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Britney Spears on 'Glee': the 10 best moments [poll] [updated]

Heather Morris channels Britney Spears on Glee So Britney Spears came to "Glee," blessed the young talent with her biggest hits and crushed the ratings. While our sister blog Show Tracker has the rundown, we have 10 delicious moments relevant to The Ministry that made Tuesday night great.

Read our picks and weigh in with your comments:

10. Brittany S. Pierce: Heather Morris' beyond-flighty Brittany revealed her source of contention with the pop icon: Phonetically they have the same name, and the glee club member must forever live in the other's shadow. But seriously, Morris turned it out. Vocals, dancing, style and swagger -- show creator Ryan Murphy gave new dimension to Morris by simply letting her do her thing. Kudos. 

9. Social reflections on Spears: Thankfully, the writers didn't shy away from Spears in a societal context, underscoring her celebrity as well as her talent in what drives her popularity. After Matthew Morrison's Will Schuester pooh-poohs Spears as a bad role model, Jayma Mays' guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury says it's "admirable the way she's gotten her life back together. I think she's the perfect symbol for the possibility of rebirth."

8. Leave Britney Alone: Gotta love Naya Rivera's shout out to some of Spears' more unhinged fans.

7. Kurt Hummel: In "Glee's" Madonna episode, Chris Colfer's dandy character Kurt works from a place of reverence. For Britney, he's a raging diplomat for his fellow club members wanting to strip down, sex-up and use Spears as a compass for self-esteem. Extra points for his kilt in the opening scene (wink, Marc Jacobs).

6. Rachel Berry can relate to anyone getting attention: Ever the precious, self-obsessed Rachel, Lea Michele brings the laughs by relating this way to Brit Brit: "I look forward to the day the paparazzi provokes me and I attack them."

5. Britney, period: Spears herself looks fantastic woven into the delirious episode, most notably in an iconic cameo during the "Baby One More Time" number -- Spears plays a disapproving teacher in sexy kitten glasses, looking upon Lea Michele in a classroom scene. It seems like yesterday that Brit herself was in that schoolgirl gear for the original video, batting eyelashes at her own annoyed educator.

4. Is this real life? True Murphy fans might have noticed how he touched upon his roots by employing an insane and delicious plot device, dental anesthesia, to induce Britney fantasies. Reminiscent of his first show "Popular," the trick works brilliantly. Especially when Michele mocks the viral hit "David After Dentist" when coming down off her high. 

3. Ranch dressing on pizza: We thought we were the only ones who did that.

2. The boys doing 'Stronger': Following the success of the football team doing "Single Ladies," the magic happens once again when the boys take on Spears' moving-on anthem. 

1. Britney Spears Sex Riot! Of course, Jane Lynch's Sue Sylvester would find an enemy in sex-bomb Spears. Her moral fervor coupled with the glee club's penultimate (and smoking hot) performance of "Toxic" was mad and brilliant.

What were your favorite moments? Vote, or tell us below!

[For the record, 1:57 p.m.: The first version of this post misspelled character Brittany's name as Britney in the "Brittany S. Pierce" mention. The Ministry is now working on how "Pierce/Piers/Peers/Pierce" might be spelled.]

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Heather Morris channeling Britney Spears on "Glee." Credit: Fox

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Love Britney Spears she is pop period!

All Who Think Glee Is Stupid. SAY IT TO MY FACE!

You got it backwards. Heather Morris wins the night. The media needs to accept what the fans already get.

Heather Morris' Brittany S. Pierce: simply outstanding!

You know a dancer has to be good to back Beyonce as Morris did it back in 2007-2008, and she's still got it.

And although I find myself wanting to strangle her over-dramatized airhead of a character, I have new-found respect and admiration for Morris' singing and dancing after the show.

POP PRINCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heather Morris, hands-down. Lea Michele's "hit me baby" was very tepid, kinda meh. And I'm getting SICK of Rachel already, her diva-wanna-be-a-star attitude was understandable in season 1, but is starting to really be irritating now. Hasn't she grown up even a little bit yet? The other characters are, she needs to catch up. I think Rachel's character could use a REALLY major come-to-Jesus reality-check at some point in this season (not just the tiresome on-again off-again with Finn). Kurt standing up to Schue was fantastic. I always love Becky doing the Sue mini-me part, I'm glad they keep using her. Not nearly enough Sue in this episode, or Coach Beiste.

And just what the heck was 'smoking hot' about "Toxic" last night? I thought it was contrived even for "Glee". Heather Morris should be #1 on that list.

Heather Morris made this episode. Her acting and line delivery were spot on as usual and her INSANE dancing skills made this episode completely enjoyable to watch. She also happens to have a pretty great and sexy singing voice, although obviously not the best of the cast. However, we didn't really learn anything about Brittany! It would have been nice to actually have seen some storyline given to her character. We learned more about Santana than we did Brittany, who also did amazing by the way.

The downsides of the Britney episde? The second half of it. The Rachel/Finn moments were drab and redundant. Lea's rendition of BOMT was absolutely terrible as well. I wasn't looking for huge plot development in this episode because I know that it's not what this episode is about but Rachel is getting more and more annoying each week.

Britney is looking better than ever. This was the cherry on top of her comeback. I can't wait to see what she does next to help her career! -Derrick from BritneyThisJustIn

As good a dancer as Heather Morris is, her "acting" and "singing" is best in small doses. Brittany's long speeches aren't funny. I don't want to see Glee to see popular, stupid, blond cheerleaders.


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