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Yes, Lady Gaga's meat dress was made of real meat

Lady-gaga-meat-moonman Seems Lady Gaga really did show us the beef Sunday night at the 2010 Video Music Awards. Her third dress of the night was made of "real meat from my family butcher," designer Franc Fernandez told MTV Style on Monday.

Check out what the ensemble looks like draped on a mannequin at Fernandez's blog, where there's also a close-up of the coordinating crystal-encrusted meat purse, and let us know what you think, in our meat-dress poll.

If you're in the mood for the fast-food version of the story instead of partaking in that sit-down meal, click on past the break below for a shot of the backside of the dress -- it looks as if someone may have grabbed fixings for a sandwich before Gaga took the stage -- and a detail of presenter Cher clutching the meat purse while the younger pop star accepted her Moonman.

Oh yes, we also included a close-up of the shoes, but do make sure your lunch is settled before you view it. Not sure if the whole outfit was considered "leftovers" by the time Gaga sat down backstage Sunday to chat with Ellen DeGeneres, but by the time the interview aired Monday? We say that's a yes.

At this point, just on principle, the Ministry would like to take back anything negative we might have implied about Rita Wilson's Emmy Awards getup.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Top photo: Lady Gaga accepts the award for video of the year for "Bad Romance" at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday. Credit: Mike Blake / Reuters


Photo: The backside of meat. Credit: Mike Blake / Reuters


Photo: When the shoelaces come untied, is it dinner time for dogs? Mark Ralston / Getty Images


Photo: Cher, honey, can you hold this for a second? Credit: Mike Blake / Reuters

Cleanse your palate by hitting up our Lady Gaga archives -- click and scroll down for less edible attire.

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Meh, her biggest problem was she didn't go with the new KFC Double Down look.

Go Gaga!

I've never been much of a pop music fan, so I'm not going to rush out and grab her music anytime soon, but I love how far Gaga is willing to go to challenge people's preconceived notions and just generally freak them out.

How is wearing meat different from eating it? How is it different from wearing leather? Anyone who is up in arms about this needs to reexamine their code of ethics, and that, I think, is exactly the point.

omg look at what lady gaga wore at vma's

Lady Gaga and Cher to duet on “We’ll meat again”?

ewwww this is just gross. i admire lady gaga's style but this is sick. not only is it nasty, but wrong. animals were killed for no reason

She looks "yummy"

I'm not the biggest fan of Gaga's music, but i am a fan of her as a person. She stands up for what she believes in and tells you how it is. She does not judge and she totally believes in gay rights ! This dress was made to state a point, and i do believe the lady did what was intended. No controversy was really needed for this, because the reason behind her standing up for what he believes in was OBVIOUSLY more controversial then this dress. Anyways, kudos to you gaga , you did it again !

yes! way!!!!! over the top, but then, this is how Lady G is defined. Can't help but love her, makes a statement re the red carpet, but that is, what she does.

What a freak show, guess that's what they do these days when there is no talent!!

Ew. I keep hearing she wore this because "she stands up for what she believes". I do like Lady Gaga but I still have yet to here HER statment of WHAT she was standing up for by wearing this.

How will Lady GaGa look in the next awards, just viewing all the outfits and this is the one that standed out the most of all the other singers. Putting out the meat and not eatting will hit the fashion business soon. Just wait everyone will give a shot of wearing a little slice of meat in there time. Excellent dress and not very orignial to the fortune and fame. You go girl!!

Who could stand that??? That is so disgusting. I don't even like smelling the fresh beef before I cook it - I can't imagine WEARING it!

And it wasn't even for PETA...her reasoning was just LAME!

Wow, she must have smelled SUWEEEET!
No wonder her face looks pained.

Zac, do you really need an explanation?
C'mon, cut the bull.

lady gaga's interpretation fo the dress was that ' if we dont stand up for what we believe in and dont fight for our rights then pretty soon we are ging to have as much rights as the meat on our bones' essential she means we will have no rights if we dont stand up for ourselves. its a pretty good message to be sending out really !! admittedly the manner in which she portrays her mesage isnt PC but thats just lady gaga and you have got to love her for it !! and as she says she is not 'a piece of meat' lol

only in america would we see someone wearing meat when there are people without food probably a block from where the vma's took place

To all of those who think there is no difference between wearing meat, eating meat, and wearing leather, I beg to differ.

This cow died for no other reason except for Lady Gaga to make a statement that she is willing to make an ass of herself at all times.

Eating meat nourishes the body, so there's a reason to kill the animal for this.

Leather is a by-product of killing meat for food, so it's making use of the entire animal.

Wasting meat is disrespectful. Not only because there is no reason for the animal to die, but there are people in the world who could have benefitted from the meat itself since they can't even afford a morsel for their families!

I'm disgusted! And I'm actually quite liberal about a lot of things!!!

fyi...I think most of us get it, okay?
Like I said, it's lame.

"s", she did this for gay rights!
You hush now.


I absolutly loved the " Meat, Greet and Eat " dress.
Lady Gaga is my new hero.

Hey ," Not happy" and "Sally Cartwright" You realy shouldnt talk about anyone else Lady Gaga is a great person nice, fair , and awesome it not very nice .She would not be very happy. So be carefull with your words. ok? I am not trying to be mean or a B word so dont be mean .I love Lady Gaga.

Her reasoning behind wearing that meat dress was pathetic and didn't make sense. "Oh I am going to stand up for human rights by wearing dead animals. Yeah that makes sense." As for not wanting to offend, well as a vegetarian myself I find her dress not only disgusting, but offensive as well. I think instead of putting much thought into wearing a political statement, she went more for shock value because I don't see how wearing a dead cow represents human rights.

I think lady gaga is full of gimmicks. Music today is all about gimmicks. Who can dress the craziest or have a sex tape or do something wild. It's never about the real music anymore. Any idiot can have an album these days. It's really sad.

dude thats so stupid.! i mean come on now u freakin kiddin me.? STUPID

She did it for the troops, just like Glenn Beck.

dude im sorry but really.? u kiddin me.??? this is so stupid for real, i mean a meat dress.???? wtf.! UNCALLED FOR.!!!

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