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New Jersey 'Housewives' poised for ugly, epic reunion fights

With the Emmy Awards on the horizon, we can all expect a wave of glamorous red carpet looks, celeb-packed after-parties and over-the-top acceptance speeches. That's why the Ministry has decided a little counterprogramming would be nice off the bat.

While Hollywood does Pilates and primps ahead of the big show, let us check in on the humble ladies of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey." After a season of big hair, threats of bodily injury and screaming matches in restaurants, Bravo has brought them all together in Atlantic City for a two-part reunion special.

The villainous Danielle Staub faces off against the foreclosed Teresa Giudice in, natch, a physical altercation. Even moderator Andy Cohen gets a shove. 

Though we don't smell an Emmy in their collective future, this is still must-see TV. Check out the reunion teaser clip above.

-- Matt Donnelly 

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What did New Jersey ever do to deserve this?

Regardless of how Danielle can push their buttons, they have no right to touch her person. They are such trash, at least she does can control her temper unlike the other two.
Bankrupt - wow - living like that on OUR backs. You are trash. We all pay when people file bankruptcy.

They have the nerve to call Danielle trash when in fact they are some of the most trashiest people I've ever seen.

there all missed up --everyone has secerts and these women are no better than the next one they look in the mirror and she a queen when there's a witch staring back.

Danielle turned a weekly guilty pleasure into a sleazy journey. Everything from the way she talks to her kids to her search for a mother who can't be homeless, drug addicted etc? I am sure she would embrace her mother if she had money. Sorry but Danielle is garbage. If they plan to continue next year Caroline and the rest have some soul searching to do.

I think Caroline chewed her up and spit her out like garbage, Danielle is trash, she looks like the grinch, i feel sorry for her kids, and ex-husband. if Danielle left the show i would watch it more, but she makes me sick, when she needs something she used to go to Kim G, but Kim woke up and seen how malicious she is. Danielle no matter what you try to do to your face or body your still and alway's will be ugly, that's the person you are. look in the mirror!! I'm gay and i think using the gay community will get you no- where, girlfriend.. just leave the show, no one wants you there, you say you have a life, then prove it!! go get a job or volunteer your time in a different country, stop embarssing your daughter's.. all the other women on the show are great, i think your just jealous of them. its written all over your face, Caroline sure did put you in place, God Bless her.. We love you Caroline.. K.W. Fla. Gays.................................

How can anyone be saying the rest are "trash" or "garbage"? Danielle is the skeezy one with a not so admirable past. She basically lies and how did her daughters know that Caroline made that comment? If they only watched 2 episodes, as Danielle claimed, then how DID they know? She never did answer that question.

How Teresa acted...that's fine by me. I'd react the same way if my family were being threatened or even being mentioned. Respect Dina and leave her name out of it. Danielle has no class and is bringing up someone when they can't even defend themselves. How dare she! How can most of you just say she's trashy when I'd like to see how you would react if you were put in the same exact position Teresa had been in. I'd like to see you react cool as a cucumber if your family were being lied about. Show me how you can act calm and collected and call me a liar. If you can't defend your family then you don't respect yours whatsoever. Never mention someone that's not in the room so they can defend themselves, EVER.

I watched the show and they are a disgrace. I will not watch the new season. Theresa really needs medication to behave in that manner. She was growling - who does that? No control at all. WOW. Shocking! Don't you dare tell me Caroline you have never seen that behavior before in Theresa. They all gang up on one like a pack of wolves. DISGRACEFUL.


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