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PREACH IT! Introducing the Bristol Palin's Gams Fan Club!

Bristol-palin-dwts If you saw "Dancing with the Stars" on Monday night, you caught some extraordinary surprises, not the least of which involved Bristol Palin. We're not talking about Palin’s mom, who apparently bailed on her daughter at the last minute after sending the "DWTS" studio into a DefCon-1-style security beef-up.

We are, however, talking about the younger Palin's getaway sticks.

Palin certainly is no dancing superstar, but she more or less held her own, footwork-wise. (Her from-the-waist-up shimmy, for the record, was a different story. Some things, as they say, can never be unseen.)

We're not alone in being caught unawares by Bristol's passable legwork.

The Washington Post declared her to be "not the worst dancer." And, while Bristol was certainly no Jennifer Grey, Parade pointed out that Palin’s score of 18 out of 30 puts her in the "mid-level."

Not everyone was pleasantly surprised; Vanity Fair has advised Bristol to take some inspiration from ...

... her mom's career and "quit." But as long as The Situation and David Hasselhoff are delivering truly mediocre routines, is that really fair?

More importantly, is it possible to be a fan solely of Bristol Palin's gams?

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photos: Bristol Palin, left, and partner Mark Ballas perform on "Dancing with the Stars," on Monday  in Los Angeles. Credit: Adam Larkey / ABC / Associated Press

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I was caught up in the niner game and saw only the last few minutes of the premiere. I will tune in for the last hour tonight.

She'll need to be strong though - she's going to be mildly roasted because of her ding-bat mother.

Still, Bristol is a young girl - people need to lighten up.

Exactly - she is a star of what? Lying and hypocritical rich unwed moms? ANd she's dull as a dishrag. They tried to use that fringe to cover up both her spare tire and the fact that she can't really move. Geez poor Levi, so glad he escaped a lifetime of stiff as a board in the bedroom.

Her legs - seriously, I've seen better ones in pasture - they belonged to a Hereford - thinner, too.

Bristol and her Mom are fabulous!

Bristol and her Mom are so annoying...talentless, clueless, losers and media hogs....hopefully, there fifteen minutes of fame are almost over.

She certainly does have muscular legs.

I thought the judges were, perhaps, a little kind in scoring her - but they were even kinder to several others.

As to Madmag - lighten up. Take off your Democrat-colored glasses and you will find colors less dung-tinged and yourself less bitter and cruel.

You so called tea party people out there….you sure are desperate to vote for the daughter of Sarah Paline. To bad Bristoll Palin wasn’t desperate enough to take the time out to vote for her mother’s Republican Party!

My daughter is 14 years old and she says Bristol is her idol. I would love to write a letter to Bristol about my daughter. She is a good role model


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