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Can Chelsea Handler handle the VMAs? [poll]

September 10, 2010 | 10:40 am

The MTV Video Music Awards are upon us, with this year's trophy fest being presided over Sunday night by deadpan Hollywood blond Chelsea Handler.

Is the vodka-amenable comic up to the task? 

Why it's a yes: because she's not afraid. MTV has gone the gimmicky route before in finding a funny lady, but Handler doesn't live in Bodily Function Joke town. She goes for the jugular with the saucy anger of the town drunk and the painful accuracy of your passive-aggressive older sister.

Why it's a maybe not: Handler is a best-selling author, late-night host and stand-up comic. She has enough vaudevillian DNA to entertain the masses between acceptance speeches and performances, but she's in the house of popular music, a market she's neither entered nor been invited to. Don't be surprised if Jay-Z and Beyonce exchange a "Who is this again?" glance.

Check out Handler's VMA promo clip above, then take our poll below and guess her fate. Take it a step further, why don't you, and leave your thoughts in our comments section below.

-- Matt Donnelly