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Katy Perry on 'Sesame Street' -- see her cleavage for yourself [video] [updated]

When Katy Perry visited "Sesame Street," Elmo didn't seem to mind her cleavage -- but parents who previewed a version of her singing a rewritten "Hot N Cold" while playing tag with the furry red guy begged to differ.

Seems that sheer fabric that goes from neck to, um, places lower than Katy's neck on her "dress-up clothes" won't cut it as a preschool-appropriate outfit, with show producers Sesame Workshop deciding to pull the segment from the kids show's Sept. 27 season premiere.

"Sesame Street has always been written on two levels, for the child and adult.  We use parodies and celebrity segments to interest adults in the show because we know that a child learns best when co-viewing with a parent or care-giver," the producers said Thursday in a statement. 

"We also value our viewer’s opinions and particularly those of parents. In light of the feedback we’ve received on the Katy Perry music video which was released on You Tube only, we have decided we will not air the segment on the television broadcast of Sesame Street, which is aimed at preschoolers.  Katy Perry fans will still be able to view the video on You Tube."

You can see the video for yourself above, or on at Katy Perry's YouTube channel. What do you think -- are you screaming "censorship" or pleased that preschoolers won't be getting that view when they get to "Sesame Street"?

We're guessing Perry's fiancé, Russell Brand,is going to agree with Elmo on this one.

[For the record, 2:16 p.m.: A previous version of this post gave the name of Perry's song incorrectly as  "Hot and Cold." It is "Hot N Cold."]

-- Christie D'Zurilla


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my first comment while watching the video was "i thought she was more voluptuous!?", second comment was "wow, that was an ugly dress". then i realized she had on a fabric top which covered and pressed, along with those psuedo madonna cups, her natural figure. she's worn more outfits that reveal a lot more which these uptight parents have obviously not seen and if they had, they would agree that this outfit is conservative. the more attention we give to this non-issue highlights how we let a small amount of parents complaints dictate what they think is good for the rest of us. Stop it, conservative parents!

I Agree with Sesame Street's pulling the episode. Babies see enough T&A as it is in tv commercials and the like, particularly those where childen are dressed like 20 year olds. Keep the sleaze and permissiveness away from Sesame Street's wonderful programming for the kiddies. Actually when I viewed the video, it looks like Elmo is running from a pervert.

Headline should have been..... Boobies BAD!! Say the Puritan Cretins In Power!

Mankind needs freedom from Religion....not freedom of religion!

Sesame Street knew the dress was racy when they shot the video but by acting all suprised and pulling the video both Sesame Street and Katie Perry get more exposure by making it a contraversy

Yeah we see the cleavage, not the flesh-colored mesh top that went all the way up to her neck, women have boobs ya know?! That's an adult, of course there will be boobs. Even if Katy wore a t-shirt, her breast will still show. I'd rather watch/accept this video than seeing children wearing make up and dressed up like sexy teens by their responsible (so they claim) PARENTS! ugh...

It's Kate Perry. That's her. Maybe I will be dating myself but have we not forgotten Wonder Woman? There was much shown clevage in kids cartoons years ago. I think it was fun she was having fun!

This comment is nothing against Katy Perry but for the stylist who had her wear that outfit. I do not feel like it was an uptight move for Sesame Street to pull of the segment with Katy Perry. Her outfit with her duet with Elmo was inappropriate for little kids. Her cleavage was bouncing when she was running, let alone she looked half naked. I mean when I was a kid and played dress up it was the sparkly and furry stuff I like to put on. Couldn't they have put a furry pink scarf around her neck. Or at least had a tube dress that didn't show her cleavage. Kids are very impressionable and will mimic adults and if this is what they are wearing little girls will want to wear clothes that are too mature for their age. Let the kids be innocent for as long as they can, you don't need sex appeal to gain viewers from children, let alone parents who watch the show with the kids don't need to be enticed with it either.

It is not age appropriate---plus miss katy is using this as a vehicle to draw more attention to herself to sell more albums. Go to her website and she has it posted for you to click on for your benefit. She is no dummy--it is all a calculated publicity stunt--Madonna, Lady Gaga I could go on have shown that they will use anything to get attention. I feel sorry for her, obviously something was missing in her life because she was sheltered. I grew up listening to both secular and Christian music. The thing is we as adults can filter out and determine what we feel is inappropriate, but our jobs as parents is to do that for our child. yes we don't want them to grow up too fast.
As for body jealousy--that is plain stupid. I just don't understand why women want men to look at their breasts and not their eyes. If she is a true talent she should be able to rely on that, but maybe that's the reason she couldn't make it as a Christian artist. No real heart or true talent. I heard my daughter sing California gurls and asked if she knew what she was singing--she said no--than it means it's too old for her. Case in point.

I wonder, do preschoolers even see that stuff? I mean it's not like they can connect to anything. They dream of being the president, firefighters, princesses, ect. That's what their world revolves around. They'll see it and think
"ELMO!!!" not "oh, look at Katy Perry's cleavage".

