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Cougars and Twitter and bikinis — oh, my: Who'll join Demi Moore and Lisa Rinna?

Rinna-demi According to the arbitrary rules of the universe — or at least mainstream media — trends become trends only after we see the same phenomenon three times. Still, there’s something about seeing two bikini-clad fortysomething actresses in two days that makes us brace for an onslaught of same.

The pioneer: Demi Moore. Mere hours after a tabloid alleged that husband Ashton Kutcher had cheated on Moore, the 47-year-old actress leaped into a bikini, took a photo of herself with a smart phone and posted the whole scene on Twitter.

For the record, Moore looks better in a bathing suit than most women on planet Earth, but a denial from Kutcher, which came soon after the initial report, is equally effective spin control and without the tinge of desperation.

Apparently Lisa Rinna does not agree.

She is also 47 and also in need of affirmation of her hotness via Twitter.

Which leaves only one question: Who will be next? Tell us in the comments section below.

— Leslie Gornstein

Photos: Lisa Rinna at the Golden Globes on Jan. 11, 2009, left; Demi Moore at the Academy Awards on March 7, 2010, right. Credits: Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times

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I would expose my body with minimal cloth coverage but the other guys would tease me relentlessly.

I do feel so sexy wearing my tie-side bikini, however.

What do you mean Rinna doesn't agree? did you idiots even read what you linked to?

"Now Rinna, also 47, has joined in. 'Doin the Demi! Power to the 47yr olds!!!!! She is my idol! :),' Rinna Tweeted."

Ahh, but I've seen better. Just because they're a "star" doesn't make them hotter than other women by default. Why does everyone worship these people? They are just human beings who got rich acting like someone they aren't? Wouldn't we be better served idolizing people like Stephen Hawking or someone who has had a positive influence on humanity?

"Which leaves only one question: Who will be next?"

Betty White. Totally Betty White.

I think everyone is missing the point. If Rhinna and Moore stated their ages as 37 would we even be having this conversation? Is there a rule that a 47, 57, 67, 77... woman cannot be sexy? Do we have to remain sexless and obscure once we women become "a certain age"? Beautiful women of any age, whether they are famous, infamous, or unknown, should celebrate their bodies and sexuality for as long as they would like. Twenty and Thirty something females are not the only "hot" ones on the planet. I'm sure Rhinna and Moore would agree! Get over the age prejudice. Because of comments and/or blogs that disuade women from celebrating themselves at any age, the myth that women have an "expiration date" rages on.

What happens when a sex kitten turns into a mangy old cat?

As the comedian George Wallace would say
"I'm walkin' in Central Park and a guy comes up on me and pulls a gun.
He says "I got pictures here of Demi Moore and Lisa Rinna in bikinis @ 40.
Tell me who is hotter or I'll blow your head off!
Pull the trigger." says George.

Lafonda - Older gals (like me) can be sexy, but grainy slut bathroom mirror bikini pix of 50 year old married women with teen-aged children reeked of desperation.

Grainy slut bathroom mirror bikini pix of 20-somethings also reek of desperation, but are much more easily chalked up to youthful ignorance.

Lafonda: There was not a comment in the post, nor in the comments here, suggesting women of a certain age can't be sexy or should just give up and wear burkas. The only question is whether there is a certain lack of dignity in taking a cellphone picture of yourself in a bikini and sending it out on Twitter.

Try to stay on topic, please.

Just read your post. A lack of dignity regarding whether or not an individual should take a picture of one's self in a bikini infringes upon one's rights to free speech and the pursuit of lawful endeavors that make one happy. Why do we not have this discussion when Kim Kardashian posts bikini clad photos of herself? Does she lack dignity also? Is showing a photo of one's self in a particular state of dress any different than showing one's self with a dog or child? I think you are viewing the subject of the post far too myopically. This is about ageism, pure and simple.

I agree with you. I am a 50 year old hotty. People tell me I have the body of a 20 year old and I don't think it is inappropriate to show it in a bikini. In fact, when I go to France and go to the beach I don't wear anything. Bigaz you need to be real.

Roseann Barr should be next ...

Yikes, Lisa Rinna looks gross dude. the face and neck. Wouldn't touch it with my buddy's.

Demi Moore looks hot.

These celebrity tweeted pics don't demonstrate any self respect and are a poor starting point for any twitter trend for women. This says it best: "Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can have. It's much sexier than any body part." Quote by Aimee Mullins a college athlete, actress, model and double amputee of both legs.

Hmmm if she would have a cartoon white bubble above her it would say.
Hey look at me look at me. Am I still hot ?? Please please tell me I'm
still hot. It almost seems desperate. She does look amazing but she
also had thousands of dollars of plastic surgery. She was always a beautiful
woman though I'm sure even without it she would be above average.
However mama this is just so uncool you don't have to prove anything to
anybody. We already know you look amazing.

I am 46 and I bet there are other women out there who look pretty darn good and I would post my bikini body on here if I could download a pic. I took a few and the one thing I learned is that it is pretty hard to take a pic of oneself in the mirror and get the whole face and body. I think I need an iphone like Demi! Considering I do not have access to her docs and her bank account...not too shabby!!!


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