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Obama celebrates his birthday with Oprah Winfrey

Barack-obama-birthday-oprah From our Division of Fabulous Parties: The best bashes are usually exclusive ones, like the small private party for President Barack Obama's 49th birthday.

With First Lady Michelle Obama abroad in Spain, the POTUS hit his hometown of Chicago for dinner at Graham Elliot, with a guest list that included Oprah Winfrey, Gayle King and senior advisor Valerie Jarrett.

"We were humbled and honored that the president decided to join us for dinner on such a special occasion," chef and proprietor Graham Elliot told People magazine, revealing that he was almost late to cook the celebratory meal.

Elliot, who will judge Fox's upcoming cooking show "Master Chef," was late getting to his restaurant from the airport after a promotional trip -- thanks to Air Force One holding up civilian traffic.

He made it in time to whip up his modified Continental classic dishes for Obama, Winfrey and King as well as presidential pals Eric Whittaker and Marty Nesbitt

Sound like an ideal birthday for the prez? Tell us in the comments section below.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey during his 2008 presidential campaign. Credit: Associated Press.

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Sounds to me like While the Queen is away, The King will Play....
must of had a 4-some...........

Sounds like a classy affair.

More than I can say for Capt Nemo. You lowlife.

can't visit soldiers graves on memorial day, but can fly to have dinner with oprah for this birthday?

I am happy the President is alive with all the hate mongers out there, to celebrate his 49th Birthday. If the negative comments were transposed to positive ones from those who claim to support "our country" perhaps we would be moving in the direction we need to be ....holding in the position of world leader as apposed to borrowing money from China to run our country. Wake up and know we are all Americans who have a responsibility to do our parts to continue to make this a GREAT nation that continues to thrive on equality for all.

I am tired of the negative press our Pres. Obama receives; tired of a biased congress who does not represent us. I feel frustrated & powerless; like the only 1 on "our" team is the president. I feel the republicians have been bought out by special interests groups.

The stimulus did work. Those enities are showing a profit & paying their debt back. Our President does a good job of putting out fires, but he can't be everwhere all the time.

I suggest we need to have things happening in our communities to help our own economy. Congress is too busy posturing. We need action. I have the following suggestions.

1. Have insurance companies pay for a doctor to come daily to local health clinics, charging $20 for office visit for employed, uninsured; and free to unemployed. A doctor serving 1 day a month could have his educational debt reduced. The public (not Congress) wants a medical health plan program.

2. Let Wall Street Overpaid CEO's pay for free advertising for towns with less than 25,000 population in national/business magazines advertising business/industry/residential sites available, including pictures, websites, phone numbers, our low crime statistics. We need businesses. We are a well kept secret here, in Blackwell, Ok, located off I35, but we have empty houses, empty businesses, empty industrial buildings, people unemployed & yet low crime rates. However, we cannot afford to advertise.

3. We need energy co-ops using wind, water, natural gas - owned by the people and not imported from other states or countries.

4. We need tax incentives or grants to clean up our river, the source of our drinking water.

Thanks for listening. Congress won't. Pres. Obama should not have to do every little thing, but apparently that's the only way we can get things done. So pass this on to someone who really cares and will do something instead of complaining or idle boasting. The national news is not notorious for getting facts wrong or misrepresenting the news. Maybe Oprah can present unbiased, truthful news.

PS I do approve of Pres. Obama trying to reign in Wall Street. I'm buying US savings bonds because I refuse to pay some outrageouls salary for some low-life, unprincipled CEO. Thanks again, Paula

Yes, I agree with a previous post that it sounds like a very classy and dignified dinner indeed. Happy Birthday, Mr. President!


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