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'Takers' Hollywood premiere: Chris Brown, Hayden Christensen, T.I. and more [Updated]


The crew from the bank-heist film "Takers" stole the red-carpet spotlight Wednesday night outside the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood, with cast members T.I. and Chris Brown grabbing the mike and hitting the stage later to perform at the after-party.

Snoop Dogg at the Takers premiere in Hollywood Brown told MTV recently that he did "96 percent" of his stunts in the film and would've done more if producers had allowed him to. "I think the most exciting parts are the stunts, getting to blow stuff up, shoot guns, you know what I'm saying," he told MTV. "It's all fun!" 

Other cast members out there with newlywed T.I. (real name Clifford Harris) included Idris Elba, Michael Ealy and Hayden Christensen plus director John Luessenhop.

Also spotted on the red carpet: Snoop Dogg, Jesse McCartney, newlywed LaLa Vazquez, Quinton Aaron, Andy Dick, Koena Mitra, Claudia Jordan, Camille Winbush and singer Keri Hilson, who also performed at the after-party, held at Boulevard 3 in Hollywood.

[For the record, 2:30 p.m.: A previous version of this post said Paul Walker was out on the red carpet. He was not.]

The movie, which also stars Zoe Saldana and Matt Dillon, opens Aug. 27 in U.S. theaters. Click the pic of Snoop Dogg to launch a gallery of red carpet pictures -- and if you wonder what it's like to work with Brown, check out the video of Ealy and Christensen at the premiere, below.

— Christie D'Zurilla


Photos: Chris Brown, top, and Snoop Dogg, right, at the "Takers" premiere Aug. 4 in Hollywood. Credits: Chris Pizzello / Associated Press, top; Paul Buck / EPA, right.

Video credit: Associated Press

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Chris Brown is a maggot.

go chris go

I will never see this flick and because if their association with criminal Chris Brown, I will no longer support TI(Clifford Harris), Hayden Christensen or John Luessenhop. I see you think it's acceptable that Brown beat up Rhianna; but what if she wasn't a millionaire powerhouse - what if she was student at University paying for own tution and had to drop out of school to let the wounds heal, subsequently risking ruining her entire future and entire life's happiness. How can any of you look at yourself in the mirror. Your hearts are like dried up apricots.

Well let me write yet another message that will be censored because the truth must never be stated! Chris Brown is the most brillant and bravest young person I have ever seen. He always has a positive attitude and never say die spirit. I am proud to be a fan and always will be! Keep your head high young man and God will carry you through irrespective of the wealth and power of your enemies!

@Am_Idol -- Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog. Sorry, I stepped away from the computer momentarily, as it's well past quitting time here at the Ministry of Gossip.

We don't publish comments that include profanity, including acronyms for profanity. We also shy away from publishing comments attacking other commenters.

Resubmit that first comment without the acronym and I'll be happy to publish it.


i think that chriss brown needs a hair cut no (offence). and i think its really cool the he is goin to b in a action movie... lol

Honestly I think ppl should get over the whole Rihanna and Chris drama. If they claim they have then you all should too. There both the only ones who matter in the situation anyway.....

theres no point in tellin pple 2 stop doggin' chris cuz its not gonna happen... alot of pple still cant 4give him and thats there choice bcuz it may be something personal on there part... whereas sum pple like negativity and will do nething 2 make chris look bad or seem as if hes not gettin newhere with his career... his fans love him (me being one of them) and were part of the reason y he still does wat hes doing and i guess thats all that matters... dont reply bak 2 the pple that seem 2 have strength 4 sum1 they will never get 2 and just remember A VICTORY IS SWEETER WHEN IT TAKES LONGER 2 ACHIEVE

@Lauren, might as well include Paul Walker he was first person to say something nice about Chris and told people to leave him alone. Add Zoe too because she adores him like a like little bro. Add Matt Dillon his interview is over at mtv he said same thing Hayden did. Might as well add Idris and Michael that's Chris big brothers. Might as well add Usher, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Diddy, Will Smith, Jade, Tom Cruise, Kate Holmes, Bow Wow, Omarion, The Kardashian, Kobe, Lebron, Wade, Half of the Lakers team, Shaq, Chris Tucker, Kelly Rowland, Jesse mccartney, Aaron Carter, Miley, JoBros, Wayne, Snoop, Tyrese, Black Eye Peas, Lindsay, etc... I can go on forever. Because all these are FRIENDS with Chris or that's their big brother or little brother. So might as well go do your research if you are not going to support these people.

GOOD LUCK! -_- lmao! Don't be a hypocrite now. Might as well cancel all of hollywood.

i know i'm going to love this movie!! and more than anything i got to see Chris Brown!! he is the one i got too see!! i just love that Chris!!! he is soooooo good at all he does singing and acting and dancing!! he has it all!! he is the man!! a Chris Brown fan and supporter!!

i will be there to see this one specially.

Lauren...shut up! LOL You will not support this movie or none of the actors because Chris Brown is a criminal, you say. Ok....so, does this only apply to Chris Brown or is this how you judge everyone. T.I. is a criminal also but you will no longer support him because he is associated with criminal Chris Brown. Stupid! Have you turned on the news that air these celebs business out lately? They are all criminals!! Do you watch sports? Criminals! Do you vote? Criminals! Why waste your time disliking one person, who's situation you really do not know, because in trust me, Chris Brown is not the worst person out there. There are way worse things going on, and way worse people out there than a 21 yr. old kid who made a mistake just like you and I do everyday.

I,m so looking forward to seeing this movie. Iam Chris Brown number one fan. I,m so proud of this young talented Man. He's Truly an amazing singer,dancer, and actor. I pray for him to achieve the same success and more in his future endeavors. He has a gift that GOD gave him and he has the right to share it with the World. Good luck Chris.

This movie is gonna be soooo good, I know it. I don't believe in supporting people who exploit the criminal justice system because of their position [and it was exploited; however, i am aware that the actors (prosecution and judge)allowed it to be this way] so i am gonna watch it using other means, i am not gonna put money in their pockets.

This movie was made before Chris Brown problems. The release was pushed back serval times. You can't blame the others actors for his mistakes.

One comment! God is a forgiving God! We are all sinners! Our transgressions are simply not publicized! In stead of pointing fingers and having judgemental comments; we should pray for him!

I can't wait to see this movie... Especially because of the talented Chris Brown:)

Chris Brown was on fire in this film. His role is one that proves his acting skills to be that of a younger Will Smith. He is BAD! He has the looks, talent, courage to stand up against all odds and not allow media lies to tear him apart. Push on Chris Brown! I can always appreciate true talent. At the end of Takers, I only wish he had chosen the back door so we could see him in Takers 2.

Also, Chris looks great with this hair. He could be in a cologne commercial with no shirt on with this hair. Jay-Z had hair thicker than this, without the natural curl and he also rocked it!! Chris...keep pushing on!!


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