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Bill Maher drops N-word to Larry King; nobody notices [poll]

Bill Maher and Larry King Bill Maher dropped the N-word during an interview Larry King's show Tuesday, the same day he picked up his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

No, we didn't notice either.

The "Real Time With Bill Maher" host, who'd thanked George W. Bush, Sarah Palin and the pope for his star earlier in the day, said he couldn't wait to see the GOP debates before the 2012 presidential election.

"How are they going to out fire-breathe each other? I mean where this rhetoric has gone to at this point? It's only 2010. And we're having Newt Gingrich, as we were talking about before, calling [the president] an anti-colonial Luo tribesman. Luo tribesman," Maher said.

"That's the new Kenyan, Larry. And Kenyan, of course, was code for [the N-word]. But that's where they are. They can't say it out loud. But that's where this whole campaign is going to be."

According to the CNN transcript, King did not react specifically to Maher's choice of words.

Dr. Laura, are you listening?

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Bill Maher, left, with Larry King in Hollywood on Tuesday. Credit: Mark Ralston / AFP/Getty Images

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In this context it was barely acceptable although he said it sooo fast it escaped most people mostly because everyone expects him to be outspoken, critical and honest. Would he have chosen another form if had a do over? Maybe, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

One time mention is not the same as repeating for effect. Maher isn't funny, but he isn't an idiot either. He uses language to make a point, not as a sledgehammer. He made his and moved on. This isn't Dr Laura at all.

Bil Maher + Larry King = really irrelevant

I think he can use it but i think it's incredibliy hypocritical considering the fact that Doctor Laura was run off the air for doing the same thing and of course for not being a liberal!!!! Liberal can say and do what ever they want!!! it's sad!!!

I can see it either way.

I'm no fan of Maher's, I find him to be a bit of a blowhard, and entirely too smugly assured of his own relevance. He was specifically talking about how blander terms become stand-ins for more offensive words. He's not denying the offensiveness of the word at all. He's talking about how people use language to attempt to hide their true intentions & motivations.

Does this mean I'm going to run out and start using the N-word? No. Does this mean I think Maher uses the N-word in other contexts? Probably not.

I think the point he's made is valid (and accurate), but if it costs him his job because it upsets someone, I'm not going to shed any tears for him either, or make it into a 'free speech' issue (which it isn't, not for him and not for Dr. Laura either). He's had a good run, he's a big boy, and he can deal with the fallout come what may.

Dr. Laura can't say it but Bill Maher can?

Question: Why is it OK for Maher to use the word, but not Dr. Laura?

Answer: CONTEXT!

Question: Why is OK for a Maher to use the word in an academic matter, but not Rush / Hannity / Beck / O'Reilley?

Answer: Because blacks feel that THEY ARE RACISTS! (and I agree)

If you don't get this concept then it's better to remain silent and be thought ignorant than to speak up and remove all doubt.

Wowww, i'm unimpressed with the majority of people who commented here, really.

1. Bill maher used it in a sentence that was not rude in any way, he was commenting that the republicans would like to use [The N Word, which i won't write because these comments are moderated] against the democratic party in the next elections. It was not derogatory towards black people, and perfectly acceptable.

2. People keep saying "Bill thinks he's better than everyone else, and says things that are socially unnaceptable." but have the people who wrote that ever watched bill maher? He calls out all of the BS that comes from the republican party and people like you all the time. YOU are the ones that think you're better and above bill, and the reality is that the rest of the modernized world is against you on everything. That includes religion, healthcare, events in Iraq, and almost everything else.

3. Seriously, it's just a word. And only in America has it become something to the point that if its uttered, in ANY context, people say "oh, that offends me and I am now at war with you". Yes, it's not appropriate, and saying it to someone's face is definitely rude. But bill was not doing so, he used it in a description and didn't target anyone with it, so relax. PLEASE, just take a huge chill pill, everyone.

This country has lost its collective mind. We all know the context in which Bill Maher used the word. I abhor the word myself, but he needed to make a point (and he did.) People who profess to not know this are not being honest with themselves. If they can live with that, well then, that says a lot about their character. I'm sure they still sleep very well at night (a damn shame.)

I just find Bill Maher offensive!

The only reason any conservatives even would bother commenting on this is that they are angry that they aren't allowed to use the word they want to use sooooo badly. (hence all the "but THEY say it so why can't we?" comments)

Bill Maher is not a bigot like others CLEARLY are!

