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Taylor Swift is 'horrible,' says Black Crowes' Chris Robinson


Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson handed out his opinion on country starlet Taylor Swift recently, branding the blond "horrible."

"I find it embarrassing that adults are like, 'Taylor Swift is very talented.' She's not. She might be cute, but she's horrible," Robinson told Nylon Guys, according to Contact Music.

It seems that Kate Hudson's ex-husband takes issue with the production style employed by Swift and her popular counterparts. 

"They have stylists who dress them, they make records with producers who play a chord ...

... into the computer and it all comes out the same ... when you have computers doing it all for you ... there's no individuality. Singing isn't always about being on key; it's about emotionality [sic]," he argues.

Does Robinson make a point, or is he simply staking Swift? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

-- Matt Donnelly


Photos: Taylor Swift, left, and Chris Robinson. Credits: Getty Images, left; Associated Press.

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Chris whats his face is just a washed up drug addict who is wanting attention. How many hits did he have... I can only think of one song that he even sings. Yes I am in my late 20's and I do remember him. Taylor is a very talented young lady who has her head on her shoulders. I think there are just a lot of people who want to hate on her because she is the all American girl who has made it to the top. Because of Taylor I listen to country music now. I have my radio permanently set to the local country music station. Yes I know Taylor leans pop but the fact of the matter is I found country music because of her. I think that says a lot about someone who is a young as she is and is also make big hits with her own songs she writes herself. Chris needs to go stick himself back in whatever meth lab he came out of and keep his nasty mouth shut!

I love Taylor and I am beyond tired of people saying that 'she can't sing' or 'she has no sense of tone...' Blah Blah Blah. These people are all selfish wanna-bes that just want attention. Seriously people. Grow up.

I think he's right on.

He just looks stupid. What randomly displaced anger....

I was just wondering -- isn't it libelous on its face to accuse someone of being a meth addict without any evidence?

I don't understand how people can be allowed to make such accusations in public without being made to back them up somehow.

Is it okay if I call cool-beans a meth addict too?

Yes, cool-beans, you are yourself a meth addict, so how can you possibility criticize him?

Is that legal? Can I say that? Or are we only allowed to lie like that about people who are famous?

This washed-up "rocker" is clearly envious of Swift's success, popularity and awards. Swift writes her own material, plays the guitar, piano and other instruments...I'd say that's a whole lot of talent for a 20 year old. And more importantly, I admire the fact that she doesn't need to strip her way to success like every other female singer (Beyonce, Rihanna, Gaga, Miley) out there today. Just because she doesn't sing about sex, drugs and alcohol doesn't mean she's not talented. At least she isn't in the headlines for taking half-naked pics of herself, stumbling out of clubs drunk or going to jail. She's in the headlines for selling millions of records or donating to charity or giving back to her fans. Swift deserves all the success because she did it the right way. Mr. Kate Hudson needs to think twice before attacking others out of jealousy.

Just look at the dude. Disgusting! Taylor Swift is the real deal. She can write music like no one's business. Bob Dylan wasn't the greatest singer, but he could write. Atleast she doesn't use auto-tune like everyone else!

A bit harsh. However, I have to agree that she is not very talented. Her talent rests with her producer and her marketing team. She's a marketing package like a lot of the limited musical talent that's been in the pop music world for decades: Britney Spears, Madonna, Chris Brown, Kanye West. You listen to these people sing without the aid of slick production technics and you quickly realize singing is not their talent.

I wouldn't be so harsh as to call Taylor Swift "horrible" -- I think that's unnecessarily cruel -- but I do agree with Robinson's point: a lot of today's popular music (including music by Taylor Swift) is processed and soulless; it's fed into a music-making machine that produces generic song after generic song.

Granted, Taylor Swift has talent, but her abilities are stifled by the practices of an industry that treats music like a commercial product -- to be fixed according to popular tastes, rather than allowed to stand on its own as a fully realized artistic expression.

I think Robinson's resentment of Taylor Swift stems from the fact that she willingly submits to this process of producing generic music, rather than rebel against it, as he himself has done.

Patricia get a life. Yes he is more than likely a drug addict. I distintly remember MTV doing an interview with him once where he had marijuana drawings on his shoes. Meth, cocain...etc he is definately a nasty druggie. Yes, I do despise drug addicts. They are crazy and I have to deal with them in the ER all the time. So shut it!

if this Taylor Swift had a moustache, she would look like him but not quite as pretty

i'll guess that mr. robinson hasn't been in a taylor swift concert yet. i suggest that you go to her concert first before you judge her. not a fan of hers but after i went to her concert, let's just say i'm converted to a swift fan. honestly, one of the best nights in my life. and no, i'm not a teenager anymore i'm glad i take chance to see her concert first then judge her.
the girl obviously has talent. last time i've checked, singing, writing songs and performing are talents.
glad, for her success cause she deserved it. don't know why people choose to hate her. i've learned so many great things about the girl and she never gave me a reason to hate her so....wish her all the best.

