especially the purse and shoes and hat! she's leaving an image in people's mind that this is what it looks like before it's dried out, dyed and fully processed...shame, shame peta, for not getting it...hopefully, people will start picking this message up and stop wearing leather, buying leather furniture, etc. when there are sensible alternatives....vegans don't eat anything with eyes. they should wear anything with them either.

Peta OWES gaga an apology...

she's couture fashion forward most of the time, and slutty,punk, burlesque rocker the rest of the time. i don't get tired or her or the fan thing, only hope she never changes from who she is now...

loved how Cher made her point about being one of the FIRST female renegades...she was way before Madonna, and her outfit she first wore that in the seventies or eighties? showed no less skin than gaga...no one from madonna to gaga ever gave her kudos as inspiring them, when she was on prime time, weekly, with outrageous outfits for her era...

That wasn't creative, it was sick, demended and nasty. The difference between meat and leather. Meat smells and attracts fly's and other small bugs. Can you hang your meat dress in the closet like a leather jacket. Try it let us know how it works out. It's just Gross.

Really how is this different from eating meat or wearing leather?
Furthermore for those saying its a waste of food when Americans are starving, well are you down at the soup kitchen every weekend?
Ask yourself what have you done before you whine about others!

Wearing meat is different than wearing leather...i'm just upset she is wasting some good cuts of delicious cow.

I am not a vegatarian and I found this to be so deeply insulting to our vegetarian community. I understand that many people think this is art and it very well may be, but at what price? The way things are progressing in the world today I'm beginning to think that no price is ever too high any more for anything. The point here is we are losing ourselves in the machine of "anything goes and it's fine." What becomes of us as human beings if we don't draw the line and say no once in a while? We lose the one thing that makes us us.....our humanity.


I am a gaga freak...Love her music, love her as a person, her music is superb and her dressing is just WOW.LOVE YOU LADY GAGA,DIS DRESS LUKS STUNNING ON YOU!KIP IT UP

All I have to say is the dress was probably treated in some way. I mean it's not like the blood was dripping or something. I don't agree with people saying it's like leather because it's not, leather is extras on a cow. I'm not a vegan but to an earlier post vegan was said that it's "nothing with eyes". It's not true, vegan is nothing that was to do with animals. Like eggs, cheese, milk, meats, fish, shrimp. And thing that comes from something that moved. Vegetarian is no meat, but also sometimes no eggs or cheese, that's different levels of vegetarian. Personally I think her dress should state something else. Maybe how much food we waste in North American? Because people regularly throw out waaaaaaay more meat on her a day than any other country. Just saying.

Sadly ill-informed, this puppet sells tickets based what her handlers teach her. She's just re-hashing Sir Elton John - it's all been done before.

Buit then the costume is necessary to cover the mishapened figure and the plain looks. Nothing special.

Lady Gaga is not "standing up for what she believes in." She is trying to draw attention to herself. I highly doubt she actually wore the meat for any deep meaning. She just wanted attention.

She tries so hard to be unique and different that she just ends up showing her real fake self.

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