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Bill Maher drops N-word to Larry King; nobody notices [poll]

Bill Maher and Larry King Bill Maher dropped the N-word during an interview Larry King's show Tuesday, the same day he picked up his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

No, we didn't notice either.

The "Real Time With Bill Maher" host, who'd thanked George W. Bush, Sarah Palin and the pope for his star earlier in the day, said he couldn't wait to see the GOP debates before the 2012 presidential election.

"How are they going to out fire-breathe each other? I mean where this rhetoric has gone to at this point? It's only 2010. And we're having Newt Gingrich, as we were talking about before, calling [the president] an anti-colonial Luo tribesman. Luo tribesman," Maher said.

"That's the new Kenyan, Larry. And Kenyan, of course, was code for [the N-word]. But that's where they are. They can't say it out loud. But that's where this whole campaign is going to be."

According to the CNN transcript, King did not react specifically to Maher's choice of words.

Dr. Laura, are you listening?

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Bill Maher, left, with Larry King in Hollywood on Tuesday. Credit: Mark Ralston / AFP/Getty Images

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amazing that after all this time you nerds still have no grasp of the word 'context'.

Maher is merely making the point the that Newt Gingrich is essentially using the N-word but, is replacing the N-word with the code word "Luo Tribesman. Maher feels Newts gesture is a hint, hint and wink, wink to those of whom race is a deal breaker.

Bill Maher got a star? Oh well, that's like Obama getting the Nobel for having done nothing, which is what Maher has accomplished, nada.

I think Bill Maher is hilarious, and a much needed jolt of rationalism and a sane voice against the insanlty of religion . I agree with him wholeheartedly 95% of the time.
The N word drop , perhaps accidental, is in the 5% i don't agree with.

Context, folks. He wasn't using it to be offensive to black people, he was using it to mock the Tea Party. I don't use the word unless in rare instances when I'm quoting someone, and less rare instances when I'm mocking racists and bigots.

And while Maher is someone I can't really stand for unrelated reasons, he's not a bigot and unlike Dr. Laura, he knows a thing or two about racial issues. Maybe I'm giving him too much credit but he doesn't seem comparable to that idiot.

Don't think in that context Maher is condoning the word, only mocking the people who actually use that word and replace them with safe words like 'Kenyan') so that everybody in their belief system realm "gets it" without having to say the N word. He is mocking the people who whisper "those Blacks" because they are pointing to a physical attribute to put someone down; the racist cowards.

It is like what David Cross said about how the white ladies of GA and how they define their white neighborhoods, to paraphrase, "it is nice place here, it's stays lighter later, if you know what I mean".

Maher is right. Just because I say the word Hitler in my explanation, doesn't mean I am calling someone Hitler. Are we a bunch of imbeciles who can't understand context?

Oh - and another thing. In Dr Laura's communication, it was NOT acceptable. It is not acceptable to use that word to discriminate against people. And that is how she was using it. She inferred that all black people do things differently than white people and that is why it is 'ok' to make fun of black people when they are around white people. She was making stereotypes about black people. It was unacceptable and she is a bigot.

Maher was simply telling racists (and anyone who knows a racist) what they already know - but they are the type that get upset at calling them out. They are cowards who talk in code to each other because they are really just fear driven individuals who can't make rational argument about their hatred and disdain for others physically not like them.

The context in which he used it was very appropriate. He was pointing out the obvious of the "Kenyan" used to describe our President. Bill Maher tells it like he sees and hears it. He doesn't beat around the bush. The Tea Partiers and others who use the "Kenyan" word when referring to the President are so obvious. They lack bravery!

In a not so obvious way, some people use this word in satirical context, albeit, usually it's an inside joke. Almost a kind of reverse physcology, whereby, a black man uses it when he is unaffected by it's historical definition. On the contrary, white people could hear this as a black man defining himself according to negative stereotypes with which whites associate its use in the past, which, might actually perpetuate racism longer. Maher chooses his words wisely. Likewise, an audience chooses to react according to his or her own understanding of such meaning. Either you get it, or you don't. In other words, society has not come to a universal understanding that this word is off-limits, because not everyone sees it this way. For some black people, using it might reject such terms in a negative sense as defined by white people. Maher, in all likelihood, aims to expose this contradiction in terms. Consider the word bitch, literally, a female dog in heat. Often, it's used as a sort of euphemism to express the female experience. In this case, a woman pledges her loyalty to another woman, a person she regards much the same as herself. Nonetheless, I voted no, because I cannot see a reason for me to say it, nor do I need to reference some underlying meaning with only the beginning letter of the word. Why would a white woman need to do this? Why would a white man? So, it seems only those persons that feel otherwise, need respond, as to offer further clarification of how so.

It's always OK for liberals to use it, but anytime a conservative uses it it's not OK. It's typical double standard for liberals. Why did Dr. Laura get so much heat for it? Because the liberals kept it in the media for so long to the point that she had to quit her 20 year career. The liberal media press doesn't even blink an eye.