Maher, isn't he the same guy that said something like most Americans are too stupid to understand complex issues like Healthcare? And now he drops the "N" word? I wonder who is too stupid to understand complex issues now Bill?
The main difference between libs who say moronic things, like Harry Reid refering to Obama as a well spoken negro and Maher, is that they can get away with it.
If, Mitch McConnell or Glenn Beck dropped the "N" word their careers would be all but over.
Nope there is no double standard in America. None......

My god, does Larry King look like a walking corpse or what?

Here it is, folks, A PRIME EXAMPLE of liberal hypocrisy/

what makes caucasians think we use the n-word amongst ourselves, WE DON"T. i hate the word, always have always will !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think most caucasians interact with us on a personal level enough to know that, Stop going by what you see in movies and hear on stupid raps, WE DON'T USE that word you idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he told the truth that is what this is all about.

Only the willfully dense or the ignorant will have a problem with Bill Maher's usage of this derogatory term.
It is used in truthfulness and intelligence. It wasnt an attempted gore at people of tan,brown or black complexions. It was used to expose passive content in a subversive phrasing by a "politically correct biggot".
My bloodline is multicultural...My appearance is of African Ancestry.
I am not offended. I applaud his intention.
If You are offended and you are of African Descent or any culture who has been referred to as that word. You are an idiot. Listen to it as many times as you need to til you understand what he was saying.

It's a word (although a word that can incite powerful emotions and response. For good reason !), And like any word when it's used properly it makes a point.

Of course, he gets pass. He's a jackass. I have been to the same Hollywood and Vine he gets a star on while his flunkies are trying desparately to give away tickets to his shows. He gets a pass because he is the butt of the media libs ...

Of COURSE the LA Times poll shows that Maher's use of the epithet is appropriate.....it's the LA Times! Maher is a repulsive, extreme, leftist, agnostic, anti-American slime ball. His use of any epithet is deemed appropriate....because he's Liberal, and Liberals can do or say anything. It's the way of the political world.
Although I didn't lose any sleep over Dr. Laura's disappearance from radio.....Maher's disappearance from TV would make me do handstands.

Using the N-word as a caucasian is taboo.........It will always be questioned in the larger scheme.
But Maher is right and the next election will have racism as the hallmark event.
It is such a shame that most Americans can not deal with this side issue as an afterthought and get on with what matters. I feel Obama and his administration is at least trying to put our government on the correct path. Now can the moneyed right put aside their greed and protectionist plottings to provide prosperity for their neighbors and fellow countrymen?
Create jobs...build infrastructure...solve the energy crisis....commit to evolving from a get mine first, let the others worry about themselves...provide educational and technological training for advancement.
Executive: Ferret out corruption and waste, eliminate duplication, enforce law of the land without prejudice.
Judicial: Simplify code to protect all equally, eliminate corporate shields that delay responsibility, Deal harshly with both violent criminality and political corruption.....Reduce political clout of monied institutions.

Seems simple if all could agree, but throw in a few side issues and again our leaders will sit on their hands and act only when they see opportunity for their perpetual political assignment.

Thank you Bill Maher for saying it out loud - what the Teabaggers have been essentially shouting (albeit, in code) and you put it right out there for all everyone to see. I note that the internet has out for Bill Maher by spreading the word that "Bill Maher dropped the N -word on Larry King" and trying to evoke Dr. Laura Schlessinger comparisons when the point is that Maher gave us all a lesson in Right-Wing political hate - speech. He laid bare what the haters are really saying and he didn't repeat the offensive word 11 times like Dr. Laura. Now I'd like to see the bigots try to deny it.

Yes, he can and yes we should. It's called freedom of speech.

I'm an old white guy, born and raised in a town called Elizabeth, NJ. It had, and I guess still does have a very low-income demographic. The area where I lived had a mixed ethnic and religious population. We heard and called each other very epithet that could be hurled on each other didn't matter if it was an enemy or a friend, male or female. Girls gat the worst of it, since they wewre whores, sluts, hookers, etc. You get the picture, no matter what, if someone finds the terminology offensive, then it is offensive. There is no "license" or reason to these term in any context. If revernd Al, Jessie, or the big BO thinks these terms should not be used...then it's wrong. Even if it's in the hood, if it's wrong - it's wrong. Sorry for any spelling errors. The only power a word has is the power assigned to it buy the listener.

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