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Miss Universe win goes to Miss Mexico, Jimena Navarrete


Miss-universe-hosts Jimena Navarrete, Miss Mexico, was crowned Miss Universe 2010 in Las Vegas on Monday night, taking over where the previous title holder, Stefania Fernandez of Venezuela, left off.

Others in the top five were Miss Australia, Jesinta Campbell; Miss Jamaica, Yendi Phillipps; Miss Ukraine, Anna Poslavska; and Miss Philippines, Venus Raj.

The 22-year-old answered a question about unsupervised Internet use, saying through an interpreter that the Internet's important, sure, but when it comes to kids online, "We must be sure to teach them the values that we learned as a family." (For the other questions -- hint: how about those airport scanners, eh? -- check in Las Vegas Weekly.)

And what of Rima Fakih, our own Miss USA? Alas, she didn't make the top 15 -- and according to Robin Leach on Twitter, she decided afterward "to be with family instead of being at pageant princess party in LAX at Luxor."

After the break: pictures of Navarrete with her grandma, and Fakih in a bikini. Because we can.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Top photo: Jimena Navarrete, Miss Mexico 2010, of Guadalajara, is crowned Miss Universe 2010 in Las Vegas on Monday. Credit: Matt Petit / EPA / Miss Universe L.P., LLLP

Second photo, above: Pageant hosts Bret Michaels and Natalie Morales with Miss Universe 2009 Stefania Fernandez at the Mandalay Bay hotel on Monday. Credit: Mark Ralston / AFP / Getty Images

Miss universe grandma 

Miss Universe 2010, Jimena Navarrete, onstage with her grandmother in Las Vegas. Credit: Patrick Prather / EPA / Miss Universe L.P., LLLP


Photo: Miss USA 2010 Rima Fakih performs in her swimsuit as part of the Miss Universe pageant. And yes, seriously, performed -- the show had them dancing in those purple swimsuits. Look down! Right now! Credit: Patrick Prather / EPA / Miss Universe L.P., LLLP


Photo: Young ladies dancing in bikinis! Credit: Mark Ralston / AFP / Getty Images

The Ministry has no problem with pretty people. Particularly if they're scantily clad, but not naked.

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WoooW ! She Is Really Pretty !!

TENNILLE your probably black or Jamaican...the most beautiful girl always wins and this is is was miss Mexico from Guadalajara...may the most beautiful girl win stap HATING. ps. you dont need to speak english to be smart and beautiful shows how much you know

buaa! dont be racist! ((way)) u said MIS Mexico cant speak inglish? hahaha! SHE WON-->MIS UNIVERSE!!!

What matters the most is beauty and miss Mexico
had it all and by the way she does speak english. It's all about beauty. 8 latinas as miss universe in the past 11 years. Latinas are beauty.

Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog with a reminder to stay civil -- seriously, it makes my job a LOT easier moderating comments. I can't edit your comments, so my choices are "publish" or "delete." I much prefer "publish."


Of course Mrs Mexico speaks spanish you idiot!
You are just gealous because the latinas take the crown!

Well... Considering the fact that almost one half of the world is made up of Spanish-speaking countries, it's no surprise that a lot (not EVERYONE) of the ladies that go on to win such coveted title ARE Spanish-speakers. Thinking that someone should not aspire to such title just because they don't speak English is foolish. The contest is not Miss English-Speaking Universe!!! It IS Miss Universe, eluding to the fact that it's a contest for the diverse population of our world. I think this title should have rightfully gone to Mexico on previous occasions, but the contestants always tried to speak in English (a language not native to the country) and many times made foolish grammatical mistakes that made them seem less deserving to the judges. Unfortunately, the anti-Mexican sentiment in the U.S. transcends into other realms, including beauty pageants, and it is my belief it has affected the judges decisions in the past. Come on...!!! Venezuela has had what...? 11 Miss Universe recipients, and they have pretty much all been manufactured and don't really portray true authentic beauty... AND they have all spoken in Spanish... haven't even tried to speak in English... but they are not ridiculed or accused of being less deserving... Oh but wait... Venezuela is not directly under the U.S.; therefore, it hasn't provoked a negative sentiment within the U.S. inhabitants. Congratulations Mexico!!! It's about time!!!

@ Tennille..I am so sorry that you are not educated enough to know that Spanish is a universal language and NOT English.

The most beautiful woman in the World are Latina and the Miss Universe Pageant shows it. I'm sure glad my girlfriend is Mexican!!! Que Viva Mexico!

