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Fantasia released from the hospital; 911 call goes public

Fantasia Barrino was released from a Charlotte, N.C., hospital Wednesday, Show Tracker reports, in the wake of treatment for a Monday overdose of aspirin and a sleep aid.

"She has been lifted up by the outpouring of love and support from her fans," her manager, Brian Dickens, said in a statement.

Fans stopped by Fantasia's home Wednesday, some leaving cards, flowers or simply words of support, local news channel WCNC reported. (See a clip from their broadcast, above.)

A relatively calm call to 911 also made its way public Wednesday, revealing that at the time of the call,  Fantasia was "slowly losing consciousness" and that she'd been taken into the shower by people trying to keep her awake -- listen here.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

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Fantasia girl, what were you thinking? you got caught up he's still a married man and your image? but I understand when you fall in love with someone you don't think you believed what ever he said. You'll be okay.

Praying for you!!!!!

He's so not worth it, none of them are! Pick up the pieces and go on! DUMP HIM and find someone better who isnt married. Married men cheat and lie,either up front or afterwards, either way.
Ive had them lie to me and say they were single. never married , no kids, guess, what all lies, turns out he had 3 and I was blindsided. Sometimes its ez to know ahead of time but others are sociopaths, yes they exist too!


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