It's the same with all liberals like HIllary Clinton and Al Gore preaching with a black accent? Thats way more offensive to my ears.

For a despicable, brain dead, piece of liberal trash it's perfectly acceptable and even understandable. For anyone near the center of the political spectrum or right of center this would be played 24/7 on every news channel, these people would have to essentially go into hiding and the laughable hypocrite himself... this mouth breathing, knuckle dragging neanderthal would be horrified by the term's usage and would tell us all how racist those evil right wingers are. Talk about a little weasel I'd love to run into in a dark alley.

Bill Maher is a weasel, what he comments about, as if they have factual support is just an example of how far the country has drifted.. He speaks for the "left" the far "left".... USA is in trouble - why - the truth is we've been manipulated by the media and our politicians. How you ask? Think back to the year OBAMA and McCain where running for president. Can you remember the beginning of that year? Fuel prices at the pump went through the roof... Everything that commuted, saw their fuel prices double then triple. All of those newly minted home owners who commuted to work, especially in the bed room communities couldn't buy gas to keep a job and pay a mortgage, especially when one of the bread winners suddenly became unemployed. The domino effect rippled through out the economy.... the vetting on Palin has been an unending anal exam - what did we know about OBAMA before the election - other than he's a gifted verbalizer of mush? Did the weasel or the news media, other than FOX, give the public anything other than mush..... He's a weasel....

I say Maher should have his fraudelently given star taken, be forced to apologize to Africans, Black Americans, gays, gay horses (in lieu of Brokeback Mountain), women, female GOPs and independents, Christians, and everyone else he has smeared in his joke of a career. What a hack. But then again, he'll get a free pass on this one b/c he's a Commie sympathizer...

Obviously you don't use your liberal decoder ring:

Diversity= no white males allowed

Politically correct= factually incorrect leftist gibberish (i.e Jungle is now the Rain Forest)

Climate Change= give us your corporate money because we didn't pay attention in school

Social Justice= give us your personal money because we didn't pay attention in school

The "N" word= Feigned indignation to avoid the embarrassing topics of unwed motherhood, educational results, and counterproductive political indoctrination.

African-American- leftist attempt to replace racial characteristics with geographical locations. My Caucasian friend from South Africa always gets a good laugh out of the term, so it serves some purpose.

No, Eve ... it's NOT ACCEPTABLE. And, just for the record, "SOME Black people use it in reference to themselves as such." I"M NOT LAUGHING OUT LOUD!

Since he's breaking down the Republican code language that most normal folk don't understand...he's helping Blacks, not hurting.

So, everyone except Bill Maher is allowed to use the word?

I agree with "Who cares Who cares Who cares."

Yet another example of media trying to stir up controversy!

A great reporting job….at least Bill Mahler told the truth about the two faced politic of this country…and this is why we are in a bucket of financial problems…lake of control of the financial institutions is the tip of the iceberg. I am white and once a Republican…but, the Republican Party should go the same way the old Wig Party. The Republican’s will bankrupt the general population, send our country into another war, and neglect our educational systems. Bill Mahler used the correct word, Newt Gingrich is a master liar and pervert of substance…President Obama is a political outsider not only because of his race, but because he is…and will always be a political outsider in Washington DC….Jimmy Carter was an outsider and his President was also ground to a standstill by the Republican Party…I cannot understand how easily manipulated the general public is in the United States…I guess that is why the call what Newt Gingrich specializes in PROPOGANDA in most other countries. At least Bill Mahler was able to open his dictionary and realize what fancy words used by Gingrich really meant…and he had the guts to say so.

Sure.Bill is a well known Racist constantly sterotyping minorities.He has the right to make a complete Ass of himself.Everytime he opens his mouth filth and hate spew forth.


If it was wrong for Dr. Laura, who is virulently anti-racist, to use the word then it was wrong for Bill M. too. The fact that so many people here think Bill's use was acceptable and Dr. Laura's wasn't just goes to show how blinded liberals are by their ideology. Please try a little harder to be objective, it shouldn't be difficult since you have no objectivity whatsoever. And the comments on here about republicans wearing white sheets and using code words is so ridiculous. You people don't know how far from reality you are ... please get help soon. The truth is that unless the word is used with the intent that it be a racial slur, it is only a word and nobody should be punished for using it.

Bill Maher is the best of the best. I can never get enough of his "policitcally incorrect" shows. I would love one day to see a show of his and hope that I wil.
The last time he was in Ct I paid for my son and his girl friend to see him and they were greatly impressed.

I hope he continues to tell us the about government policies and politicians his way for a long time.

As a white woman married to a man of colour (I hate "African American", I find it hard to ever hear the N word used under any circumstances. I love Bill Maher and obviously I didn't see the Larry King show when he used the word but it wouldn't make any difference about the way I feel about him.

Have any of you watched BET or the Simmons show at all? They make morfun of white people than anything else. In fact if they are not making fun of white people (especially white women) they don't really have anything to say. The only black comedian I know and love is Bill Cosby because he truly is funny without any profanity or racial comments.

Get over it and remember you said it first.

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