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Shocking Jim Parsons truths revealed after Emmy win

Jim-parsons Jim Parsons of "The Big Bang Theory" revealed a few personal details after his Emmy win Sunday for lead actor in a comedy series. Interesting, or just odd? You decide.

For example: "I'm a big reader of almanacs, or I was, and I like lists -- oh, I sound a bit OCD, don't I?"

"The nerd will dance out," he says, when he mixes his character's "genius" thing with the writers' words.

And when he was very young, he played the kola kola bird in Rudyard Kipling's "The Elephant's Child," donning a pair of yellow tights and a feathered breastplate. "I don't know that I was good ... but I obviously caught a bug."

He still remembers the kola kola bird's song, in fact. Sang it from memory.

And yes, he sings better than Kim Kardashian did.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Jim Parsons with his Emmy for outstanding lead actor in a comedy series on Aug. 29, 2010. Credit: Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times

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mr hall, mr hall


Jim Parsons, you deserve the credit. You are such a sweet man and I just adore what you do with your character. Great entertainment! But I mostly adore your interviews because you seem to be one of the most pure and sweetest men out there. Congratulations to you!

Good for Jim Parsons. Finally the Emmy voters didn't mail it in again this year by handing to Alec Baldwin. Although Alec Baldwin is hilarious as Jack Donaghey on 30 Rock, Parsons really deserved the award.

For 2011: Get Michael C. Hall an Emmy for Dexter and give the Best Drama Emmy to Dexter.

Good that they awarded the talented Nerd - Parsons is an original. Now what gives with a 7th win for the very annoying and eternally overated The Daily Show? Give it rest Emmy voters!!

I am so glad Jim Parsons won. He is actually one the nicest persons I have ever noticed in show business, and of course, one of the most taleded ones. You know, it's very difficult to make people laugh. It's much easier to make them cry...
I'm writing these words from Paris; I'm French and love Jim Parsons and... Sheldon Cooper that has been so well incerned by Parsons.
Bravo Monsieur, vous êtes génial. Restez simple et sympathique comme vous êtes; ne laissez pas les autres détruire votre bonne bonne nature.
One of your female fan, from Paris, France.
Bazinga and bisous....


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