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Justin Bieber throws water balloons at state troopers, presumably because he can

Bieber-maryland-state-fair It's Justin Bieber's world, we just live in it. We and a couple of Maryland state troopers, it seems.

While the Biebs was "horsing around with members of his staff" before a sold-out concert at the Maryland State Fair on Sunday, said WBAL-TV, the 16-year-old reportedly chucked a couple of water balloons at officers working crowd control nearby. One balloon burst when it hit the trooper's gun belt; the other just brushed its target.

The consequences? Um, none. Not even an incident report.

As MTV points out, it could've been a serious public-safety issue had Bieber been hauled away and booked. Plus who knows -- he might've retaliated by putting the cops' cellphone numbers out on Twitter.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: "What's that, officer? I can't hear you." Justin Bieber performs at the Maryland State Fair on Sunday. Credit: Gene Sweeney Jr. / Baltimore Sun / Associated Press

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u are so pretty

hey i wish i can be ur number one gurl if u get this post it on mii page iam on myspace love ur number one fan

i love you

i llove youh justin bieber i wish i could be ur number one gurl♥

hey justin bieber you have inspired so many by your talent, and YOUR DREAM TO SING. i LOVE YOU AND HOPE TO MEET YOU

i luv u justin!!!!! <3

LOL nice one justin lolololol

Man thatss no fair coz if we did that we would be senteced to 8 years of jail shoot but sounds funn though c(:

Wow Beaver needs to be put in his place! I wish they had arrested that little boy!

thaxz not fair cuz any regalar persopn would have got in trubell!!! any way i love u JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!! :)

I luv you justin and u are so pretty

Wow seriously? What the heck is up with the girls commenting below. Are you guys not very smart? HE ISN'T GOING TO READ YOUR COMMENTS LET ALONE THIS POST. Geez get a life.

This photo is edited and the story is fake! Why are people making up so many rumors on people who are richer and more popular than them but they dont even know them. They need to get a life. Because if that really did happen it wouldve ended up on the news.

he cant throw water balloons at state troopers?? If he threw one at me , i would kick his ass, i hope in the future the fame gets to his head and then he does stupid stuff which will put him in jail

@Adriana Alvarez -- Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog. I promise you, that is a real photo from Justin's show at the Maryland State Fair, and this is the news.

As for suggesting in the caption that Justin couldn't hear the officers from stage -- that, dear, is simply a joke, as the incident happened before the show began.



Is anybody on this board over eight years old?

i love u like anything

JB is sexy!

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