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Taylor Swift is 'horrible,' says Black Crowes' Chris Robinson


Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson handed out his opinion on country starlet Taylor Swift recently, branding the blond "horrible."

"I find it embarrassing that adults are like, 'Taylor Swift is very talented.' She's not. She might be cute, but she's horrible," Robinson told Nylon Guys, according to Contact Music.

It seems that Kate Hudson's ex-husband takes issue with the production style employed by Swift and her popular counterparts. 

"They have stylists who dress them, they make records with producers who play a chord ...

... into the computer and it all comes out the same ... when you have computers doing it all for you ... there's no individuality. Singing isn't always about being on key; it's about emotionality [sic]," he argues.

Does Robinson make a point, or is he simply staking Swift? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

-- Matt Donnelly


Photos: Taylor Swift, left, and Chris Robinson. Credits: Getty Images, left; Associated Press.

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Chris Robinson Can't even write his own songs. He needs another person to help him do it. What crap is that?

Ouch!! The truth hurts. Lol

Why do people even care about Chris Robinson?

I did not know who he was so I hit Wikipedia.

In May 1991, Chris Robinson spat at or on a female customer at a 7-11 store. Robinson was arrested for assault and disturbing the peace, and plead 'no contest' six months later.[3] In the media, Robinson would openly discuss his use of marijuana. The Crowes headlined The Atlanta Pot Festival in 1992 which would ultimately label them as a "stoner band".

So he likes spitting on girls?

What are we coming to that someone like him even gets his moment?

The music business is 10 percent music and 90 percent business. Taylor Swift writes stupid songs about being a teenager and The Black Crowes have been writing solid music for over a decade and performed with rock royalty Jimmy Page. It remains apparent to me that those of you who buy new music you hear on the radio wouldn't agree with Chris Robinson. Those of us who prefer our music with honesty and passion give a seasoned veteran kudos for calling a turd a turd, no matter how pretty she looks. To clarify, I enjoy music as varied as Slayer to Common and The Black Keys to Sigur Ros. What I don't have time for is this garbage teenie pop thats on the radio all day everyday.

Chris Robinson is great and the Black Crowes are a hell of a band.

He certainly has a point with his comments, but I don't get what prompted them. Or why he would single out Taylor Swift among many others to whom these criticisms would apply,

Chuck, you're clearly an idiot who knows nothing. Except for an Otis Redding song he covered, Chris write all his own songs. Anyway, I am rather amazed by the amount of people rushing in to defend her, and the weak arguments they use. Yes Swift is more popular and well-known than Chris. So is Lil Wayne. Yes, Taylor is a Grammy winner. So is Lil Wayne. Taylor has millions of fans. So does Lil Wayne. So I think it's pretty obvious that popularity is not a measurement of talent. And Chris is right, she has none of it. Yes she sings live instead of lip-syncing. Frankly, I'd rather wish that she would lip-sync, because her vocals are dreadful live. She writes her own songs (or so she claims, keep in mind that Britney Spears gets songwriting and producing credits now), and they're the blandest, most generic, most unoriginal, unimaginative and downright boring lyrics. In other words, she's a terrible songwriter. So what talent is there left to speak of? There is bigger and better talent in the high school hallways across America. Taylor isn't even deserving of a recording contract, and she would not have gotten one 30 years ago because our standards for talent were higher back then. I applaud Chris for speaking the truth, and I hope he doesn't back-peddle on it. Honestly, the idiots defending her by claiming she has talent must also be the type of people who would vote Sarah Palin into office. Who knows, maybe most of you are why Bush got elected twice. You no-taste Midwesterners should be deprived of having a say in anything, because quite frankly, you make this country look bad.

Fans of Chris Robinson will probably be from 30-60 years old. Fans of Taylor Is around 13-25 Years.

Chris Robinson is Washed up now. Back then he was good. If you hear his songs, Its effing boring. He went off key a few times and you had to know that. He is aging.. and he gets psycho. He doesn't write his songs yes. Practically he is Washed up. Welcome to the New Generation!

Annie Mae, the mere fact that you would ever compare Taylor Swift to Bob Dylan tells me all I need to know about you: You wouldn't know how to identify talent if it smacked you upside the head

Amy, there are plenty of 20-year-olds who write their own songs and play instruments, and 90% of them do it far better than Taylor. Taylor is below-average, that's what makes her untalented. But since you're more concerned with her saintly image than you are with being able to distinguish real talent, I guess what I said will go over your head. BTW, "donating to charity or giving back to her fans" doesn't mean that she is talented, either. Who you are as a person has nothing to do with your level of talent. I'll take the complete mess that is Amy Winehouse over Taylor any say, since Amy has real talent and her music is from the heart, as opposed to the manufactured generic pablum that Taylor churns out. Besides, I'm sure Taylor's handlers are aware of how reliant her career is on her public persona (since she has no discernible talent), so they craft and manicure her every move to make sure suckers like you will keep buying. And there's one born every minute.

The reason why Chris Robinson is Washed up:

1. He is the 80s, People forget about him. He rarely appears on the radio.
2. He sings off key at some parts of the songs. He might be good back in the 80s. Now he gets old and so he shouldn't sing.
3. His songs are getting boring. I've listen to them and turn it off instantly.
4. He can't even write his own lyrics. To be a veteran, you must atleast know to write a song.
5. He disses Taylor Swift. HE IS WASHED UP!