Okay. Katy Perry we all know her and how she is and she is fantastic!
I honestly don't know why parents are making this a big deal! I'm sure that preschoolers or the younger viewers are even paying attention to her breast and just her breast! Its really only the parents who are really paying attention to that! i say let it air!!!!! Because The younger viewers wont be paying attention to her breast! Parents are just being paranoid and dumb with all do respect. let it air. we <3 katy perry!

I mean, it's 3 to 5 year olds.... they're not going to be looking down there. If they do, and they are under the impression that that is alright... then the parent's haven't exactly been doing their job then. and she has a skin suit on, like the ones skaters wear, so it's not like she's naked under it. If they're afraid of kids wanting to dress like that, then the parents need to do their job.

The problem isn't that breasts are natural, etc., etc., it is, just like the comments below perfect exhibit that her breasts are being objectified.
It wasn't an appropriate outfit to dress herself in for a kids show, especially a dress that she is jogging around in.
But hey, men's crotches are just as natural as women's breasts and rears, when are we going to start seeing those on TV? On kids shows?
You wont even see that in the countries of the people saying that American's are so uptight about showing what's natural.
Are men just not natural? Or are they just making cheap excuses to justify how they see women as nothing but sex objects?

How ridiculous - I honestly can not see the problem. She looks absolutely fine and fun! They made a mistake pulling this segment and my son certainly enjoyed himself. America seems to be moving further and further backwards towards its puritanical roots, soon women will be dressed in full robes, walking 5 paces behind their men......

Nobody seems to mind that Elmo is naked--and has been for years. Just because the "tickle me" toy is red doesn't mean kids can't figure that fact out for themselves. I would be the first one to say it was in poor taste if I thought it was. Given that Elmo, Oscar, and other characters do not wear clothes, it wasn't.

As a parent, these other parents do not speak for me. I do not see anything wrong with this video, I do not sit and look at breast on a kids show, If you do not like a segment on a show do not watch it. I'm sick of hearing about parent complaining about these kids show that they see that are not suitable,these kids are not even looking at it that way. Your sick, you need to get your head examine. I pretty sure you walk around with tanks tops, showing your cleavage , did you block yourself from having your kids look at you? Whats make you think you could block anything from them, what they don't learn at home, they will learn in the street, school and friends. When this air in the news, ppl wonder what the hell is wrong with these parents these days. It's must be lack of attention. so get over it, if you do not like a show then turn your tv off.

I don't see what the big deal is, it's not bad at all.

People are worried that the cleavage showing will have a bad effect on kids, but trust me, if they're paying attention to her breasts during the video, they're already

screwed up, so shut up and stop being so dramatic......

Jeez, I respect parents, they keep us alive, but stupid crap like over protection DRIVES ME FREAKING NUTS!!!

Oh come on Lest we forget Charro with a bikini top on going coochi coochi? That was allowed.. Man times have changed.

OH MY GOSH....I am going to really miss Ms. Piggy. It was only a matter of time before people started complaining. The clothes she wears, her HUGE cleavage and running around trying to kiss the guys. I bet she is P#S*ED. Ranting & Raving, throwing things....I would like to see that on the air, Ms. PIGGY FIRED ! Katy Perry, I thought your singing is wonderful. I had never heard of you before, but you look so cute in the skit..Elmo was a little off, but you were great. I listened to some of your music and the grandchildren loved it too !!!!

drag queen?

I heard a lot about this video and expected it to be a lot worse from all the press it was attracting. What really stood out to me was that Perry was playing "dress up". The shows is giving kids the impression that Perry is dressed up, and not dressed in a way that would be appropriate on a every day basis. I think it is an interesting how costumes for girls and women are often very revealing (look around you on Halloween).

Also, Perry is not wearing a dominatrix costume, but a playful gown. I do not think this is out of the ordinary behavior that children aren't already exposed to. How many gowns do you see on the racks that are "conservative"? I had to attend a wedding in a Islamic country where I could not show cleavage. After many trips to various malls, I settled with buy extra fabric and getting a dress tailored to hide my cleavage. This is nothing children do not already see. Why should PBS give kids an unrealistic view of the world? What if PBS did a segment on the beach? Should the characters wear full body suits?

this video doesn't even look like it's supposed to be a part of Sesame Street..publicity stunt

I must admit that her wardrobe IS a bit revealing, however I do not think it is inappropriate. This is not the Sesame Street of the early 80's, and styles have changed quite a bit since some of the parents out there were kids watching it.

Look at the fashion of today; the beaches show much more skin than Katie Perry's outfit, there are 11 year olds out there wearing things like thongs!

To the parents that are spitting venom about this non-issue: Your children will suffer in the long run if you shelter them from the real world too much. When a child sees this video, I'm pretty sure they are not thinking, "Oh my gosh, BOOBS!"...instead, they are probably thinking, "Oh my gosh, ELMO!"

This is silly. Preschoolers aren't going to think she's sexy. This only proves that the adults watching Sesame Street are thinking about sex.

um, yah. normally i wouldnt care but, my kids really dont need to see her chest bouncing around. save it for latenight girly.

The home of Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler, etc. thinks her outfit was inappropriate. I'm supposed to take this seriously?

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