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PREACH IT! Parsing the Demi Moore-Ashton Kutcher cheating allegations

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher By now you may have heard a few faint whispers about the state of Demi Moore's marriage to Ashton Kutcher.

A delicate hint via Star magazine: "YES, HE CHEATED ON DEMI, NOW ... Ashton’s Texts To His Lover."

And oh, wait, there's more. Was so subtle I barely saw it, sorry:

"The secret messages to Brittney that will break Demi's heart."

Juicy story, that — so juicy that Kutcher has threatened to sue over it. (Despite some vague growling from the couple's lawyer, that has yet to happen.)

But the Star story isn't the most interesting one. Instead, there’s a report in celeb-friendly People magazine that deserves some extra attention.

The story available on the mag's website relies heavily on a "source" on the set of Moore's new film. (Let's take a moment to note that Demi Moore has a new film.)

"She gushes over Ashton," the source told People. "You could hear them laughing in her trailer."

The People story also indicates that the couple is "angry" about the cheating rumors and has asked friends and family not to ask about them.

Per People, all this adds up to a couple presenting a "united front." But it isn't any kind of front, united or otherwise.

Why? Because this is People we're talking about. When People runs a real "united front" story, it's usually chockablock with officially approved "friends" and "sources" trotted out by the couple itself, all reading from the same very specific talking points: Nobody's cheating, they're both wildly in love, move on, nothing to see here.

But in this story, all we get is Moore and Kutcher maybe laughing in a trailer. Nobody — on or off the record — outright denies that Kutcher got with some girl named Brittney. No one calls out this Brittney person as a liar or makes any effort to insist that the marriage is solid.

If that's not happening in People — the friendliest of the gossip mags — it can't be a very good sign.

Then again, maybe Moore and Kutcher don't need People's help. Just this week, Moore posted a brand-new sexy picture of herself on the job.

The caption? "Just hanging in my trailer ... with hubby!"

— Leslie Gornstein

Photo: Happy couple Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher at a New York event in 2009. Charles Dharapak / Associated Press.

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who knows there both probly sleeping aroung who realy cares and why would he marrie her anyway shes not all that nither is he

well...there you have it folks...thanks liz

They are both beautiful, but very mediocre actors

Ya, and the other sides sources are from the accusers friends, how reliable can that be, its just as bad, no proof whatsoever, i can text message my phone right now from a different number btw. Her own friends call her obsessed and we all know what lengths obsessed people go to for their obsession. Look at the women that lie about being pregnant and then kill someone who really is just to say they had the baby. This lady is just like them,its all about attention, no matter what lie she has to tell. I dont even like ashton as an actor, but being accused of something just cause someone says it happen is bullshit. I sleep with demi and jolie at the same time, see how easy it is to say something, then add obsession to that, and who knows what length i would go to, to make that fantasy seem true. You notice they dont say they can prove it is him texting right, cause if they did, then he would definitely have a stronger case, which he has one now if he wanted to sue.


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