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PREACH IT! Justin Bieber — author? Really?

Justin Bieber, shown in concert, will publish his memoirs.

Justin Bieber has announced he will publish his memoirs. He already has a title, "Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever: My Story," which presumably will take up half the book. The other half, publisher HarperCollins has indicated, will include "never-before-seen photos" as well as a "story." It debuts in October.

"This is just another way for me to say thank you to my fans," Bieber said in a statement. Fans can say "you’re welcome" by paying the nearly $22 it will cost to buy the book.

HarperCollins has not said whether Bieber will use a ghost writer, but invisible scribes are increasingly common in Hollywood, even among celebrities who "write" fiction, such as children's books and novels.

Model Naomi Campbell infamously "wrote" a novel called "Swan" before it was revealed that she had nothing to do with a single word. (She later declared, "I just did not have time to sit down and write a book.") Nicole Richie has insisted she didn’t use a ghost writer when she ...

Justin Bieber fans ... published her first novel in 2005, saying she carried around a tape recorder when she "got ideas." TV personality-slash-novelist Sharon Osbourne’s publisher had a different spin — that a "co-writer" "helped her to bring that story to the page," even though the assistant reportedly was never credited. The ghost writer for David Archuleta, who recently published his memoir, was.

What should prove even more interesting is how much money — if any — Bieber's ghost writer might make. Most ghosts are paid an advance, in the very least, but celebrities also are known for seeking out as many freebies as possible, and writing services are no exception. This Preach It! writer was recently approached by the representative for a reality television star, asking if I might write a book proposal on the celebrity's behalf. The star insisted that I write the proposal for free, with the "promise" that I would be the first in line to get a crack at co-writing the book, if things got that far.

I passed.

— Leslie Gornstein

Photos: Justin Bieber, top, performs at Nokia Theatre at L.A. Live in downtown Los Angeles on July 20. Fans go wild, right, at the show, part of Bieber's "My World Tour." Credits: Robyn Beck / AFP / Getty Images, top; Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times, right.

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There is no substance to write about except meeting Usher who basically raised him to the stardom. His so so voice and music ability will never get respect from music professionals. Girls will move on and laugh at their craziness for the old time. Aaron Carter 2.0? His voice is getting worse.

thats awesome i will totaly buy this 4 sure im proud of u justin and i really want to meet u and christian i am going to ur concert in manchester nh on september 1st my name is elizabeth again and i will be sitting in section 208 upper section thank u 4 being there 4 me because when i dont feel good i listen to ur music and then i feel all better keep making ur fans happy justin i really want to see u and beyonce go out though ok so bye and thank u

Im soooo excited for this book! Yay!!

I love justin biever so i would love it if he right a book about his like but io think it should be called "the new begginig into history of fame" lol i think thats a great tittle justin has an amazing talent and haters of him dont know how good he is and ther just jelouse because justin gets fame girlz and more girlz and people who cant see wat a fantastic voice he has and wat an amazing talent he has i have know idea wat is up with u and i mean wats ther to hate he has the voice the girlrz the fame the looks the smile the hair the teath the eyes the lips every part of him if just great so justin dont care wat the haters think couse u know u have millions of other fans who love u as much as they love there family and also i cant wait to read ur book ena if it does cost $22 i will do anything for u ur just fantastic and very very very very adorable u have know idea well maybe u do but anyway i think every one should buy justins book and show how much we appreciate justin and if that includes buying his book then im there straight away and as soon as it comes out i will be the first one to buy it so remember "haters on the ground haters on the ground lookin like a fool couse beleibers put em down" of course they do who couldnt like justin asin i love justin u have no idea!!!!!!!

David Archuleta wrote his own memoir.

"Archuleta’s editor at Penguin, Ray Garcia, said that “Chords of Strength” tells Archuleta’s story in Archuleta’s words. “David is the author of ‘Chords of Strength,’” Garcia said. “While he worked with a writer to shape the book, every word and expression came from David.”

As Garcia put it, “Chords of Strength” is not merely an authorized biography, something written by an outsider with Archuleta’s cooperation. “This is the very personal story of a boy with insecurities, like anyone, who faced them all and made his wildest dreams come true,” Garcia said. “This is a book that no one else could write.”"


@violet4ever -- Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog. "Chords of Strength" was written with Monica Haim. Her name appears on the New York Times bestseller list with his. http://lat.ms/bmWflt


Justin Bieber — singer? Really?

I knew when I first read about Justin Bieber's "book" deal that a ghostwriter would be involved at some point in the process. What convinced me is that Bieber probably can't write any better than he "sings", but also ghostwriting runs rampant in the entertainment industry.

I was also approached by the rep for a low-level celebrity to write a book proposal FOR FREE. This person has been on the fringes of the business for some time and wanted to write a sort of tell-all to drum up publicity to jump-start his/her career again. I don't read that kind of stuff in the first place, and I have no idea how much of this person's ramblings are true. But more importantly, I don't write for free, ghost or not, so I passed.

@cdz - I was not just making up what I posted. That is an actual news article by someone who actually spoke with David's editor at Penguin about Monica Haim's participation with the book. Yes her name is below David's on the book. And the editor says every word and expression in the book is David's. David described what Monica did as making him think hard to remember more detail and feelings about various events in the past that he had glossed over, trying to get him to write more about music, and helping him organize what he had into order and chapters. David also had a bunch stuff he had previously written to work from and refresh his memory. He had some journal entries he wrote from about age 10 to 13 - before, during and after Star Search, up to getting sick which led to the vocal paralysis. He didn't keep a journal during Idol but he started again the following New Year's Day.


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