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Fantasia says yes, her overdose was a suicide attempt [Updated]

Fantasia-barrino-with-mike Fantasia Barrino confirms it: Her recent overdose was no accident.

"At that moment, I wanted out. I wanted it to be over with — all of it," she says in an interview taped Saturday for a new "Behind the Music" episode, which airs Tuesday, the day her third album hits stores. 

"All of it" would include, most recently, a divorce filing by Paula Cook, the wife of boyfriend Antwuan Cook, who accused Fantasia of adultery. (In North Carolina, where the papers were filed, a home-wrecking is illegal — they call it "alienation of affection.")

Manager Brian Dickens, whose statements about the situation have been unusually detailed, says in the episode that Fantasia's emotions were "very low" Aug. 9, the day of the overdose on aspirin and a sleep aid, and that he'd texted the "American Idol" champ a message to "not do anything or think about doing anything stupid." Her response minutes later: "Already did."

"I remember waking up in the hospital," the singer tells VH1, according to People, and thinking, "'It didn't work, I'm still here in this hellhole. Still here with all this drama going on.'" She credits as her saving grace a nurse who told her she hadn't yet fulfilled her destiny.

Fantasia left the hospital after two days and was spotted the day after her release meeting outdoors with Antwuan Cook — as cameras taped the encounter for her VH1 reality show ...

... "Fantasia for Real."

[Updated, 10:50 a.m.: She also rallied in time to perform her new single, "Bittersweet," at a birthday bash for Charlotte Bobcats forward Tyrus Thomas, Sound-Savvy reports; see the video embedded below.]

The singer's "Behind the Music" episode covers more than just the recent dish, according to VH1. Her album is titled "Back to Me."

Thoughts? Share them in comments.

— Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Fantasia Barrino at a 2009 rehearsal for a  BET gospel event in Hollywood. Credit: Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times.

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I hope for Fantasia's sake she gets some counseling. She's so talented and has so much to live for.

Fantasia so proud of you. Keep doing your thing, because Everything works out. God will never leave you and that is all you need and everything works out in time. God is always on time.
Love you, your #1 Fan. (excited to go get my CD tomorrow)

I can relate to fantasia I know what it is to have depression. I suffer from it for many years. Sometimes you get in a real low mode. It gets so bad that you dont want to live. Medications may help but the problem really doesnt go away. Depression is a chemical inbalance and stays with you forever.

Its all a PR stunt. She knew how much to take so that she would not die, but get all the publicity.

no such thing as chemical imbalance or any other term that psychiatrists come up with to describe depression. Depression is when the body is down on energy and needs one thing..REST. Like alice in wonderland..all the magic pills will not make depression go away nor will that pill bring happiness. The human body is fragile and needs caring and as humans, we overdue it like we do everything else from eating to working. Before Psychiatrists were invented, people still had same issues forever ,,pills or no pills.

Many of us can understand depression. I think everyone experiences it to some extent, at some point in their lives. Suicide is still THE most selfish act a person can commit. She needs to think about those who love her even if she no longer wants to love herself.

Or better yet - take out the cheatin' boyfriend/husband - he's screwed up many lives with his selfishness. He should have divorced his wife FIRST. Moron.

I hate that she got to this point but Fantasia is old enough to know that it is wrong to mess with a married man. If he ans his wife were separated she should have waited until they divorced before getting involved with him and lastly you never never never put a man before your child who needs you way more than a cheating husband who in the end will probably do the same thing to you

Please hang in there, I have three son & one sone feel like you do do God have blessing for you & my son. do not give devil in kind glory over your life. So what if they get your money at the in of day they are still not happy. Live on with that pretty smile. Hang in there Barbara from Richmond, VA

@ Mark Shapiro:
excuse me I don't recall you posting your psychiatric degree in your comment, so I apologize for overlooking it. However, my mother is going through a DEEP depression, and no matter how much rest she gets, she doesn't feel better. once the doctors put her on all the antidepressants she started to feel better and as long as she stays on her meds, she is better. Also, I work in a mental health institution, and I've seen first hand what depression and psychotic disorders can do to your body, mind, and soul. I've seen the clients off of their meds and it isn't pretty. So please excuse me when I say you have NO idea what you are talking about. just because you are "perfectly normal" doesn't mean everyone is. So maybe you should read up on psychiatric and psychological disorders before you start to judge everyone with your right wing theories about the mental health industry. thank you.

i really dont no how to put dis but u my girl in man lie just tell him to stay out your life wat about your lil girl i belive him in his wife trying to get your money get better soon

Fantasia u have worked to hard to get where u are,don't mess up now,whats up with the married man there are plenty of single men out here where u don't have mess with someones husband thats a no no.Slow it down for a minute, look at the picture and make some changes,love u and good luck with the new cd love it,love u peace.


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