About time Mexico got what it deserves....Remember 2 years ago when the crown was robbed from Mexico. Yes Elisa Najera is much more beautiful than Deyana Mendoza. Justice has been serve!!!
Viva Jimena Navarrete

she not need speak english dont be racist

I am proud for the contestants that pass the ten finalist! it takes a lot of determination to have and keep a body in shape and not only that, but contestants have to be really educated and smart believe it or not many contestants had had a higher education. Also they have to go over rigorous exercise for modeling, for dancing,smiling and putting up with morrons too. but they all have a dream, it takes yearsn, years of preparation for a contestant to become the first top ten. and to win the crown! Viva Mexico!!! Felicidades Señorita hiciste a un pais sentirse orgulloso....

Im hispanic , but i think that yendi phillips should have won because her scores were higher and to me she was the prettiest girl there.the judges cheated her of her well deserved crown.

Muchas Felicidades que padre que ganaste me encanto por ser tapatia como yo,estoy orgullosa de ti,lo mas importante es que el resto del mundo sepa de nuestra tierra!!!que es hermosa!!!!UNICA

of course may the best win! :) you dont need to speak english to win, you just have to show your talent and what your good at wink* ♥

I am proud to be Latina because the richest man in the world is Latino (Carlos Slim) as well the most beautiful and intelligent woman of the UNIVERSE. I am sorry for those who hate true beauty lol.

She is a beautiful Mexican girl! I am so sorry for the envy this contest has generated. People saying stupid remarks and dumb comments like "it is about politics, she does not speak English, etc. etc." Why so many Americans can not be humble and accept other countries winning? When news spread the world that a Mexican is the richest man in the world (Carlos Slim) it happened the same thing. Many Americans writing stupid comments about it. Now, we like it or not Mexico has the richest man in the world and the most beautiful girl! And Cancun, Mariachi and Tequila to celebrate. Cheers!

Im glad Mexico won..its time ! and yeah, i dont understand that dumb comment.. they dont need to speak english to win da crown,. or is dat a rule ? to speak english ? we have to be mature and get it right u should be happy miss Jamaica made it to da end.. and stop being jealous and dumb..there is no reason to think like dat..

Well, i am reading about who is bias or not. I am Jamaican. I dont see why mexico deserve anything less she answered her question properly and no tenille u dont have to speak english to enter or win the competition. Additionally, it's beauty and brains! not jus looks alone because if miss mexico had messed up one her question yendi would have definately take it home. i am proud of her she came 2nd out of 83! the only thing i didnt like was miss mexico getting a higher score on her dress than yendi. but overall mexico was the successor and nothing is wrong with that. Yendi did her best! hooray for her!

Cacheux: Stop acting like you're a genius! English is the universal Language. It's not the most spoken but for business English first Spanish second! Go review your notes or something. Just like USD is the universal currency!

Does speaking english mean beauty?? Ha, ha, ha ha, ha. I am sure Tennille is just kidding. Not a smart person should think that. My native language is not english, Am I ugly. Or I was wrong, it was not a beauty pageant Tennille was refering to, it was a spelling bee or something like that , quite apealling since the contestants wore bikinis. Ha, ha, ha. ha.

By the way, the Miss Mexico final answer was a clever one. It was well balanced to me, she recalled the importance of internet as an introduction, she did not mess with controvertial issues but then went right to children concerns wich everyone could agree. She went away over censorship discussions, but focus on family children education of values, and then, to let -in freedom, which all of us appreciate- the children to decide wisely,

Don't care what all of you say, wished that Ms. Philippines have won!

don't hate

Miss Mexico might have been the most beautiful woman in the pageant but she has yet to answer her question correctly. She had ample time to give a better response while the translator conveyed her answer in 2 parts to the audience. Though it is a beauty pageant, the question and answer segment is also a very vital part of the competition. I'm not insinuating that Miss Jamaica or any other contestant should have won but 2 other women answered their questions better than Miss Mexico. The fact that Miss Jamaica received scattered boos about her opinion from the insensitive and ignorant crowd was a testament that a beautiful face and figure to compliment it is all that matters, intelligence is nothing!

Someone with an ID "Angel" on here said that the Latinas were winning 11 years on the road. What is it, wishfull thinking?
As far as I remember, year 2002 Miss Russia, Oxana Fedorova won Miss Universe crown. Three years later, Miss Canada (who was also a Russian native) Natalia Glebova, won Miss Universe crown. So, I don't know where the 11 years for the Latinos come in, but they sure hadn't won then.
Oh yeah, Miss Russia Kseniya Sukhinova also was crowned "Miss World" 2008.
I guess it is all about personal preference, but I think Russian/Ukrainian women are the sexiest, they are more rare, exotic, 90% of them 5'9"-5'11" long legged, beautiful chick bones and fair skin, plus they all speak English, tough as nails and smart. I am sure a kazillion of the US guys who go to Russia every month will have no problem agreeing with me.
But again, it's all about the taste.

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