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Could Mariah Carey be 'American Idol's' new Paula Abdul? [poll]

Mariah-in-gold-dress With Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler signed up as a new "American Idol" judge, there's still a seat to fill -- and the prospect floating around as we head into the weekend is none other than Mariah Carey.

So while the negotiators do their negotiating, and the lawyers do their lawyering, the Ministry presents a little retro rewind of Mariah from the Palm Springs International Film Festival in January.

What do you think -- could Mariah fit in as "Idol's" next Paula Abdul? She does have the wardrobe.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Maria Carey in concert at Gibson Amphitheatre on Feb. 23. Credit: Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times

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Is there much difference really? Mariah's time in the spotlight is over too.
I loved her music years ago, but a classy lady she is not.

If I watch at all, it will be because of Tyler. Because the initial auditions are like a Jerry Springer taping. Making fun of clueless losers is better left to him or Howard Stern.

Actually, I wish you would have had a 3rd option of neither one. No more ramblings period. It needs someone we have never heard of that is in the inside industry. No, to Tyler too.

I cannot believe what u guys (Nygel) are doing 2 idol? I mean yes Mariah! But...Steven Tyler? What? Are u guys crazy! Randy is the man, and three judges is better than 4 (I mean you ran out of airtime with 3 in the first place,then added another judge?). A.I. was getting so big, and you guys chose Steven Tyler? I mean since Elton said no, why not Gene Simmons,or Barry Gibb, or Josh Groban, or Andrea Bochelli, maybe even Rod Stewert,or 2 women and the dog, maybe like Mariah and Celine Dion? I mean what were you THINKING or were you? Very,very disapointed, your gonna lose your success 50x's faster than you gained it. No disrespect 2 u Steven but you just got out of an AAA Rehab Ctr. Supposedly you used drugs for alot of your concerts, at least that's what you said in an interview at one point. Look no one is perfect, but c'mon Simon leaves and really u choose Steven Tyler. Fox must not care about the show anymore, and Steven if you actually by some strange miracle work out I will come back and post my apology! But, everyone who knows you,knows you don't finish anything you start, unless the drugs or the booze enter into it. Crash coming Nygel, but you were warned!

I never considered how much Miriah Carey and Paula Abdul's personality parralled until I read this article. In fact, where is Irene Cara? She too is kindred spirit.

Mariah will add something specail to idol.She came up from the bottom and i believe knows what it takes to make it. She's a great singer,and a pleasure to look at and if you add her to Steven Tyler and Randy,etc you will certainly have credible judges.

Pleas God, No!

Please bring Paula back! I'm sure that with the right amount of money proposal she will come back. If not Maria is fine, she is a great singer, knows one thing or two about music and will be interesting to see the communication back and forth with her 'hubby' Nick...so if they fight the night before and is on the tabloids, then they both have to show up for work and...Bang!! millions of people watching the outcome!! I don't like Steven Tyler for the show either, come on???The producers are contradicting themselves if they hire him. They got rid of Hasselhoff because he had a 'drinking' problem' but they hire someone 'fresh out of rehab' with the same problem. Why not wait and keep the Hoff then. Something is wrong with this picture.Hey how about Bai Ling? she is not doing anything that I know off...ha, ha, ha. or maybethey should hire the ones in Idol that won the title but didn't quite make it, like for instance: Ruben....where the heck is Ruben?...or Kim? remember Kim?..she had a great voice. Just saying....

There isn't enough tv time to get through each and every one of her judging the kids. She talks way too slow and seemed a little wasted to me.


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