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Jodie Foster isn't throwing Mel Gibson under the bus [poll]

Mel-and-jodie Is Jodie Foster wandering into Whoopi Goldberg territory, putting her personal experiences with Mel Gibson ahead of the general rush to shun him?

"When you love a friend, you don't abandon them when they are struggling," Foster said in an interview to run in the October issue of More magazine. "Of course, Mel is an undeniably gifted actor and director, and 'The Beaver' is one of his most powerful and moving performances. But more importantly, he is and has been a true and loyal friend. 

"I hope I can help him get through this dark moment."

Foster, of course, directed and costarred with Gibson in "The Beaver," a quirky film with a fate that's gotten more uncertain in the wake of its star's recorded rants at ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, with the attendant investigations into allegations of domestic violence (against him) and extortion (against her).

But that's all recent history in the context of the Gibson-Foster friendship, which goes back to ...

... when they worked on the 1994 film "Maverick."

"The second I met him," Foster told More, "I said, 'I will love this man for the rest of my life.' "

Whoopi took heat back in July when she came out on "The View" in Gibson's defense, saying that in her experience he was not a racist.

In other Mel-Oksana news, e-mails sent in March between the two were published by TMZ on Monday and Tuesday, including one (sent off a smart phone) that reads, "Please don't torcher urself like that, please!!!! U dint do anything to be so hard on urself. U r amazing man and always will be in my eyes and I will make sure [their daughter] Lucy knows it."

— Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster in 1995. Credit: Los Angeles Times

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-As a private citizen, I am OUTRAGED at the treatment Mel Gibson is getting at the hands of the L.A. Police Department, the Press, and the general public! -For instance, is it just me, or since when in this country (the "Land of the Free!?!") do we accuse, try, and convict someone based on ILLEGALLY OBTAINED "evidence" against them? I really DO believe that the Russian KGB had a lighter hand in dealing with their "political prisoners" than the so-called "charges" directed at poor Mr. Gibson! For all the concern about Mr. Gibson's rights, the local "Authorities" might as well just tar and feather him and ride him out of town on a rail! -And no (no offense to Mr. Gibson), I'm not necessarily a fan of his...but I am a BIG FAN of Human Rights, which are plainly being violated here! -Why is there no mention of that, pray tell?!? CUDOS to Whoopie Goldberg and Jodie Foster for standing by their friend in his time of need...and to Mr. Mel Gibson (whom I have nothing but the utmost respect for, now and always!), I say "Hang In There, and God Bless You, Sir!!! -My thoughts are with you!"

Thanks for your post, Anthony. I agree and am also shocked at how easily manipulated many people have been by leaked "evidence" that has not been authenticated and by comments from persons who have not been cross-examined. Mel Gibson has been treated viciously in the press and there seems to be no legal way to stop it, which is appalling.

Unlike Leonardo DiCaprio who proved he was a pusillanimous poltroon by backing out of Mel's upcoming Viking epic, Jodie Foster is a true friend who does not easily succumb to phony sensationalism, mock outrage and media condemnation. Glad to see someone besides Whoopie Goldberg finally stepping up to the plate for Mel.

Mel Gibson doesn't need the Hollywood machine to get back on his feet. He's already succeeded quite brilliantly "outside the system." With that said, kudos to Jodie Foster for having the courage to stand up for her friends (a rare commodity in tinseltown).

Radar Online threatens not merely to cretinize our taste but to brutalize our senses while paving the way to more meaningless tabloid drivel. Anyone who blindly believes all the nonsense that Radar Online spewed in an effort to destroy Mel Gibson is completely fatuous.

If you plug the keyword "gold digger" into the Google search box, Oksana Grigorieva's name is a top ten result. Poetic justice?

It’s not as if habits of deep reflection or rigorous reasoning ever came naturally to people but realizing that Mel Gibson is not the monster the media made him out to be is a no brainer. Thanks to rags like Radar Online, we have entered a new era of exploitative news coverage.

Anyone can be driven to extremes in a stressful relationship - and the deeper the feelings- the more reactive one becomes. I dig Gibson - always have. He has brought much entertainment enjoyment to me, and I appreciate that.

Plus, I was once a vip audience member on a local talk show when Gibson appeared as a guest - I was close enough to make eye contact. He looked at me twice and gave me a little smile - my heart melted. He is a very charismatic man.

Jodie rocks too!

I believe that after Mel Gibson produced Passion, the devil has tryed his best to destroy him and his witness to others.

Mel is a genius in acting and production. He didn't need this. He deserves better. His little girl deserves better.

I will see if the moderator will post this.

Mel criticised those who run Hollywood and these same people control the media. This is their usual MO, to do everything and anything they can to ruin Mel's name, or anyone else who dares challenge or go against them. These same people control our politicians and have their dirty fingers in the US government. They are dual citizens with another country and only work for the benefit of THAT country, freely using our country in every way possible.

Mel Gibson doesn't comprehend that he very likely offended possibly the two most powerful and wealthy cultural groups in California and Hollywood. Jews and gays/lesbians. And his publicity agents and lawyers are really crappy. He should fire most of them for their lack of action and uber-bungling akin to a Watergate publicity aftermath. Were I his PR agent I'd tell him to hold press conferences and make simultaneous charitable donations at: an L.A. Jewish cultural center; an L.A. gay/lesbian cultural center; and last but not least at LAPD's police union HQ. He should speak about the fact that countless Jews, gays and lesbians, and peace officers keep Hollywood making money, safe, and the fans and customers happy. Mel should also have his security team self-impose a car keys and cellphones curfew on him nightly until he gets them back at breakfast. And he needs to dump Oksana for Jodie Foster or his ex-wife and cease all communications with Oksana who only seeks to profiteer off Mel's psychosis.

Interesting how many people confuse constitutional rights to freedom from oppression by the government with the ability to act like a jerk without any consequences at all. So we all decided we no longer like him, big whoop. That's our right. We can choose not to like him, Jody can choose to like him, it's one great big free country.

Hollywood is fake, and unfortunately for Mel Gibson, he is not. He has always been forthright with his views. So what do the gays have to say about their whining against Mel, when he obviously has a close relationship with Jodie Foster after all these years? People are even allowed to have differing opinions from Mel. It's blacklisting which is ugly. Hypocrisy abounds in this town.

Sure. Jodie needs to recover all the cost for the movie. She can care less if Mel thought himself under the bus after it.


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