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'40-Year-Old Virgin' actor admits stabbing his girlfriend by mistake (20-plus times)

Shelley Malil, an actor who played one of Steve Carell's co-workers in "The 40-Year-Old Virgin," took the stand Thursday in Vista and admitted he'd stabbed his on-again, off-again girlfriend repeatedly -- but said he didn't realize immediately that it was her he was stabbing, E! Online reported.

Malil, whose 16-year acting career also includes a turn as Chad in Budweiser's "What Are You Doing" Super Bowl commercial, above, is charged with premeditated attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon and residential burglary for the Aug. 10 incident in which Kendra Beebe was stabbed more than 20 times in her San Marcos home, near San Diego. He has pleaded not guilty on all counts.

Malil said he arrived at Beebe's house to find her sipping wine with a friend, David Maldonado. In "chaos" that ensued, the actor said he thought Maldonado was coming after him, grabbed ...

... a knife off the table, upgraded to a butcher knife in the kitchen when he thought Maldonado had gone to his car to get a gun, then started stabbing wildly after he was hit in the head.

He said that he realized he was stabbing his girlfriend when, about a minute into it, she cried out "Call 911," People reported.

Beebe last week testified that Malil had walked up to her, repeatedly called her name, then stabbed her three times without warning, KSWB-TV reported.

Cross-examination will be done Monday. Malil faces 21 years to life in prison if convicted.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

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I can see how that could happen.


What a psycho!

I am sorry, there still is no excuse. What do you mean, he didn't realize what he was doing. Makes no sense period. This is what "attemped murder". He will be doing some time, and I hope big time and alot of it.

I agree it was a mistake,,the woman never should have got in the way of the knife just like the purse paris hilton had that the coke wandered in it. Next time I suggest he run her over with his car and blame bad brakes.

If he goes to prison, we won't have to worry about his getting cast in films for a while. What a relief.

Between being shot or stabbed, sometimes I think being stabbed is even more gruesome, even though I know what bullets can do to our internal organs--some literally explode on impact. Using a blade is so intimate...the late actor David Niven left the screen for WWII and trained as a British commando--what really got his attention is the intense use of a famous stiletto (Sykes-Fairbairn) to be used on German sentries from behind. One only has to recall the bloodbath in the OJ Simpson murder case with his wife and her friend as victims of his rage. Malil will serve much prison time and he may never get paroled.

21 years to life? For repeatedly stabbing someone? He should get the death penalty. The method of execution? Stabbing! Repeatedly!

She hit him multiple times with a garden hoe, after he got spooked by the guitar player (other man). The guitar player didn't think she was worth defending and threw 'her kitchen knife #1, after disarming and ran to his car for a phone (and safety). She is picking up lawn tools to broadside him, while he is running to kitchen for big knife #2. She hit him. Now, its a melee, not premeditated. She is not seeking escape, she is on the attack and he is rearming. Her lies have surfaced in the court custody agreement and perjury to the court when she left for Mexico with this same man ILLEGALLY taking the kids. He is lying, he wants revenge he is a jilted hot head. What jury is going to believe him? The D.A. is overreaching, piling up shotgun of charges cause he wanted a plea bargin and no trial. Open and Shut he could get Assault with Serious bodily injury, which is a (3 Strikes law) strike, adds a minimum of 4 years. Charge him for assaulting the guitar player also. The not-so 43 year old virgin and the online dating mom. Both liars. He should get 8 solid years state prison (medium security and no work camp/half way house), and the Dad needs to get the kids. She needs 90 days in jail. Maybe the time in prison will smarten him up to Middle aged online moms is his dating choice cause he is now a third rate actor with skills so weak that can't even fool a jury.

Too bad he never won a Heisman Trophy- he might have gotten away with it...

Sounds to me like he got that 'excuse' from watching that sketch from the musical Chicago called "Cellblock Tango." where one of the merry murderesses say "He ran into my knife. He ran into it NINE TIMES!"


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