And Btw, You shouldn't post this in the Los Angeles Times. 13-25 years of age doesn't read this. Post it in youtube and see your respond. Chris is Horrible.

I agree with Chris 100%.

Druggie? Since when does smoking a joint make you a druggie?
Being the front-man to one of the most successful (and talented) touring bands around, added to their now unheard of longevity, gives him the right to say what he wants. Calling her "horrible" may be a bit harsh, but he makes a great point. Too much music is manufactured and marketed by huge corporations who tell the masses whats cool.
I'm not a fan of either really, but calling him a "nobody" or a "druggie" or a "has been" really shows that you're completely ignorant.... so... keep doin that. It makes the rest of us laugh.
Dont be sheeple

YES...he is right. When she does her overkill on the radio, I change the station. Now we listen to a station that does not play her. YAY for us.

Not one person in our household believe she has talent. He's right, she is cute, but the rest is not.
If you closed your eyes and listened to her, nothing, Why? If you never saw her, and listened to her....again...nothing.

Same as Rhianna, close your eyes, and you have never seen her...VERY nasal,and monotone. Same thing.

She's a great role model. And her songs are original. But thats about it - her voice is average (and thats being generous), and the majority of her songs are about her and a boy and love and 'mushy-gooshy-romantic-goop.' i have seen her in concert and it is very obvious that vocally she is not that talented. She just stands there struming her little guitar, and i was just bored. She seems like a great person, so dont get me wrong i respect her as a person. But when it comes down to it all i see is a million dollar hairdo and cookie cutter generic pop music.

I agree with what Rodriguez said (quote) "I think Robinson's resentment of Taylor Swift stems from the fact that she willingly submits to this process of producing generic music, rather than rebel against it, as he himself has done."

I also liked what Jo & Alyssa said (quote) "I have found it offensive how the marketing machine tells us Swift is so skilled and talented for her age.

They must take us for fools, in a time where so many have access to information and youtube videos. Where we can easily see and listen to old Eric Clapton performances, and countless other incredibly skilled and young musicians of the 60s and 70s. Swift sounds simple, awkward and naive compared to those young musicians.

There are definitely young and incredibly skilled musicians out there now. Too bad the square, suburban hipsters now running the music industry no longer take chances."

I agree completely, and couldnt have said it better my self!

What a Dictator! He is trying to bring the industry down! Really.!

By Saying that, He easily meant alot of singers. E.g Ke$ha, Jason derulo, Rihanna, Beyonce, Chris brown, Kanye, Katy perry, Justin bieber, timberlake and so on.

He takes it out on TS as she is a top selling artist.
He hates the industry and he is trying to bring them down.

I don't care if you love the industry anot, but I do and I hate 80s singer, They're boring. I love new songs not old songs.

Listen to what he says : They have "Stylist who dress them" this is a prove of Envy!. Maybe the industry should have focused more on him. TS top selling artist. So he had to made an oppinion on someone.

I must agree with Chris Robinson. Albeit a bit harsh, his point is valid. So many of todays celebs in the music world rely on a team of people to construct a pop personality based on what will sell. Its all prepackaged crap. Taylor Swift in my opinion is not horrible however, but she is a construct of a team of marketers. Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes however is a VERY talented artist, and probably one of the best rock vocalists alive today. The man and his band has played with everyone from Jimmy Page to David Crosby. They have sold million and millions of albums over the years and have a very strong following. A band of regular looking rockers with a ton of talent however cant compete in this superficial world of have naked celeb singers who please the simple minded.

he's a nobody, but she's just another pretty, pre-fabricated, unoriginal bore. Yawn.

Hey, what happened to free speech? Black Crows may be a lot older but they are a truly talented band. They may not have hits ever day but what they've done is legitimate rock and the man is entitled to his opinion.

Taylor Swift is a sweet and pretty gal but she is really not all that talented... He has a valid point.

I totally agree with Chris Robinson. She is a cutie, but that's about it. Her songs are bubblegum. Maybe with a little life experience, her music will have more depth.

I agree with Chris... he is not a used up druggie... people have no idea what REAL Talent is... she is not talented, just a byproduct of a Production and Stylist team, Brittany Sucks too, so do most of the Popular girls in the industry. Norah Jones, Amy Winehouse and Duffy, now these girls have Talent... Alicia Keys is talented... but I am so sick of Hannah Montana's and Taylors... disgusting when real bands are out there that get no radio play.

Oh please people, there is more talent and creativity in one Black Crowes song then there will be in Taylor Swift's entire career. Go listen to any of them and tell me otherwise. There are people more talented than taylor singing at the fair.

His songs are sooo oldd man 80s!. Back then I wasn't even born yet. !

Chris is absolutely correct!

I was shocked when I heard Taylor Swift sing live. It was startling and hard to watch.

I like her music, but anyone with the right technology could produce the same.

Those who say they don't know Chris Robinson...that is unfortunate. The Black Crows are true "Raw" musicians with genuine talent.

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