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'Sons of Anarchy' actor's traffic stop escalates into arrest

Sons-of-anarchy "The Sons of Anarchy" actor Mark Boone Jr. was taken into custody Tuesday in Montrose after a traffic stop escalated into an arrest on suspicion of resisting arrest and battery on a police officer, both of which are misdemeanors.

Boone, whose legal name is Mark Heidrich, was driving his 1955 Ford Thunderbird when he was pulled over for allegedly talking on a cellphone and not wearing a seat belt, the Glendale News-Press reports. He and the officer began to argue, a police spokesman said; a struggle allegedly broke out as the officer tried to handcuff the actor, and the officer fell. The actor then allegedly took a swing at the officer's faced, but missed. The officer wasn't seriously hurt.

Heidrich was released Tuesday evening on $20,000 bail. On "The Sons of Anarchy," he plays a biker gang member Bobby Munson.

Now, after actor-rapper Ice-T was pulled over recently for not wearing a seat belt, the situation also escalated into an arrest. It all worked out in Ice-T's favor, of course, and he was cleared of all charges once the paperwork was sorted out.

Then again, Ice-T simply tweeted about his outrage.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Actor Mark Boone Jr., legal name Mark Heidrich, at a panel discussion for FX's "The Sons of Anarchy" on Aug. 3. Credit: Phil McCarten / Reuters

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1955 T-Birds did not come with seatbelts. That's a bogus charge. No wonder the dude was peeved. But he does need to go hands free on the cell phone. Be a good biker and do what Oprah tells you.


Yeah what the hell if the car didnt have them then its not required,damn cop musta thought he was on a TV show.............Glad to see him stand up to the cops instead of being a sheeple and just taking theIr disrespect and crap.........FREE BOBBY ELVIS!!!


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