Who the hell is this guy to even talk?! He's a disgusting drugie... Taylor Swift's Amazing!

He is right. She's a complete packaged, manufactured, bubblegum princess. She's popular now, but i don't see her being relevant years from now. The point is, she does not have a sheer or natural talent. It's more like, she knows how to sell herself to her audience, there's a huge difference.

i disagree with the one who says that her success depends on her producers and marketing team. she co-produced her albums and she's part of her marketing team. i mean, every decisions that has been made in regards anything with her name in it must go first on taylor before they decided if it's a go or a no.
the girl is self-made and i respect her for that and the fact that she started as a songwriter and testing the water on nashville, it takes a heck of a talent and guts to be successful in nashville and yes in the music business.
i also disagree with the one who says that her music is manufactured and fixed to the popular taste, i suggest that to listen to her whole albums first before judging cause her albums are brilliant lyrically and melodically.

mr.robinson needs to listen to her albums and go to an actual concert of hers before he judge.

I don't think it's fair to say this is "random." Nowhere in this article are we given the context of his quote (what he was asked, what type of conversation Chris and the interviewer were having.) Maybe they were talking about the state of music today or perhaps he was asked point-blank what he thought of Taylor and gave his honest opinion. I happen to think he has a point. Beyond that, those saying that he is jealous are a little misinformed, I think. The Black Crowes have sold over 30 million albums without compromising artistic integrity to do so. With that credit to his name why would Chris be jealous of Taylor who, as of right now at least, has been less successful than him?

What a sinister old man. People forget that Taylor writes all her songs, and if you've ever tried to do that, it's not as easy as it might seem, it is a gift. Taylor has dignity, and selling youself to the audience, believe it or not is imperative in the music industry. It's not enough to be talented. There is loads of talent all over the world, but if you can't sell it then you have no hope.

Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog with a reminder that we don't publish comments that include profanity or obscene name calling, even if you put dashes or asterisks or other symbols into the words to obscure them.

If your comment isn't going live, that's probably why.


I have never heard of this guy in my life. Hes pretty dumb when he says that shes computer made and then goes on to say that its not about always being on key. But then again, hes a washed up rocker so of course he's gonna say somthing bad about someone popular. He wants his name in the news. Dumbass. If he wanted to be right on, go attack that Beiber girl or someone. And he says it about being emotional. Taylor swift makes more emotional conncetion to her songs than any other artist in the buisness today. Shes known for that. She is a great country singer who just happened to make it big. Not her problem that shes popular. *cue sarcasm* But i forgot, as soon as you get popular, you arent a good artist anymore. My bad.

I'm not familiar with Chris Robinson's music but I am very familiar with Taylor Swift's music. While I think she is a very gifted writer, she has very little talent when it comes to singing. Mr. Robinson's mention about lack of individuality is incorrect, in my opinion. Taylor's song are are very unique however I think Chris is correct that her voice sounds the same on most of her songs. Taylor appeals to many people and she appears to be a good role model for young fans and even though I don't care for her voice, I think she will be around for a while. She is much better than some of the other alternatives.

Well, I was gonna comment, but Amy said it all, and better than I could have.

He's right in a very blunt way. Taylor is cute girl and while I disagree that she is "horrible" she isnt great either. I look at it as maybe she'll grow into making some better music eventually. I realize she makes songs that make people happy but that dosent mean she is good and she sure as hell is not country. She is generic pop music. People who dont know music think she and other acts like her are the "real thing". But its all mass produced junk food pop and its been around for so long now no one even knows the wiser.

I have found it offensive how the marketing machine tells us Swift is so skilled and talented for her age.

They must take us for fools, in a time where so many have access to information and youtube videos. Where we can easily see and listen to old Eric Clapton performances, and countless other incredibly skilled and young musicians of the 60s and 70s. Swift sounds simple, awkward and naive compared to those young musicians.

There are definitely young and incredibly skilled musicians out there now. Too bad the square, suburban hipsters now running the music industry no longer take chances.

Too bad she does everything creatively for herself. She doesn't lip sync, writes her own songs, and even designed and managed every aspect of her world famous tour. Not to mention she's the best role model out there for young women. Yeah, she's so horrible.

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